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The Eagle’s Nest and the Wolf’s Lair

by David Adkins

AD 86.

The Roman Empire is under the rule of Domitian.

Solanus is a ruthless assassin who serves his paymaster Quintus Fuscus.

A battle-hardened Roman soldier, he is drafted into the Dacian wars.

But he flees the Battle of Tapae after realizing he was walking into a trap.

He is guided back to Rome by a young Thracian, Kotys, who is desperate to find her enslaved sister Bendis.

Along the dark backstreets of the ancient city, Solanus’ mysterious past catches up with him.

He is brutally attacked and Kotys captured.

Who attacked him? And what do they want?

Solanus is tangled in a web of mistrust and duplicity – a pawn in the struggle for control of Rome between multiple factions of Senators, including his adoptive father, the Praetorian Guard and the shifty gladiator trainer Petronius and his beautiful daughter Corelia.

His search takes him from fierce gladiatorial contests in the Coliseum to the Emperor’s palace, via the grimy, dangerous heart of ancient Rome.

Can he unmask his mysterious enemies and find Kotys?

Or will he be ensnared by the charms of the beautiful gladiatrix, Coreliaâ?¦?

â??The Eagle’s Nest and Wolf’s Lair’ is an epic tale of love, conflict and revenge which transports the reader on a journey across the Roman Empire and beyond

David Adkins is a retired civil servant who worked for many years at English Heritage. He lives in Letchworth Garden City with his wife. â??The Eagle’s Nest and the Wolf’s Lair’ is his first novel.

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by Kevin Doherty

Russia. The 1980s.

The Cold War is still raging.

Mikhail Gorbachev’s strict vision for Russia is driving out the economic corruption that riddled the Soviet regime.

Nikolai Serov watches as traitors in positions of the highest authority are forced into revealing their hands, knowing that he does not want to fall victim to the same fate of arrest and execution.

As head of the KGB’s First Chief Directorate and one of Moscow’s leading black marketeers and drug kings, Serov recognises that he has only one chance to construct a sophisticated plot which will ensure his own freedom.

Serov’s intricate plan unfolds in a calculated web of murder and betrayal as he activates a Russian mole who has lain dormant for the past twenty years and now is at the top rung of Britain’s MI5.

His vision for the future stretches far and wide as his secret master plan succeeds in influencing East and West policy and dictates the fates of their respective governments.

â??Patriots’ takes the reader right to the heart of Russia. Meticulously researched, complexly plotted, explosively violent and ruthlessly authentic, it is the first novel to deal with the darker side of Gorbachev’s programmes of perestroika and glasnost.

‘A brilliant tale of treachery and power politics.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of ‘Trade Off’.

Kevin Doherty has worked in advertising and marketing with a number of international companies. He is also the author of â??Villa Normandie’.

Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books.

History of Modern India


Applicable For All Competitive Exams

Owen’s Travels

by Janet Staples

Educational Outcomes for Students K-2:

Geography: Student will identify states by shapes and locations on a map.

Geography: Student will identify continents.

History: Student will learn that states have their own resources

History: Student will learn facts about Italy.

History: Student will identify state symbols.

History: Student will learn facts about states.

Reading: Student will describe people, places, and things.

Reading: Student will be able to retell the story.

Reading: Student will increase their vocabulary.

Reading: Student will identify pictures as clues to help identify words.

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