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DIY Chicken Coop Plans! A Beginners Guide: How To Build A Chicken Coop In A Simple, Easy And Affordable Way (Chicken Coop Design Book 1)

by Aileen Brosnan

All The Important Information You Need To Build A Chicken Coop

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Adults everywhere are becoming increasingly concerned with living healthy, self-sufficient and environmentally responsible lives. With this growing concern in mind, many people have turned to rearing their own chickens. After all, this activity allows homeowners to rear their own meat and eggs: An activity that works well alongside home gardening. This book provides an incredibly insightful guide on how to fashion your very own chicken coop. After all, the coop itself is instrumental to the success of chicken-rearing.

To begin, this text motivates the reader to determine what sort of coop it is that he or she requires. It is quite possible that the reader requires a coop with an attendant chicken run. Other adults, hoping to rear chickens, simply do not live in warm enough climates to fashion partially-exposed chicken coops. This book does an excellent job of outlining how the reader can actually fashion their own chicken coop. The instruction here provided both is clear and accessible. In addition, the book does an excellent job of indicatingâ??wherever possibleâ??how the reader can save money during the building process.

One of the primary ways of saving money, when building your own chicken coop, is by repurposing materials. This book provides two creative snapshots of how the reader might do so. Indeed, the reader learns how an unused dog house can easily be transformed into a cozy home for a small brood of chickens. And if you are hoping for a more spacious home for your brood of chickens, a backyard shed can be repurposed to meet your needs. This book serves as a practical guide that all manner of readers will find valuable. Whether you are hoping to rear a large brood of chickens, or only a few, all things are possible once you fashion your very own chicken coop. And this book shows you just how to get started.

Inside You Will Learn:

* Step 1-Determine the Dimensions and Type of Coop You Plan on Building

* Coop on Stilts Part 1

* Coop on Stilts Part 2

* A Garden-Inspired Coop

* Repurposed Hen Houses

* Large Repurposed Coops

Would You Like To Know All That And Much More??

Invest in yourself and take action today by downloading this book for $2.99 only!

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Why It Can’t Work: Detaching from dysfunctional relationships to make room for true love

by Thomas G. Fiffer

Are you unhappy in your relationship? Do you and your partner constantly fight? Has the person who’s supposed to be your source of comfort, support, and joy become someone you both love and despise? What you’re going through is well beyond the normal relationship challenges most people experience, because you’re stuck in a dysfunctional relationship. You may also feel you’re the only one this is happening to, that everyone else fares better with their partners, that there’s something wrong with you, and worst of all that you deserve to be treated badly–because your partner has convinced, cajoled, bullied, and sometimes battered you into believing you’re the cause.

Fortunately, you’re not alone, and help is here from someone who has lived what you’re living. Thomas G. Fiffer, Executive Editor for The Good Men Project whose articles have over 5 million page views, has written extensively about dysfunctional relationships and gathered his wisdom in “Why It Can’t Work: Detaching from dysfunctional relationships to make room for true love.” The author survived two marriages defined–and ultimately destroyed–by dysfunctional dynamics and has learned how to break the patterns that prevented him from being happy and forming healthy emotional and romantic attachments. “Why It Can’t Work” shows you how to recognize the problem, identify the source, and take decisive action–either to right your relationship or abandon it. Through an ordered sequence of enlightening articles collectively shared over 300,000 times on Facebook, the author gently but assertively reveals the painful truths about dysfunctional relationships, reminding us that romantic partnerships are supposed to be a healthy source of love and support, and letting us know it’s OK to walk away when they aren’t.

If you or someone you know is involved in a dysfunctional relationship, reading “Why It Can’t Work” will light the way back to happiness and peace.

5:2 Diet Cookbook: 20 Fast and Easy to Make Diet Recipes To Reduce Your Weight (5:2 Diet Cookbook, 5:2 Diet, 5:2 Diet for Beginners)

by Sara Hughes

5:2 Diet Cookbook (FREE Bonus Included)

20 Fast and Easy to Make Diet Recipes To Reduce Your Weight

We’ve all tried many crazy things to lose weight: vibrating belt machines, shake weight, liquid diets or even eating nothing but steak for weeks at a time. The modest method proposed in this book is to have a balanced diet and lose weight by learning how to make delicious, nutritious and healthy food that can be prepared in advanced for daily lunches or whipped up quickly when you come home from work. Learning how to cook healthy food isn’t enough if none of that food is appealing and you are always looking forlornly at co-workers or friends eating a hamburger and that is why the recipes in this book try to provide you with new favorites that you will look forward to.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • 20 fantastic new recipes that take you from Breakfast, to lunch, to desert. Experience new ingredients and exciting flavors that will inspire you to a fresh cooking experience.
  • Lose weight while getting to enjoy your old favorites and having fun in the kitchen with quick, easy and delicious recipes.
  • Discover alternative recipes for what was once just an indulgence including healthy recipes for pizza, French fries, pancakes and ice cream. Reignite your love for tired old lunches with celeriac, apple and walnut salad and Moroccan style soup.

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Homemade Lotions: 20 Organic and Easy Nourishing Lotion Recipes That you Can Make at Home (Homemade Lotions, Homemade Lotions books, homemade lotions and soaps)

by Todd Acosta

Homemade Lotions (FREE Bonus Included)

20 Organic and Easy Nourishing Lotion Recipes That you Can Make at Home

Everybody uses lotion. Whether you use it for your hands, face, feet or all-over body, you have one aim in mind. That’s to get the softest skin you can. So, you buy what you have been led to believe is the purest and best skin lotions there are. Just as with chemically manufactured foods, lotions of every kind are also infused with their own brand of toxins. Some are barely noticeable, and some over time, could be hazardous to your health.

There is good news; you can make your own homemade lotions. In this ebook you will be introduced to twenty organic and easy nourishing lotion recipes that you can make at home! With a few simple, pure, and inexpensive ingredients you can create lotions that are better and more effective than those you buy right now. And best of all, they are safe for your skin! The variety of ingredients you find means you can choose which lotion or cream to start with and then make others; for yourself, for gifts or even to start selling your own brand of homemade lotions and creams.

All-natural, pure, and simple to create; what are you waiting for?!

Here you will find:

  • Lotion Recipes
  • Preparation
  • Essential Oils
  • Extra Ingredients
  • Everything You Need to Start Creating Lotions Today
  • And So Much More!

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Small House Living: Benefits and Challenges That Living in a Small House Can Give You (Small House Living, Small House Living books, Small House Plans)

by Matt Snyder

Small House Living (FREE Bonus Included)

Benefits and Challenges That Living in a Small House Can Give You

The dream of home ownership is one that all of us have at one point in our lives. Once that desire hits the question becomes should I purchase a small home or a large home?

Well this is a question that has no simple answer. Well if you are someone looking to purchase a home or debating to either upgrade or downsize then this book is what you need in order to make an informed decision.

In this book I will do my best to explore the benefits and the challenges of living in a small home compared to a large home. I have done my best to find questions and solutions that speak to those struggling with this decisions. I have also done some out of the box thinking in order to address some of those questions that make you scratch your head and say “I never thought of that.”

It is my goal to look at both sides of the fence. I talk about the positives and negatives of purchasing a larger home and then switch gears and do the same for a smaller home. I have over 30 questions that you can ask yourself when looking at either of these options and at the end of this book it has been my goal to give you a solid foundation for your decision. Large house or small? Which should you decide?

Well to find out you need to download this book and explore the questions and answers inside. So don’t delay that dream house may be slipping away while making your decision.

Happy house hunting!

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High Blood Pressure Solution: 8 Sure-Fire Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally Without Medication, Using Natural Remedies And Diet (Blood Pressure, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure Cure)

by Elizabeth Baker

High Blood Pressure Solution

8 Sure-Fire Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally Without Medication, Using Natural Remedies And Diet

If you have been told that you have high blood pressure, or hypertension as doctors call it, you are probably wondering what you can do to bring it down.

You may be worried about needing to take tablets every day, but this is not necessarily the case. This book will show you several ways in which you can lower your blood pressure naturally.

None of the things in this book are difficult, they just involve making some lifestyle changes. These changes are easy to make and maintain for the long term, which is what you will need to do to maintain your blood pressure at a more normal level.

This book covers:

  • Weight loss
  • Dietary changes
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • Light exercise
  • Tips for reducing your salt intake
  • Supplements and other natural remedies

There are also some handy recipes at the back of this book which are all designed to be low in fat and sodium to be suitable for people who are trying to reduce their blood pressure.

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Strength Training: Build Your Muscles, Get Lean and Stay Healthy with These Simple Beginner Tips (Weight Training and Diet)

by Rodney Moreno

Exercise is a very important part of our lives. We need to exercise to keep our muscles strong as well as allow us to enjoy life to its fullest. In this book, I will give you a full overview of everything that you need to do to get the ultimate results from your efforts.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– Diets – What to eat, how and why

– Exercises – What exercises you should be doing for your body and why

– Motivation – Why you need motivation and how to use it to gain your results

– And much more.

When you complete this book, you will have the foundation needed to get the most out of your strength training and the activities you are training for.

Don’t Delay. Download This Book Now.

Homemade Face Scrub – Easy to Make Basic Face Scrubs for Every Skin Type: A Guide to Natural, DIY Facial Scrubs and Exfoliants

by Tanzi Beauty

Inside this book you’ll find the basic recipe you’ll use to make any scrub you can think up; a list of oils and exfoliants with details about their benefits, detractors, and other natural properties; a guide to essential oils and oil infusions; plus ready-to-make recipes that cater to each of 12 different skin types.

Each section is independent, skip to just the information that’s relevent to you- or read the whole thing. Your choice. Beyond showing you how to make your own scrub, we’ll tell you what not to do. These recipes aren’t just pulled from the internet at random.

We would never advise you to put blended avocado and table salt on your face- nor would we tell you it’s a good idea to add raw lemon juice (a known skin photosensitizer) to your scrub. Sure, avocados might be good to eat- but they won’t do more for your skin than any decent oil would- and table salt? Too harsh. Lemons on the other hand might be antibacterial- but they can also burn your skin, and make it extra-sensitive to the sun.

Above all, we want you to be able to make your own skin products- that’s what our books are for. Giving you the information you need to make awesome, natural skincare products with ease is our top priority.

Body Language: 101: Discover the Psychology Secrets of How to Read and Understand Non Verbal Communication and Always Be One Move Ahead (Mind Hacks, Body … Dating, Attraction, Rapport, Book 5)

by Hanif Raah

Body Language 101

Discover the Psychology Secrets of How to Read and Understand Non-Verbal Communication and Always Be One Move Ahead

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When we talk we say very little because it’s our body that does the real talking! We express so much more subconsciously through our physical behavior, body posture, gestures, eye movement, facial expressions, touch and the use of space. So why not learn how to use this to YOUR advantage?

Body Language 101 is a powerful tool that you can use in every aspect of your life. This book will give you an in depth insight into how to read body language to decipher the hidden agenda of any dialogue or interaction. Mastering the skills in this book will enhance your relationships with your spouse, partner or family members, it could even further your career by helping you to ace that interview or even help you to build a great rapport with your work colleagues or boss.

Contrary to common belief learning how to read body language is not difficult. Body Language 101 takes you by the hand and shows you how anyone can read the tell-tale signs of body language and with it know what the other person is REALLY thinking contrary to what they might be actually saying. The skills you will learn in this book will vastly improve your social interactions and relationships whether they be business or pleasure.

This book has the ability to totally change your life. You will learn what body language signs you should look for when you want to know whether the person who is talking to you is telling the truth or is trying to con you. It will always give you that edge so you can adjust your game plan to steer things in the direction YOU want!

Here’s a Sneak Peak of What You Will Learn….

  • What signs send the wrong message to the onlooker/ interviewer/ boss/ spouse and how to avoid them
  • How to use this knowledge to project the image you want wherever you want
  • How to promote your career using this powerful tool
  • How to become more confident, assertive and outgoing
  • How to improve your relationships with friends and family
  • How to give off the right signals to a someone you admire by highlighting your true intentions
  • and much, much more!

You will be able to not only understand everyone around you better, but also you will be able to build rapport quickly, defuse disagreements more effectively, build your self-confidence and persuade people to do what you want.

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Soap Making Reloaded: How To Make A Soap From Scratch Quickly & Safely: A Simple Guide For Beginners & Beyond

by Evans Janet

With a no-nonsense approach and easy to follow directions, Janet Evans shares his experience (and recipes) for creating soaps from scratch safely and easily . Janet takes the reader step by step through the process of making natural soaps for family, friends, and for profit. Easy to understand and master. Soap Making Reloaded : How to Make a Soap from Scratch Quickly & Safely: A Simple Guide for Beginners & Beyond includes extended directions for first time soap makers, new recipes, how to make soap in small and large batches It also Includes tips and advice for how to cut and cure soap, how to sell your soaps, packaging and labeling, and how to set up at a craft fair or market.

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