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2015 Horoscope Guide – Love, Money, Health & Career Predictions For Your Zodiac Sign (Horoscopes, Zodiac Signs, Astrology, Love, Predictions, Future Predictions, … Health, Money, Horoscope, Personalities)

by Domonic Thornton

Start the new year right with your personal 2015 horoscope guide

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What does the year 2015 have prepared for you? This book will provide you with a fun an insightful look into what 2015 holds for each zodiac sign in the 4 main areas of life (Love Money Health & Career).

This book also focuses on the different behaviour and personality traits for each zodiac sign for those who are new to the world of astrology and horoscopes.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Find…

  • The 12 Zodiacs
  • Zodiac Traits
  • 2015 Love Predictions
  • 2015 Health Predictions
  • 2015 Career Predictions
  • 2015 Money Predictions
  • Manifest Your Goals in 2015

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HOW TO BE THE BAD BOY: The Ultimate Guide (25 ways Book 1)

by Kris Sturmey

The 25 most sought after characteristics of a bad boy explained to you to help seduce women naturally. The book goes deeper into the lifestyle and pressures of being a modern man and really offers some great life lessons along the way. This book is a lot more than just a guide it is an introduction to a way of life that all men can live by.

0 Amounts to Something

by Eric Carlson

This novella is a scientific approach to discovering more accurate definitions of 0. By questioning a variety of commonly held philosophies, definitions, and beliefs, this text openly challenges these perspectives in the hopes of providing new philosophies which will enable open-mindedness and free thinking.

Missing Persons: Unexplained Missing Persons Cases, The Mysterious Stories Of Missing People And What Happened To Them (Missing Persons Cases Series) (Missing … Missing People, Lost And Missing,)

by Jason Keeler

Unexplained Missing Persons Cases, The Mysterious Stories Of Missing People And What Happened To Them?

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Missing: We often see flyers like this everywhere– but the thing is, their stories are almost predictable. It could be a hyperactive child that got lost, or maybe it was an adult with a mental problem or an old person suffering from Alzheimer’s is also a common victim.

But what if your loved one disappeared all of a sudden and you couldn’t find a plausible explanation as to why it happened? They were perfectly well, in sound mind and in good physical condition– but where did they go?

In this missing persons book you will discover 6 of the worlds most unusual disappearances and the details of what happened on those fateful days. Make your own mind up as to what you think occurred, no one really knows…..or do they?

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Missing Persons – Pilot Flown Away: Where did he go?
  • Missing Persons – A Secret Spiritual Journey gone wrong?
  • Missing Persons – Where in Disney Wonder: Who is to Blame?
  • Missing Persons – The Missing Girl in Portugal
  • Missing Persons – The D.A. Who went Missing without a Trace
  • Missing Persons – The Missing Jewel: What could have Happened to all those People?
  • Much, much more!

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Criminal Psychology: Understanding the Criminal Mind through Criminal Profiling

by Tom Anthony

Want to get to know the mind of a Criminal?

A criminal is someone who has committed a crime, regardless if that someone gets caught or not. A crime is an act that goes against the law.

So what makes someone commit an act that goes against the law?

Is it possible to identify a potential criminal?

By learning about and understanding criminal profiling, you’ll be able to get inside the mind of a criminal.

You can use this knowledge to make more accurate judgments of the people you meet.

By understanding criminal psychology you learn to better trust your intuition, your gut feelings about someone you meet, and you’ll be able to make better decisions whether to trust certain people.

What to expect from reading “Criminal Psychology”

– Learn to get Inside the Mind of A Criminal

– Discover Criminal Profiling and how it worksâ?¦

– Learn about The Criminal Profile Generating Process

– Discover how to profile Organized vs. Unorganized Criminals

– And get an understanding of the problems many face when Profiling Criminals.

Results of other people who have taken the solution

If you would like to get a better understanding of criminal psychology, you’ll gain some insights from this book.

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How to Live Simply: Why You should Simplify Life and Reap the Massive Rewards (minimalism)

by Julie Wright

Why should YOU choose to Live Simply?

Since the dawn of the printing press, mass production has been in full swing. For decades governments and companies have been telling us about all the products and services we desperately need, so we can feel normal and to fit in.

If your anything like me, I grew up thinking that the more stuff I had, the better I was. If I had the latest widget, my status rose. When I first moved out of home, I would save a bit out of every paycheck so I could buy the latest whatever.. This did not bring me happiness. The more stuff I had, the more I wanted, which made me feel like I was always missing out, always compromisingâ?¦ “Ok I’ll just get widget 2, coz widget 1 is an extra $50 bucks..” The cycle is vicious, and it keeps cycling no matter what your income level – it doesn’t discriminate, the more you earn, the more expensive the stuff you “need” is, and still the stuff you want, is always just too expensiveâ?¦ Does this sound familiar?

There’s a famous line in the movie Fight Club, “The things you own end up owning you. ” Which rings true for soo many people.

If you would like to feel free, increase your well being, and improve your lifeâ?¦ Live Simply.

By reading this book you’ll get a roadmap of how to change your life for the better, you’ll learn how to eliminate stress, increase joy, bring sharp clarity to your thoughts all whilst saving plenty of money.

There is a good reason why the minimalist movement is growing stronger by the day, one of the reasons is because people enjoy the results and rewards that are getting since making the decision to simplify life.

If you have not yet made this decision, and you don’t feel as free as you would like, then applying the ideas within this book may get you closer.

To learn more about this life changing way of life, read this book.

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My India My Views

by Deepak Agrawal

I wrote this mini book to give my views on the issues faced by modern day India. While there are different forums available, the good old medium of a book is still the best.

I also write my views in online newspapers as reader’s opinion but I feel that space is very crowded and it is difficult to get through a lot of audience.

In this volume I am providing four essays, these are based on my knowledge and purely my views. India is changing and it is changing at a very fast speed.

As this great country is very diverse we all have different opinions and point of views.

These articles are my first attempts in the field of writing something and your comments and views will help a lot.

This is first volume of my articles and I will keep coming back with more.

Worstimus versus Bestimist: Aporia. Dialogues on God, Porn, Aliens & More

by Floris van der Pol

Does God exist or is he just an imaginary friend? Should we search for alien life? Does porn breed a generation of male pussies? Who has the better life, the monkey in the zoo behind the glass or the one standing in front of the glass?

Read this book to get none the wiser.

Worstimus and Bestimist live – better phrased: survive – under the same roof ever since their single parents moved in together. Forced to share one bedroom these boys have no choice but to talk. However, they quickly find out that they have quite different perspectives – on everything.

You might find adequate answers to the questions above, but probably not. It’s far more likely you’ll end up with more questions than you began with. I am just being honest, no false marketing slogans here.

The book Worstimus versus Bestimist. Aporia. Dialogues on God, Porn, Aliens & more consists of Fourteen short dialogues.

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