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STRESS FREE: A Proven Method to Organize Your Day and Getting Things Done without Anxiety or Stress (How to beat stress, stress reduction, productivity, stress management tips)

by Aretha Walthamstow-Granger

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Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have more time? They have a successful job and still manage to have time for their family as well has time to relax. How do they have time to fit everything in? Is it because they have more time? That can’t be since just as much time as you. You both have 24 hours per day. The answer lies in how you prioritise your decision-making and how your subconscious prioritises certain habits without understanding the most effective use of your resources.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Time management
  • Stress Relief
  • Self Discipline
  • Avoid Procrastination
  • Control Anxiety
  • Increase Productivity
  • Build Confidence
  • Much, much more!

If you are reading this you are already taking the first step to making the change for the better. In order to successfully complete change you need to start with awakening. This book will help you to manage your time with more success and self discipline and using this strategy will help you relax as well as increase your productivity. In the end this will also help you gain a better perspective on how you spend your time and avoid potential obstacles with more ease and confidence.

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Bay Breeze: A Very Special Ferry Boat (Children’s Learning Series Book 1)

by Sanjay Raghavan

This is a story about a Ferry called “Bay Breeze” who carries people from Harbor Bay to San Francisco every day.

One day, Bay Breeze is sad because she feels that she is not special. She wishes she were a sailboat, a trawler, a tug boat, a cargo ship or a coast guard cutter. Just then she receives a letter from a little girl named Cucu. Cucu says that Bay Breeze is her favorite boat in the whole world because she brings Cucu’s dad back home on time every day. As a result Cucu is able to go to the park, have dinner and read a book with her dad every evening. Bay Breeze realizes that no matter whether you are big or small, slow or fast, colorful or plain, each and every boat is unique and precious to someone.

Learning Goals:

In a world, where kids learn to define their self-worth based on social comparison and desirability, this book tries to emphasize that every kid is unique and special.

What If? coloring pages

by Christopher Williams

coloring pages for “What If?”

Animales de la Biblia / Animals of the Bible: Spanish & English / Español & Inglés (Bilingual Fun Books Book 1)

by Penn Tomassetti

Animales de la Biblia / Animals of the Bible is a fun, colorful and exciting bilingual book for very young learners. Written in native Spanish and English, the animals depicted are all found in the Bible and are a wonderful part of God’s world. Each animal has a bilingual phrase to go along with its name.

Animales de la Biblia / Animals of the Bible es un divertido libro bilingüe lleno de colores y emocionante para los más Jóvenes. Escrito en español nativo e Inglés, todos los animales representados se encuentran en la Biblia y son una parte maravillosa del mundo de Dios. Cada animal tiene una frase bilingüe junto con su nombre.


by Philippe R. Welté

Paris is a dream destination for millions of tourists every year. But sometimes the dream can turn into a nightmare. Scammers and crooks are everywhere in the French capital, prowling on tourists. They have no moral nor ethics and don’t care to leave someone with no money, thousands of miles from their homes.Everyone who plans to come to Paris must be aware of those dangers.

This is why I decided to write this short guide to inform tourists from all over the World. Don’t let anyone ruin your holidays. Don’t let crooks and scammers make a living from you ! They are like the plague in Paris and their “business” must be eradicated;

This guide will help you with some very simple advices. And you will contribute to the eradication of those scums by not being their victims. Don’t let them feed on you. And some day, thanks to all of you, Paris will be safer for every visitors from another country.

Red and Yellow and Blue

An illustrated reading book that re-enforces the connection between the word and concept of the three primary colors

Serendipity: Pleasant Discoveries of the God Kind

by Denzil Pailman

The word serendipity means to happen upon something accidently. Hence the title of this book and the stories that follow. They tell you of my journey in discovering His advance plan for my life. How He shapes and moulds us into His plan. Jeremiah 29:11 the famous and most quoted scripture from the bible. Paraphrased. God who makes it personal. FOR I KNOW. In other words I have them in my heart and am pondering my intentions for you. THE PLANS, I know the puzzle for your life. How the last piece is going to fit. I THINK TOWARDS YOU, SAYS THE LORD. THEY ARE PLANS TO GIVE. In other words it is yours. I need to give it to you. YOU A HOPE AND A FUTURE. When there is hope. It is not going to be disappointing

62 synonyms with the letter U: bitesize learning (literacy series Book 1)


Learn the synonyms and increase your knowledge which will increase your vocabulary. So you can use it in your reading, writing, speaking and listening.

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