Free religious fiction Kindle books for 11 May 15

In Memory of the Future

by Stanely Mushava


A Nasty Bunch

by Michael Daybreak

Paul Woodson must find a way to improve the test scores of his hyperactive new classâ??a tall order for a young teacher new to the education field, surrounded by co-workers that despises him for being the principal’s pet. Despite the support of his wife and his Christian faith, Paul already is in over his head when a bandit steals a student from his classroom. In an attempt to prove his worth as an educator to the school staff, Paul investigates the kidnapping, but his quest comes to an end when he runs out of leads. But after his wife is taken by the same bandit, Paul resumes his mission. This time, the bandit purposely leaves clues to his motives for the kidnappings. Paul soon realizes that his nemesis is among him and has waged a vendetta against him, too, for a long time. Paul falls into the clutches of his adversary, but his courage and faith in the Lord may turn this into an opportunity to rescue his wife and his student.

The Angel’s Song

by Beth Stephenson

Roxanne wakes in a hospital after a near-death experience and it seems that everything she knows has vanished. Haunted by the loving music and shining beings she heard when she peeked into heaven, she yearns to understand.

Her past has taught her to fear men and she is in agony in her foster family. She searches for her missing mother in every face and figure.

Yet hope dawns as she learns to trust and to understand for Whom the Angels Sing.

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