Free science fiction Kindle books for 11 May 15

Legacy – The Awakening

by Kurt Petrey

Knowledge without memories, information without understanding. A group of strangers wake to an unfamiliar place with more questions than answers.

When Joshua wakes up, he finds himself trapped. Dark and unfamiliar, the almost completely destroyed facility has clearly been through a catastrophic event. He must unite the others to solve what has happened. Who put them there? How can they get out? If they cannot work together, they risk losing more than just their own lives.

Yes, Even The Stars: In a Universe without Stars book 0.5

by J Alex McCarthy

When a disgraced scientist, Wilker, discovers the stars are disappearing, he sets out to find an explanation. An answer comes in form of Jahum, an alien who tells him that Earth will be destroyed by invaders. But when Wilker learns that Jahum is only going to save his wife, it’s up to Wilker to fight to save himself and the rest who are left behind.

An novella based In A Universe Without Stars and from the novel Skyeater.

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