Free sports Kindle books for 11 May 15

Bulking Guide For Skinny Guys

by Marcos Favela

A comprehensive guide for young males who want to bulk up in size and who haven’t been able to see more than a few pounds of muscle gain from years of training in the gym. It also serves as a guide for those new to weight lifting and simply are tired of being labeled as “skinny.”

This guide will motivate you to start a journey that will increase your self-confidence and personal discipline. Your iron will and powerful mindset will be your greatest asset after reading this book and following the blueprint to strength and size gains that skinny guys rarely see.

The author is a 2015 law school graduate who was a collegiate water polo athlete and who overcame his naturally skinny predisposition to gain 30 pounds of muscle after college, using the mindset and methods described in this guide. He maintains his personal blog at

Ernie: A Special Photographic Portrait

With his boundless optimism and enthusiasm for the game of baseball, Ernie Banks embodied what it meant to be a Cubs fan. Celebrate the magnificent, ground-breaking career of “Mr. Cub,” a Chicago icon who touched the lives of millions, with this collection of stories and photographs from the staff of the Chicago Tribune.

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