Free travel Kindle books for 11 May 15

The Insider’s Guide To Getting Free Press Passes: (or How To Get Free Entrance To Top Tourist Attractions While Traveling)

by Karol Gajda

If you’re anything like me you love to find travel deals, or travel hacks, to save money on your vacations and holidays.

With a little bit of effort you can actually get free tourist cards (known as Press Passes or Press Cards) from tourism boards around the world. There press cards will give you access to most tourist attractions in your city of choice as well as sometimes free public transportation.

Who wouldn’t want to see Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain free? Or maybe Edvard Munch’s The Scream up close and personal in Oslo, Norway?

Well, now you can with a different kind of travel hacking guide, The Insider’s Guide To Getting Free Press Passes.

This short book (6,500 words) is perfect if you’re a blogger or have a following on social media (twitter, instagram, tumblr, pinterest, facebook), but I’ll show you what to do even if you’re starting from nothing.

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BEAUTIFUL MILAN: Tourist guide to Milan (Travel Book 2)

by Guido Marè

Complete tourist guide of Milan. Tourist information, geographic and historical notes, what not to miss, itineraries, tourist attractions, eating out, accomodation guide, shopping, entertainment, Milan for kids, QUIZ and more info. Very many images.

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