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Love and adventure (Short read Book 2)

by Victoria East

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Sharon abandons her groom on the altar and runs away.

“She had done it! She had escaped and she was free!”

“Tyron Penker, will you take me on the adventure of my life?”

“What I experienced during the adventure was something very special Tyron, and I definitely had the time of my life”.

“So did I Sharon. I had the time of my life, and I think it has been the best adventure I have ever been on”, he said.

She discovers an adventure guide company “There was no better way to get another chance in life than this, a chance to live her adventure alongside the most handsome man on the planet, leading her, guiding her” and she goes there with the hope of taking off for some destination where her millionaire father, and the one forcing her to get married, will never find her.

“Why the hell did these rich people always assume that those without money can always be bought?”

What she does not count on is falling in love with her guide, the strikingly sexy.

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*This Book Contains Mature Content*

STEPBROTHER: My Secret Stepbrother [A Forbidden Obsessed Short Story] (Contemporary BBW, new adult & college menage romance)

by Kimberly J


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*This is a standalone novel with an HEA*

Ellie’s life gets turned upside down when her cocky step-brother, Justin, strolls into the art studio where she works looking for advice. Advice… and maybe something more. Ellie can’t tell if he’s interested, or still sees her as an annoying little sister who doesn’t know anything about life. She doesn’t know what to make of her rediscovered feelings for him, or what to do about her sweet boyfriend, who she cares about, but who has never made her wet in an instant like Justin does. Just thinking about him makes Ellie feels like she’s on fire, in the best possible way. When Justin invites her over to his apartment, Ellie can’t decide if she will finally go for it, or shut him down once and for all.

Warning: This book contains adult language, If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book but if you like some freaky dirty talk and panty-melting sex then download your copy now and enjoy!

Tags: Stepbrother romance, contemporary romance, new adult & college, BBW, Short Stories, Steamy Billionaire Forbidden Taboo Contemporary Romance Short Story

Stepbrother: Impossible Stepbrother Love (Contemporary romance, forbidden erotic BBW, steamy romance short)

by Kimberly J


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Gina never considered herself a mistress or the other woman, but that was her role in many of her relationships. She figured if she was successful at enticing these men to become strictly hers, then they never belonged to the other women in the first place. This time, things have caught up with Gina as she has developed a reputation not desired by many, and the man that she thought she finally had to herself is not exactly ready to be claimed.

Gina goes through the consequences of what she has done in her young years in attempting to get what she wants, not caring how it has affected others; this includes those closest to her. In her journey to face off with her demons and get things back on track, Gina learns about true love and how it comes when she least expects it. Will Gina continue to push love away, or will karma extend its stay and make her pay?

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WARNING This ebook contains hot mature themes, content and language, reader discretion is advised!

Tags: Paranormal romance, Shapeshifter, Werebear romance, short sotories, contemporary, Manage, Werebear, BBW, MMF, Threesome

Age of Heroes: The Witch Hunter’s Gauntlet

by Bret Schulte

Fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are sure to enjoy this exciting new series.

Samantha Hathaway is saving the world from Magic, Monsters, and Mad Science, whether she’s ready or not, in this thrilling new series.

As tensions rise between the secret forces of science and magic the fate of the world rests in the hands of a small town teenager. When an ancient magical artifact is stolen and used to resurrect an evil sorcerer fourteen-year-old Samantha Hathaway becomes both the primary suspect and the world’s only hope of preventing a war. Samantha soon finds herself the newest and least talented student at the elite new Miller’s Grove Academy, an amazing school filled with super-geniuses, monster hunters, video game champions, pop stars, and wannabe world emperors. But have they been brought together to improve the world, or for a much darker purpose?

Guided by nothing more than a mysterious riddle from her late father, Samantha and her new friends must navigate a dangerous secret world to identify the real thief and locate the only weapon that can stop the coming war and usher in the latest, and possibly last, Heroic Age.

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