Free history Kindle books for 12 May 15

The Goof Off

by Jack Shafer

The Goof Off is a humorous story about a young recruit learning to survive the US Army Air Corps during WWII in the south Pacific Theater.

The Key Is On The Inside

by Sebastian Swan

A Family Saga set in the North-East of England.

“The Key Is On The Inside”, is the bringing together of two books, “Restoration” and “Acceptance” into one complete work.

It is a story of love, and the difficult path the characters travel to walk in its light. They experience the seemingly constant bedfellows of love, joy and heartache.

The tale is set within the turbulent years of the two great wars from 1900 to 1946, bringing with them, unimaginable violence and cultural change never before seen in man’s history.

Engage with the moral dilemmas, the decisions, the pain and joy, live history with this family.

The constant and the third companion of love, “Hope” is ever present.

This story will touch your heart and soul, perhaps even how you view Life.

There are many new scenes for your enjoyment in this, the complete story.

For lovers of “Downton Abbey”

Scripture and Contextualization: the Translation of the Bible

by James Kiernan

Contextualization is the “process whereby Christians adapt the forms, content, and praxis of the Christian faith so as to communicate it the minds and hearts of people with other cultural backgrounds.” In order to contextualize the Bible (make it understandable to other cultures, there is a growing tendency to change the very words of Scripture. This is often called the “dynamic equivalent” method of Scripture translation. This is done through various methods, such as substituting terms or removing some terms completely. In every instance, however, this practice destroys the integrity of Scripture and undermines its authority. There are serious consequences for modifying the words of Scripture, both doctrinally and practically. Contextualization in the form of changing the actual words of Scripture is always a grave error.

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