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Winter in Venice (Escape to Italy)

by Melissa Hill

A festive winter romance set in Venice and one of Melissa Hill’s popular series of escapist romantic tales set in Italy’s most picturesque and evocative locations.

All books are standalone and can be read in any order.

Escape to Italy Series:





Considered one of the most romantic locations in the world, lovers flock in their droves to Venice, the beautiful Italian city set on a lagoon of interlocking canals.

New parents Max and Naomi are first-time visitors to Italy, despite his fear of water, severe Italian food-aversion and woeful language skills. Still he is prepared to put all discomforts aside if it means some quality time with his beloved wife.

But new mum Naomi can’t help but feel worried and distracted about leaving their baby and she finds it hard to let go. Can a winter weekend in Venice help the couple recapture what their relationship was like before baby?

Lucy is returning with a heavy heart to her favourite place in the world. Exactly a year before beneath snowy skies, she and her boyfriend locked their love in a quiet corner of San Marco on a small romantic wrought-iron bridge over the canal. But this winter in Venice things couldn’t be more different…

Scott has brought Rachel to Venice intent on proposing. Based on what he’s heard about the city, it should be all too easy to arrange a memorable romantic moment.

But when things start to go awry from the outset, he fears he will he never find the perfect opportunity before their trip is over.

Book Three

by Paloma Meir

From critically acclaimed author Paloma Meir comes a romantic saga spanning decades and travel throughout the world.

Serge moves from his home on the Upper East Side of NYC to a wealthy enclave high up in the Hollywood Hills with his alcoholic and dysfunctional family. He meets an odd little girl, Zelda, who will become the center of his life. He carries on through the turbulent years always pushing himself to be the best.

Serge’s resolve crumbles as his mother’s drinking escalates and his girlfriend suffers a complete mental breakdown. The calming force in the storm of his life, Zelda disappears into her own world of self-destruction for reasons Serge can’t fathom. He struggles, picking up the pieces of those crashing around him.

Serge is left with a guilt he can’t shake and his questioning nature dooms him as his feelings for Zelda grow into an all encompassing passion. The battle within himself is further complicated by Zelda’s choice in love, Danny, Serge’s best friend.

Book Three is a story of the battle between love and lifelong loyalty.

Contains: adult situations, coarse language, sexual assault (not gratuitous or graphic), drinking by minors

Visions of a Reject

by Geoffrey Alexander

America’s foundation is crumbling, and life is no longer recognizable. A dismal existence is all that’s left. Plagued with lifelessness and disease, the world is deteriorating fast.

Gabriel Jones is caught in the middle. Just your average Joe, trying to find his place in this hopeless society, Gabriel is on the verge of knowing. Knowing the truth, and uncovering reality in a world that no longer makes any sense, where nothing is certain, not even our existence.

People are no longer in control of their own lives, but rather mindless pawns in the game of high-level, institutionalized deception with ulterior motives and global consequences. Knowledge and bounty have been replaced with darkness and drought as only a chosen few roam in search of a key to restore light and order to things.

Gabriel makes a rapid descent into this world of illusion, blind allegiance, and mind-numbing exercises in futility that leave him questioning his sanity. He’s unable to understand the things going on around him, passing from life to death, then back again.

But the question remains, can Gabriel do anything about it?

Head of an Apostle

by James Tingle

What happens to the man who yearns for more than this world can show him?

What happens if he is shown more than a man should be exposed to?

What is the pure planet? Who or what is the mysterious Essence? What is contained in the journal? What is the device that shows humanity too much…the thing known only as The Viewing Cube…

Head of an Apostle is a brooding unconventional novel…

Head of an Apostle has a plot like no other…

Head of an Apostle has strong unusual characters who ache to understand what the mysterious cube shows them…

Head of an Apostle is at times surreal, at times dark, at times bewildering and always beautifully strange…

Head of an Apostle is a whirlwind of psychological, philosophical, hallucinogenic events and will leave the reader knowing they have experienced something truly original and stunning…

Head of an Apostle is the beginning of a trilogy that is destined to become known world wide before much longer…


Emma Was A Lion. Emma Was A Clown. Emma Was A Tree.

by J. M. Donellan

This a story about being in love with the idea of someone, someone who happens to be a lion and also a clown and also a tree.

The Surrender and Other Stories

by Mabel Segun

If you relish stories that are outrageous, macabre, or simply unexpected, Mabel Segun’s collection of short stories will appeal to you. If not, you will be missing out on this writer’s ability to shock and entertain the reader with her uncanny insight into age-long traditional beliefs and discriminatory practices capable of breaking the human spirit.

Mabel Segun, in her stories, explores the emotions of both men and women while highlighting the status of women and their evolving struggle for equality in Nigeria. For example, a young woman takes revenge on her dead lover; a polygamous husband who is unable to cope with the sexual demands of his wives, finds an unexpected solution; a woman brutalized by her husband runs away carrying a dead baby on her back; an army general arrested for leading a coup plot is visited by the ghost of his wife’s lover just before execution; a mother joins forces with her pregnant daughter against her son-in-law.

All of life is here, from rural life to contemporary cosmopolitan Lagos, from the vibrant nationalism of the days preceding independence to the horrors of the Nigerian Civil War.

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