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MURDER TAKES A HOLIDAY: An Izzy Greene Senior Snoops Cozy Mystery

by Sylvia Selfman

It’s holiday vacation time but not for Izzy and Flo.

When Izzy goes to a posh Christmas party at her friend’s fabulous home, she winds up doing a party favor for the hostess that leads to mayhem, mistletoe and maybe even murder. Plus a dash of romance!

Romantic Thriller: Deadly Romance – A Romantic Suspense and Romantic Mystery Book: (Thriller Romance, Suspense, Mystery Romance, Suspense Romance)

by Maya Moss


Prince Horace falls deeply in love with Laura, a foreigner who has no royal ancestry. They develop an intimate relationship resulting in an unexpected pregnancy. Horace goes against family tradition and marries Laura a modern, sophisticated woman.

As Horace is first in line to the throne, his mother the Queen insists that he be stripped of his title and ascension to the throne since he marries a commoner.

Horace is forced to relinquish his position as heir apparent to his sister Sofia, who is not really interested in assuming leadership. Sofia has already pledged her allegiance through marriage to her husband, a Prince in the United Kingdom.

A crisis looms as Horace’s father develops a terminal illness and passes away. The royal family is left with no choice but to shun age-old tradition and recall Horace, who ascends to the throne.

Luciana, who was Horace’s bride in waiting for a few years, feels humiliated. As a result, she plots revenge by hiring an assassin to eliminate Horace and his family.

Will Horace’s decision to dump Luciana for Laura result in the demise of the royal family? The assassin is closing in and time is running out for a happily ever after.


â??Romantic Thriller: Deadly Romance – A Romantic Suspense and Romantic Mystery Book’ is a novel by romantic thriller author Maya Moss.


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