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How to Fix A Broken Marriage Alone in 21 Days: How to Stop Your Divorce and Rekindle an Unhappy Marriage in 3 weeks

by Sam Caesar

How to save your relationship from breakup and your marriage from divorceâ?¦ even if you have to do it alone.

How to save your marriage, your relationship, get your ex-partner back…even if you have to do it yourself, without your partner’s cooperation.

If you are desperate to stop your divorce, stop your spouse/boyfriend or girlfriend from leaving you,

then read on because this information will save your marriage or your relationship!

My marriage was like a Cinderella story turned nightmare. As a career-minded man,

I was too busy pursuing my career and neglected my wife. Our relationship deteriorated; we were quarrelsome; we were on the verge of a divorce…until I got a lifesaver.

This lifesaver was the advice given to me by a very experienced marriage therapist with more than 55 years’ experience in marital counselling.

His counselling session did not come cheap. He charged hundreds of dollars per hour.

I took his advice and it saved my marriage. His advice had saved thousands of marriages. Because I know it works, I am going to share his advice with you so that it too can save your marriage.

I must warn you first. His advice is unconventional and seems irrational. Skeptics will scoff at it. But who cares as long as it works!

It works for thousands of people. It worked for me. I am confident it can work for you too.

Will the advice work for you? If you are skeptical, then I don’t want to waste your time and money.

But if you believe that your relationship is worth saving and you are willing to do whatever it takes,

then this advice can help you salvage your marriage or relationship.

Imagine how this book is going to bring back the love, the bliss and the joy. You’ll be at peace and in love once again.

Download the book now. It can be your lifesaver to fixing your broken marriage alone in 21 Days.

Making Sense of SPD: Diagnosis & Treatment For Sensory Processing Disorder

by M Holt

Think your child’s behaviour could be Sensory Processing Disorder?

For many parents it can be such a relief to finally find some answers and explanation as to why their child deals with sensory information in a different way to them. After much desperation and stress finding that SPD symptoms fit with their behaviour is reassuring, especially to ease worries that their parenting skills are at fault.

Have you read that SPD isn’t real? Let’s look at the evidence!

However, you may have found this explanation and soon after been disheartened to read various views that SPD is not a real disorder. For many parents of a child with SPD, such as yourselves, will know that their behaviours are not â??just a phase’, â??something they will grow out of’, or â??naughty behaviour’ that needs stricter discipline. In this book we look to the research and evidence behind SDP and how it affects your child.

Did you know that very often children with SPD do not have an autistic spectrum disorder?

Unlike many others that cover Sensory Processing Disorder, this book looks solely at SPD in children and adults without other common disorders such as ADHD, Autism and Aspergers.

Learn how to cope from those with, or parents of, those with SPD!

This book will take you through a variety of strategies that have proved helpful with SPD. Many adults have learnt ways of facing difficult social situations that we will explore in this book.

Explain SPD in a way that makes sense to others!

Teachers, friends, family. There are many people that will not understand what SPD is or how to help someone with SPD. Let’s break it down so that they can understand that the way they experience the world is not necessarily how others will. We are all unique! (We invite you to pass on this book if it helps).

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn From â??Making Sense of SPD’

Understand what SPD is and how it affects people, children and adults, in everyday life including: school, work, relationships and more.

Identify the types of SPD and how a correct diagnosis is important to getting the right treatment.

Explore how children and adults with SPD have learnt to deal with the disorder and learn the strategies that have helped them cope with day to day difficulties.

Discover what treatments are available for SPD and what they involve.

How to explain SPD to relatives, friends, colleagues or school teachers to help them understand and help someone with Sensory Processing Disorder.

One Special Egg: The Journey Of Destiny And A Forever Family

A fun story of an abandoned egg found all alone by The Farmer. Oliver finds through his differences he can still belong to a family. He also discovers that he has a very important destiny.

Understanding Teen Depression: The Complete Guide for Parents

by Heather Schamis MA LPC

Understanding Teen Depression: The Complete Guide for Parents

Are you worried about your teenager? Do you need to know what’s going on with them? Do you think something is wrong? Are they sad a lot of time? Do they stay in their room all the time? Is school work getting overlooked?

This is the “go-to” guide for parents to learn about Teen Depression. This book is written by a licensed therapist whose clients are not only teens with depression, but she herself had depression when she was a teen.

This book will tell you all the symptoms that you may be seeing in your son or daughter. This is VERY important to know. You NEED to know!!

Let me help you distinguish if what’s going is indeed depression.

ADHD Without Drugs: 3 Little Known Types of ADHD Treatment Without Drugs (ADHD Cure – ADHD Treatment Book 1)

by Phil Kieran

Book Description

ADHD Without Drugs – 3 Little Known Types of ADHD Treatment Without Drugs

is a guide on how to effectively treat ADHD without the use of drugs.

The book begins by defining what ADHD is. The most vulnerable group is discussed in detail. The different causes of ADHD have been explored in this book. The three signs of ADHD, that is, inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity have also been explained further for a greater understanding.

The next part discusses behavioral therapy for treatment of ADHD. Parents, teachers, therapists and the children themselves are guided on what to do to help the ADHD child change his or her behavior. Children are also guided on how to follow directions which will help them see an improvement in the symptoms.

Behavioral Therapy in Adults, which might be a bit tricky is also discussed.

The next part explores Lifestyle Changes for treatment of ADHD.

These include exercises and schooling. The role of sleep in management of ADHD has been discussed. The teachers are guided on how to treat children with ADHD including special ways on how they should treat them and collaborate with their parents. The role of exercise in treatment of ADHD has been discussed.

The last part of this book discusses the ADHD Diet. This includes the overall diet, supplement diet and elimination diet.

Both the child and adult with ADHD have been guided on how to take the right diet and avoid the bad one for effective management of their condition.

The following topics have been discussed:


Behavioral Therapy for Treatment of ADHD

Lifestyle Changes for Treatment of ADHD


This book is the perfect guide to get an overview about the topic.

The Grandfather Tree: A Tale of Age and Usefulness

by Kenneth M. Martin

A beautiful story of a man’s realization of what matters in life, told in Kenneth M. Martin’s immortal words.

Bestselling author Dan Alatorre (Savvy Stories) teamed up with teacher Allison Maruska to bring the world Kenneth M. Martin’s new take on wisdom, old age, and a purposeful life. The result is a tender, engaging story of a good man who always knew who he was and how he mattered – until he retired and somehow lost track.

Author Kenneth M. Martin’s touching short story about discovery is as simple as it is poignant. Written for young people, the timeless tale about Uly is sure to become a classic to be enjoyed by readers all ages, and a beautiful lesson we should all remember.

Living with Peanut Anaphylaxis or other Life Threatening Food Allergies

by Michael Sporer

So, you just heard the dreaded news; your child has a Life Threatening Food Allergy (LTFA) and you are wondering just where to begin.

Prepare to be inundated with information and well intentioned advice from every angle. At any point in time parents are faced with too many choices, too many options. In the end there is only one path taken, one road traveled. This is a one way road and if you ever have a moment of self doubt there is only one acceptable answer:

“I made the best decision that I could with the information available to me at the time.”

Put this in your toolbox and reach for it often. Decide that you want to learn to make better decisions in the future and stop worrying about what almost happened. LTFA is a profound, terrifying experience, and not just for the parents. Mistakes will be made, accidents happen. Learn, live, keep moving forward. There is no alternative.

Ultimately, as a parent the responsibility to make informed decisions falls with you.

My journey started 49 years ago and back then some things were quite different, some better and some worse. My three children and my wife don’t have any food allergies of any sort. I have not been through the journey that you are embarking on as a parent, but I have been on that journey as a child, a teenager, a college student, a different kind of parent, and finally as an adult.

What I write might seem unsympathetic, but trust me, my heart breaks every time I hear about someone’s life cut short …

luckiestduck (2015-04-26 15:22:38)

Thank you for documenting this. Very interesting to read about these episodes from an adult perspective. I am parenting a kid with PN/TN allergies. The stories are painful to read because of the content but your writing style is fresh and engaging. Thank you for sharing.

Sarah-w-w (2015-04-01 05:22:41)

Parents need to hear all of it–good bad and ugly. Otherwise they may not respect the allergy for the health condition it is and the potential for grave circumstances if mismanaged. Thanks for writing.

Mom (2015-04-17 07:59:44)

I am reading and hearing more about this allergy all over the country and probably the world. Unless people like you are an advocate for better transparency, this problem will not change. I think the hand of God was even then in this. You are in the palm of His hand. Introducing Lisa into your life was also in the tapestry of His plan. My how He loves and takes care of you. Big hugs! Mom

mgs (2015-04-17 09:47:36)

Hugs back Mom! Love you too!

Leslie (2015-04-17 14:17:35)

I feel like you are living in my mind. I’m 37 and PN ANA, soy, peas, and some other legumes. I love reading your posts. I’ve been allergic my whole life and you have put so many of my feelings into words. Thank you!

mgs (2015-04-17 16:04:03)

In the last 6 months I have gone from internalizing it to sharing. There is only one reason for this transformation. Before I was told it was hopeless, now I have been given HOPE that my life can change. Hope is empowering.

Children’s Books: Where’s is my Little Baby Brother?: (Help Brooke Find her Little Baby Brother. A Book for Beginning Readers, with over 20 Imaginative Illustrations, Ages 2-9) (Brooke Explores 5)

by Elizabeth Ash

Brooke is waiting patiently for her new Little Brother. Where is my Little Brother? This amazing book helps your child learns in a fun and entertaining way. It is filled with photographs and large, easy-to-read text. This book starts to help your child build the platform for continued growth and development.

DIVORCE: THE OSTRICH SYNDROME: When Your Head Is In the Sand, You Can’t Watch Your Wallet (Divorce can be such Sweet Sorrow)

by Pete Geissler

I am not a lawyer; I am survivor of a divorce that to a great extent was resolved amicably because my lawyer/partner and I adhered to the principles and rules I put forth in this book.

I derived the principles and rules from my experience, conversations with my lawyer/partner, observations of several friends as they meandered and muddled through their divorce proceedings, and from written cases that were similar to mine, all of which I found to be instructive, some of which I found to be bizarre as well.

All of that doesn’t detract one bit from the validity of the principles and rules I so fearlessly put forth, and I hope that you and your spouse heed themâ??with the consent of your lawyers, of course.

Healthy Start For Your Pregnancy: A Practical Guide

The Healthy Start For Your Pregnancy is a one-stop guide for knowledge and information on pregnancy issues. It provides parents with information customised to address local concerns on antenatal care, nutrition and physical activities suitable for an expectant mother, and the assistance and support that the parents should prepare for prior to baby’s arrival. The guide is organised according to each trimester of the pregnancy and provides useful checklists to help to parents navigate through the pregnancy journey.

Raise Your Child’s IQ & EQ : Fun Brain Games & Cool Puzzles. – Children’s books for Boys & Girls 3 – 8 Years Old. (ILLUSTRATED): Raise Your Child’s IQ and EQ

by Good Mother

Raise your Child ‘s IQ & EQ with this book.

– This book is filled with wonderfully illustrated color pictures.

– Brain games for kids and parents to play that are both fun and educational.

– Enjoying these absorbing games will help your child to develop the IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Intelligence), confidence and stamina.

If your child loves fun games and puzzles, your child will fall in love with this children’s smart games collection.

A child’s brain growth comes from experience and the exercise the brain receives. Think, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell stimulate the brain’s cell connections (called synapses) and create trillions more. The more complex these interconnections, the smarter your child will be. When you provide your child with early stimulation and a wide range of experiences, you can accelerate his brain development.

This book is a great collection of cool puzzle games and brain games for kids and parents to play that are both fun and educational. These clever games & puzzles to stretch your child mind and tease their brain. Teachers, parents and kids will all enjoy the games that are school-safe.

When your child plays games, they are creating the foundation for their intellectual and emotional skills. More importantly, the child learns these while they play. Learning and having fun at the same time is the best way for your child to learn.

This book will develop both sides of their brain (the left side functions for reasoning, logic and language, while the right side features creativity and the arts.)

Enjoying these absorbing games will help your child to develop the IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Intelligence), confidence and stamina.

Smart Parenting – A Modern Guide to the Modern Teen

by C.K. Murray

The Modern Teen Needs a Modern Parent

Today’s world is a world filled with distractions. It’s a place of social networks and streaming videos and a million and one ways to absorb ourselves in technology. Attention spans are shorter, expectations are higher, and no matter what you do or what you say, the modern teen may never be satisfied.

But this isn’t a bad thing. Our crazy, interconnected lives mean that we can now do the impossible. Information is everywhere, floating at our fingertips, now waiting just a click, scroll and toggle away. And with that incredible knowledge at our disposal, our problems can now be solved.

So don’t delay! If you’re struggling with adapting to your modern teen, take a modern approach. Learn how to effectively raise, manage, and empower your hormonal youngster the right way. The smart way.

It might just be easier than you think…

‘Smart Parenting’ includes:

  • Who is the modern teen?
  • How different is the modern teen?
  • Communicating with the modern teen
  • Establishing and sustaining trust with your teenager
  • Setting boundaries that you and your teen can respect
  • Managing sexual attitudes and behaviors
  • Discussing serious issues with your teen
  • Promoting teenage self-esteem
  • Preventing teen depression
  • And much, much more…


7 Healthy Habits for BPD Sufferers: A 7 Step System Series: (BPD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Codependent relationships, borderlines, borderline mother, … (What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You Book 9)

by J.B. Snow

You’re emotions unleash at any time.

The relationships around you often result in devastation.

Your life feels like a chaotic mess.

Don’t let the trauma of your past delegate your future.

Your BPD symptoms or traits can set you up for more pain, agony and failure if you don’t control it NOW.

Your BPD experiences, stress, trauma and diet can set you up for the devastating disability called Multiple Sclerosis.

Take back control of your life TODAY.

Your health and your sanity depends on it!

We will show you how.

From the 4x Bestselling authors, J.B. Snow and Casey Keller.

Check out our other titles:

Our OCPD series (to show you how to deal with a critical mate or perfectionist in your life).

Our BPD and BPD parenting series (to show you how to improve the chances of raising a child with healthy boundaries).

Our “What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You” Series (to show you cures for some of the ailments you may have that your doctor hasn’t shared with you).

Making the Most of Healthy Start: A Family Guide

The aim of this guide is to provide support to families to hel them to get the most out of the Healthy Start scheme. The guide provides a range of healthy family recipes using ingredients that can be bought with Healthy Start food vouchers, and shows how these can feed the whole family.

The Man Who Lived In A Book

by Sebastian Swan

This is a mystery story wrapped up in an enigma.

A successful author, who lives on a desert island, comes to the aid of a couple on a foundering schooner and his reclusive life is turned upside down.

The clues are strewn liberally throughout the narrative. At first, the reader may well pass over them but gradually the detectives amongst you will begin to notice and think about events and conversations, then start to form ideas.

The clues are all there and you may well resolve the crime BUT miss the mystery.���� suspense.

â??What is it Bill?’

â??Go in and act natural till I close the door, just in case they are outside watching, someone’s here,’ he whispered, laying his finger across his lips, â??Shushhhh.’ She did as he said as best she was able, suddenly gripped with debilitating fear; she could hear a pulse pounding in her head. Bill closed the door and picked up a knife from the rack by the sink. â??Stay behind me and watch my back,’ he said in a voice almost imperceptible. She was sweating and light headed; her mouth was so dry she could hardly move her tongue; all she could hear was her own breathing. They checked each room downstairs then slowly crept upstairs, every creek of the stair treads seemed to produce a deafening echo around the building, causing her to wince, tensing every muscle in her face at each sound as they paused, then moved again. They checked room by room, her heart increasing its pace as they opened each new door. The moonlight playing it’s eerie role to perfection, intensifying her anxiety by casting moving shadows through the windows, wherever she looked. SUDDENLY a bird burst out from the fireplace and flapped around the room in utter panic, she screamed and all but collapsed with the shock, she shook so violently she could hardly stand, Bill never flinched, he’s not human, she thought. He took her in his arms and held her tight, she saw the knife before her eyes as he held her, such was her terror, she would have sworn that she could see blood dripping from it, she had to blink rapidly to clear her vision, there was no blood and there was no one there.

Detective Inspector Tyyamii has a great future, how would you like to be his assistant in the Marshall Islands?

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