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Martha’s Words: The Poems of Martha Walton Press

by Martha Walton Press

This book is a collection of twelve heart-warming poems written by Martha Walton Press (1881-1938) during the period 1899 to 1911. They are the reflections of a young woman who is hopeful about the future but clearly disillusioned with the past. The themes of love, friendship, death and life are timeless. The words may seem a bit cumbersome by today’s standards, but their simplicity conveys a richness of emotion and nostalgia. The words she writes about her mother, grandmother and son are especially touching in this unique glimpse into the past.

Martha Walton was born on March 20, 1881 in Philadelphia, PA. Her father, Leroy Taft Walton, was a descendant of Daniel Walton, one of the so-called Byberry Waltons who emigrated from England to the Philadelphia area in 1675. Her mother, Mary Emma Beecher, was a daughter of Henry Beecher, who was also a British immigrant and was said to be a distant relative of Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Martha lived a creative life and in some ways seemed ahead of her time. This feisty and intelligent woman played piano by ear, sewed clothing that she had just seen on a model and ran her own beauty shop. When her first marriage fell apart in the 1920’s, she married her former brother-in-law, who was seven years her junior.

This book is edited by her granddaughter, Shirley Press Sorbello, who was born nine years after Martha’s death in Boston, MA in 1938.


“Vanity, vanity, all is vanity,”

Should have been said in this our day.

Look well north or south,

East or west;

The over-dressed, fashionable

Hold full sway.

Is it true or false?

Leave I you to decide

That a wolf very nicely

In sheep’s clothing may hide.

Martha Walton Press

February 17, 1911

Lovely thoughts poems (Edition April 2015)

by Olaf Volling

Lovely thoughts poems ….

is a selection of the best-written by the author sentences and words about love and longing. In this reading pleasure you will sit back, relax and enjoy, because there is nothing in this world more beautiful, indefinable and tender than the love of a man. In my mind enjoying sunk, you also feel this feeling and enjoy this beautiful aura of words .A reading not only for lovers and couples, but for all readers of poems, thoughts and poetry.

Eons: Lewd Conduct vol 1

by KiaZ

Be Inspired.

Get this masterpiece, here’s a small sample:

“Was Adam a mad man? who brought sin to bliss, through a snake that speaks, with a hiss, or a lisp, like thisssssss, it seems, to us, He brought what God speaks to dust, through the evilness sin transcends, from his Mrs., that he should’ve dismissed, to distinguish the law that was fit in, and then, misfit, in this premises!

But God replenishes, with benefits, but the punishment, is imminent, the damages are permanent: repentance, that’s pertinent, and relevant, like remorse, with some penance, met!

His mercy still protecting them, but then again, we’re still in sin, our chances of advancing are looking slim, our souls are feeling grim! We’re sipping gin…”

LoveSwept (Poetic Storytelling Book 3)

by Mary Irene Cousino

This is the third and final installment in my trilogy of poetry, the first being of inspiration, the second of sadness and despair and this one to end it of love, as in life, it’s always love.

THE LOVING WOMAN: Poetry of the heart

by Semisi Pone

Some poems about love…to warm you on a cold, lonely, dark rainy night.

SoulSong (Poetic Storytelling Book 1)

by Mary Irene Cousino

From the build-up of my teardrops, to the depths of your soul; a collection of poetry written over adolescent, teenage & young adult years holding every strong emotion that’s ever passed through me telling a story not only mine, but its own. We all need something, something to help us get through, to face life. This is my ‘way out’ my escape when reality is just too harsh. Not only will you find poetry within these pages, you’ll find me, the real me, poured into every word. It may be my place to hide, but poetry is the one thing I can’t hide from. I hold nothing back when I write and just let it flow with the gracious guiding hand of my muse. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have.

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