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Embracing Struggle: Turning Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones, a guide book for anyone struggling with life

by Andy Lacroix

Struggling with Life? Change the way you look at struggle and change your life

At some point in our lives, whether we like it or not, we can all be assured of one thing: inevitably, we will encounter struggle. Whether it is a struggle with emotions or a struggle to make ends meet or a struggle to manage time and stay organized, you have undoubtedly faced challenges that you have been forced to come to grips with, one way or anotherâ??and you will face these challenges again in the future, as well.

We all have our struggles, and many of us struggle with struggle itself. We push it away, try to deny its existence, or rage against it with venomous vehemence. We don’t want to struggle, we want to lead peaceful lives that have a smooth flow and an even tempo, without strife and struggle peppering our daily affairs. We often view our struggles as being akin to some archenemy, and thus, we often seek to avoid them in any way we canâ?¦ even if it does no good, even when our avoidance is an exercise in futility.

Part of the problem many of us have in coping with our various struggles lies in our perception of those struggles. We so often take a very dim view of strife in all its forms, and this leads us to overlook how useful that strife can be. That’s right: struggle can be put to good use. In this book, I’ll show you how. We will discuss steps and strategies for changing your outlook and walk through exercises which you can perform in order to help you to achieve greater insight into your own struggles and how to effectively deal with them.

You can change the way you look at struggle and change your life. You can turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones and emerge with a fresh perspective and a new set of skills for coping with the challenges you face in your life. You can take these inevitable challenges and make them work for you instead of against you.

Download your copy of Embracing Struggle today!

If you’re ready to take control of your life by learning to embrace the struggles that you encounter, I invite you to read on. The key to changing your perceptionâ??and your lifeâ??is in your hands.

A Masonic Journey

by Nelson Rose

A Masonic book that emphasizes the application of Masonic philosophy in everyday life. The book uses a combination of storytelling and traditional instructive prose to lay out a Masonic Life Journey for Masons and non-Masons alike.

This book’s primary focus is on the practical application of Freemasonry and its moral philosophy. A practical and pragmatic approach is used to discuss symbolism and the use of allegory so that those that are not interested in all the often whimsical mystical layers of the Craft can still benefit from its teachings.

Intro to U.S. Government Study Guide: A General Overview of the United States Government (Athena Study Guides Book 1)

by Jason Newell

An easy to read supplement for undergraduates and high schoolers, or people who just want to learn about the American government, in a clear, concise format.

Section 1: U.S. Government Overview


Section 1: U.S. Government Overview


The Constitution

Executive Branch

Legislative Branch

Judicial Branch


State Government

Federal Government

Arguments in favor and against the Federal Government

States’ Rights

Articles of Confederation, Virginia Plan, and the U.S. Constitution

Arguments in favor/against federalism

Section 2: Key Political Events for U.S. Government

Marbury v. Madison (1803)

Whiskey Rebellion (1791-1794)

Louisiana Purchase (July 4, 1803)

White Enfranchisement/The Two Party System (Late 1820s – Early 1830s)

Dred Scott Decision (1857)

Mexican American War (April 25, 1846 – February 2, 1848)

American Civil War (April 12, 1861 – May 9, 1865)

Reconstruction (January 1, 1863 – March 31, 1877)

Industrial Revolution (19th Century)

Spanish American War (April 25, 1898 – August 12, 1898)

World War I (July 28, 1914 – November 11, 1918: American military involvement began on May 7, 1915 with the sinking of the RMS Lusitania)

Roaring 20s (1920s)

The Great Depression (October 29, 1929 – World War II)

The New Deal (1933 – 1937)

World War II (September 1, 1939 – September 2, 1945: American military involvement began December 7, 1941 with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor)

The Marshall Plan (1948)

Cold War (Post World War II to 1991)

Sputnik Launch (October 4, 1957)

Cuban Missile Crisis (October 14-28, 1962)

Assassination of JFK (November 22, 1963)

Civil Rights Act of 1964 (July 2, 1964)

Vietnam War (November 1, 1955 – April 30, 1975)

The War on Drugs (June 18, 1971 – Present)

Watergate (June 17, 1972)

Iran Hostage Crisis (November 4, 1979 – January 20, 1981)

Operation Desert Storm (August 2, 1990 – 28 February, 1991)

Collapse of the Soviet Union (Late 1980s – December 25, 1991)

Battle of Mogadishu (October 3-4, 1993)

September 11th Terrorist Attacks (September 11, 2001)

War on Terror (2001 – Present)

Snowden Revelations (2013)

Powerful Women, Threatened Men: The Femme Fatale Myth (Women’s Power in Culture)

by Edith Zack

The femme fatale is a male topos in which masculine traits are attributed to a woman. Thus, she is powerful, initiating, and independent; yet being also beautiful and erotic she is associated with seduction and corrupting forces which lead men to their own destruction. Though this topic had existed since the beginning of humankind, her image was presented almost obsessively at the turn of the twentieth century. In fact the femme fatale is a vital sign of the emergence of a new feminine image since the 1850s; a consequence of social, political and cultural circumstances.

“Fascinating!!! Brilliant ideas!”

(Elvin Gerhardt)

“The history of feminism from an artistic point of view…”

(Catherine Boise)

“This writer is a person of brilliant insight, sometimes wild and heretical but always challenging”

(Steven Baum )

Spirit Matters: From the Hindustan Times

by Mukunda Goswami

Spirit Matters

Mukunda Goswami on War, Peace and Love



Nobel Laureate

Open any page of Spirit Matters and you’ll find gems of wisdom that

shed light on a variety of contemporary issuesâ??as seen through the

lens of Vedic knowledge. These luminous compositions comprise the

columns Mukunda Goswami wrote for the Hindustan Times.

With an “eye to the public good,” a compassionate heart, and sparkling

intelligenceâ??at ease in referring to Sanskrit texts such as the Bhagavadgitaâ??

Mukunda Goswami’s succinct reflections make for easy reading and

provide us with an ocean of knowledge and understanding for obtaining a

peaceful, worry-free life in an anxiety-ridden world.

“The contents of this book are not in any way confined to beliefs that

come from Hinduism or the Bhagavad-gita, but are derived from the

teachings of every major religion in the world. The value of this book

lies in the potential that it has for stimulating thought and reflectionâ?¦”

â??Dr. R.K. Pachauri

“We need books that address the vexing issues of the day with

substantive, spiritual answers. I am sure that those who pick up this

publication, whether they are readers steeped in the Vedic view or

brand-new to these concepts, will find it fun to read and rich with

insights they can apply to their daily lives.”

â??Badrinarayan Swami

What He REALLY Means When He Says… – The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Men, Knowing What They REALLY Think and How to Read Their Minds in Every Situation

by Eric Monroe

Is He Really Into You? Why Won’t He Commit? Why Didn’t He Call?

Do You Want to Know the Answers to All of These Questions – and So Many More…?

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Men and women are like the yin and yang: completely different, but the perfect complement to one another. Sadly, most of us go through life without the first idea what the opposite sex is thinking – or why they’re thinking it.

This book will unlock the secrets of what’s going on in his mind. And with those at your fingertips, you’ll be able to find love, win his heart and build the relationship you’ve been dreaming of.

I’ve spent my career helping women find true love, and now I’m here to help YOU find yours

Hi, I’m Eric Monroe. I’m a relationship expert, it’s what I do for a living. I’ve spent my career analyzing relationships to work out what makes people tick and I’ve helped countless couples find love.

The biggest issue I encounter when I’m helping my clients find love is that they simply don’t get what the other gender is thinking. It’s a situation that’s ripe for misunderstanding and, if you don’t know what he’s thinking, how can you hope to win the dating game once and for all?

Give Me ONE DAY and I’ll Give You a Glimpse Into the Inner Workings of His Mind

Give me three and I’ll help you understand exactly what he’s thinking, why he’s thinking it and how you can use that knowledge to foster the love, romance and trust you’ve always wanted.

In this book, we’ll cover:

  • The differences between a man and a woman that your momma never told you.
  • How to tell if he’s really into you, or if he’s all about getting you into bed.
  • Why he didn’t call you – and whether that means he doesn’t care.
  • What he’s really thinking when things go wrong.
  • And much, much more.

If You Don’t Read This Guide, You Will Never Know What’s Really Going On in His Head!

I’m going to show you how to understand your man – and how to make sure that what you’re saying is what he really needs to hear. Hundreds of women have already benefitted from this advice. You are ten times more likely to get a second date, get serious and get moving towards a lifelong commitment if you read this guide than if you don’t. All it takes is to read this one book and you’ll notice a difference in how well you understand your man within days – and all for less than the cost of a box of chocolates.

Understand What He’s Thinking in Less than a Week… or Your Money Back!

If you read this guide yet still can’t read his mind, simply click one button within 7 days and Amazon will return 100% of your money. That’s how confident I am that I have the answer to your problem – I really can show you how to understand your man.

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Indian Polity and Constitution : Objective: For all Competitive Exams



Applicable For All Competitive Exams

1750+ Sure Questions





– Indian Constitutional Development

– Constitutional Preamble Sources

– Citizenship, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles of State Policy

– Parts/ Articles of the Constitution, Emergency Provisions

– The Union Executive

– The Union Legislature

– The Judiciary

– The State Executive

– Indian Federalism and Centre-State Relations

– Public Service Commissions / Attorney General / CAG / Election Commission

– Local Government

– Amendment of the Constitution

– Fundamental MCQs : Indian Constitution

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