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The Positive Side of Chemo

In 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. How could this be? I ate only natural and organic foods, I exercised daily, I’m fit, and I don’t drink alcohol or eat processed foods! I tried to do everything right throughout my life to keep my body dis-ease free, so why this? Why now? Even if it was some toxin in the air, surely my healthy body was strong enough to fight it. But a strong body starts with a strong mind, and as I went through the chemotherapy treatments, I had a revelation of sorts; I realized that I should have taken care of my thoughts, and I didn’t. You see, I know without a doubt that by body was toxic because my thoughts were toxic, and no perfect diet was going to work as long as I kept thinking about the negatives of my past mistakes and regrets. It’s been proven that we are what we think, and that our life today is a product of our past thoughts. I knew this, and although I tried throughout the years to change my thought life, I could never quite get myself to be a more positive and happy thinker. I knew this drastic experience would change me, but I had to be on board with the change. So I began to write my thoughts onto paper, and the more I wrote, the better I felt. Then I taught myself how to draw using my computer and mouse. I was amazed of what was coming out of my mind! I began to feel transformed from the inside out. Going through chemo started out very rough for me, but through the purging of my thoughts onto paper and the distraction of my artwork, I breezed through all of chemo treatments and radiation. Today I look back at the horror of what I went through. I have no sadness, no regret, and no angry sensations in my heart. I am very careful of what I think about now and I don’t allow any negative thoughts to stay inside of my head for very long, especially if they are self-destructing thoughts. Of course I have bad days and good days, but now the bad days don’t last for weeks, months, and even years! I’ve started taking Yoga now and I absolutely l love it! Not just for the great physical benefits, but for the peace it has brought to my soul. Yep, it was a rough voyage, but this is what I had to go through to bring my life into balance; and for this I am truly grateful!

This is my mantra: “If you want to be happy, love your life no matter what the circumstances may be. Happy or sadâ?¦choose one.”

Chromecast: Enjoy Online Entertainment on Your TV With This Brilliant, Low-Cost Media Streamer (Chromecast, Chromecast device, Chromecast manual)

by Anna Dixon

Chromecast (FREE Bonus Included)

Enjoy Online Entertainment on Your TV With This Brilliant, Low-Cost Media Streamer

The tiny and cost-effective Chromecast invented by Google has versatile uses as described in this book. It covers what comes with the unit and how to install it on your computer or Android smart phone among other devices you already own. Getting the most out of it is our goal. It is an entertainment wonder. It can stream online video, photos, and music with ease. Also to its credit, it supports numerous apps such as YouTube, Crackle, Vine, Beats Music, Hulu Plus, Google Play Movies, and Netflix.

This book will help you know what you are getting in your box and what the exact purpose of these items is. Let’s take a look at what all you will see when you open your newly-purchased Chromecast for use with your television and computer. It is a movie lovers dream.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Instructions for quick set up
  • Troubleshooting advice: how to tackle problems quickly
  • What comes in the box: cable, adapter, and connector
  • How to use with home Wi-Fi network
  • Compatible equipment: what you can and cannot use
  • How Chromecast is unique and differs from similar products
  • Tips on useful apps

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “Chromecast:Enjoy Online Entertainment on Your TV With This Brilliant, Low-Cost Media Streamer” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


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Counting Calories: How to Count Calories and Lose Weight Fast (Low Carb Food List: What to Eat While on a Low Carb Diet)

by Jessica Bingman

Counting Calories: How to Count Calories and Lose Weight Fast

Have you been wondering how many calories are in the food you eat? Are you ready to lose weight and be thin? Are you ready to start a low-calorie diet? If so, I can helpâ?¦

In my newest book, “Counting Calories: How to Count Calories and Lose Weight Fast,” I give you tips on:

  • How many calories you should be eating everyday
  • The caloric counts in fruit
  • The caloric counts in vegetables
  • The caloric counts in different types of protein
  • The caloric counts in alcohol and other beverages
  • And much, much moreâ?¦

A Preview on ways to count calories from the book:

Vegetables with their Calorie counts in pounds:

Alfalfa sprouts- 132

Artichokes- 60

Asparagus- 91

Beets- 195

Bell peppers- 112


Below there is a list of different types of fruits in alphabetical order with each of their calorie counts configured into one cup.

Apples- 65

Apricots- 381

Avocado- 234

Bananas- 200

Blueberries- 85

Blackberries- 62


All of the different types of calorie counts for the cheeses listed below are counted in one tablespoon.

American cheese- 44

Asiago- 20

Bleu cheese- 36

Brie- 30

Cheddar- 37


All of the different types of meat, with their calorie counts are all calculated in one pound.

Duck (including meat and skin)- 916

Chicken (including meat and skin)- 499

Lamb shank- 581

More tips on counting calories from the book:

  • Caloric counts of cooking oils
  • Caloric counts of condiments and sauces
  • Caloric counts of nuts and bread
  • And much, much moreâ?¦

As you can see, the tips I offer on counting calories are straight to the point. You won’t be wasting your time sifting through a bunch of useless psychological jargon. NO! You’re going to be learning from condensed information on exactly how to count calories and lose weight fast!

Buy the book now while it is being offered at a low introductory price; you will be so glad you did!

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Mother Nature Is Awesome (From Volcanoes To Earthquakes): Children’s Books for Nature (Books For Kids Series)

by Speedy Publishing

As children see things in our movie theaters and television sets, they are probably often left wondering why they are not able to see some of the scenery in their very own hometowns. This is when they begin to learn how large the world is, and what all is contained within it. A Mother Nature Is Awesome (From Volcanoes to Earthquakes) Picture Book will greatly help them to understand that there is much to see in the precious life of theirs. They will begin to learn about our Earth’s geological structures, and who knows? They may decide that they would like to grow up to work in the wonderful field of Geology!

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