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Lost Innocence – True Cases of Stolen Children

by Alex Pined

“Lost Innocence, True Cases of Stolen Children” tells you the story of children who have mysteriously vanished, some never seen again, some found alive and well and others sadly killed by their abductors.

The statistics for missing children are shocking and some of these cases will amaze you in how the children were taken, what they endured and how they were found again. You wouldn’t be surprised to see many of these stories on the big screen and some have inspired movies and documentaries.

When you read “Lost Innocence, True Cases Of Stolen Children” you will read many stories including:

– The tale of the missing child who was the first to appear on a milk carton

– The famous aviator’s son who mysteriously vanished in the middle of the night

– The children who were kidnapped and held hostage for years before escaping and regaining their freedom

– The boy who was abducted, held hostage for years then bravely escaped leading another young boy to freedom

– The child who mysteriously vanished from his grandmothers house never to be seen again despite a huge manhunt

– The baby who disappeared from her crib in the middle of the night and has never been found

You may think these stories are from the movies or from decades ago before modern policing – yet some of these children were taken only a few years ago and have never been found.

“Lost Innocence, True Cases of Stolen Children” tells you about a few of the hundreds of children who have mysteriously vanished, some of whom inspired the modern techniques for recovering kidnapped children.

Enjoy this book and learn the real life cases of missing children from around the world!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Life Lessons & Secrets to Success (Entrepreneur, Visionary, Success Principles, Law Of Attraction, Business Books, Influence, Entrepreneurship)

by Carter Coombes

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Life Lessons & Secrets to Success

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend, from his bodybuilding career, to his amazing acting in timeless movies and career in politics Arnold is able to accomplish anything he sets his mind to – let’s find out howâ?¦

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An introduction into who Arnold Schwarzenegger is

Life lessons we can learn from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life

The secrets that played a major role in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s success

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I Only Wanted to Live: The struggle of a boy to survive the holocaust

by Arie Tamir

A broad picture of the Holocaust from the point of view of a child

For six years he undergoes all the levels of hell that the Holocaust brought upon the Jewish people.

This book describes a human drama that involves decision-making in impossibly cruel circumstances, lot of resourcefulness and the struggle to survive.

The drama takes place during the Holocaust from the point of view of a child nicknamed Leosh. At age 7, the boy is swept into the whirlwind of the Holocaust. For six years, he endures all the horrors that the Holocaust brings upon the Jewish people. Due to a lot of luck, resourcefulness, and with the help of good people, including Germans, Leosz survives until the end of the war and on May 5th he is liberated by the American army.

In the Krakow Ghetto Leosh is saved from three mass deportations to the death camps, he escapes from the ghetto, survives for several months pretending to be a Polish street boy. Leosh miraculously unites with his father and they become slave laborers in Gozen 2 camp in Austria. In this camp torture, starvation, beatings and murder were a way of life. Leosz’s father perishes in this hell.

On May 5th, Leosz is freed by the American army, recovers quickly, returns to life, and enjoys his freedom with all his heart, mind and soul.

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Think YOU’RE a Mess?: Here’s a Little Schadenfreude Therapy

by Lala Joling

“Schadenfreude noun, scha·den·freu·de: a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people.”

I have set aside my pride to give you the opportunity to test this concept. Unfortunately (for me), I have been involved in all kinds of humiliation, blatant screw-ups, and egregious stupidity. What a waste it would be if nothing positive were to come from all these trials and tribulations.

So, feel free to take a peek. What do you have to lose? You might even catch yourself chuckling once or twice.

How Kendrick Lamar Got Started: Lessons from a Legend (How It All Got Started)

by Ramses M

To many, Kendrick Lamar is the most important artists of the decade. Yet few people really understand who he is and how he became the most talked about person in Hip Hop.

Kendrick endured ten years of struggles, rejection and dead-ends before finally finding his voice and ascending to his position in Hip Hop. This biography is the most detailed account to date to describe how he did it.

The principles Kendrick used on this “welfare-to-wealth” come-up can be applied to you in whatever walk of life you aspire to do well in. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, artist, student or parent, the life lessons that Kendrick used, and continues to use, can provide inspiration and practical insight for your own journey.

If you like this book and want to read more specific lessons in Life, Art and Entrepreneurship that can be learned from the life and lyric of Kendrick and other Hip Hop icons, I’d encourage you to read “How It All Got Started”. More information at:

A Story Almost Told

by Rick Karlsruher

“Storytelling of an epic nature. You will not believe what you read yet you will love every minute of this book, I couldn’t stop reading. Eventually I had to get up to go to the restroom, but nonetheless, it’s the best money you’ll ever spend this side of Timbuktu. Highly, highly suggest you pick up this book today.” — Chris Brown

“With exceptional writing and well-crafted storytelling, Karlsruher’s thoughtful and humorous memoir grabs you from the first page. I’d highly recommend this book to any who enjoy a rollicking tale of a life going sideways into adventure. Five stars, and six if it were possible!” — Arlington

“A lot of fun. Karlsruher makes it easy to picture yourself in his own shoes, living day to day in the sexy, fun time world of Los Angeles, hanging on in Europe and South Africa. At times intensely gripping — Karlsruher builds the tension up so well that you fear the worst. Coming of age tale? I don’t know — something tells me that his life never slowed down. I’m looking forward to Part II.” — M.R.

According to the author…

Everyone’s life is a story. Mine became more of one than I ever imagined possible. All I wanted to do was get my movie made. How did I know this dream would take me across three continents? This endeavor started off innocently and successfully. I wrote a script. Comedy legend Dick Martin wanted to direct the movie. Life was great.

Then Big Kahuna struck. How did I know he was #1 on the IRS hit list? My life started spiraling downward. I became the innocent target of an IRS sting. Soon we were offered diplomatic passports. Remember this is all true. Moving to California, I was living the dream. Hollywood nightlife, famous people and partying with beautiful women was the norm. The involvement of music legends McFadden & Whitehead and Rick James wasn’t even known to them.

That was until I met Greg Walter, a baby-faced conman who hurt so many lives. Follow me to apartheid South Africa, where my life nearly ended.

The Grand Casino in Monte Carlo became a backdrop in this mess. We became stars and targets on the French Riviera. Of course we went on to get arrested in New Orleans for thinking about scalping Super Bowl tickets.

There’s all of this and more. For those years I was the anti-Forest Gump. If I didn’t live it, I wouldn’t believe this story, but I did.

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