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How To Make Extra Money Identification Bundle (2): Create Multiple Income Streams While Teaching Your Kids To Save

by Ria C. Newbold


(Book 1)

How To Make Extra Money: Identify and Create Multiple Income Streams

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Are your bills piling up and you don’t know what to do? Are you frustrated and looking for answers on how to make extra money?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you! This book “How to Make Extra Money: Identify and Create Multiple Income Streams by Ria C. Newbold” will help you to begin the process in seeing that there are many different ways for you to make extra money. No, this is not a get rich quick scheme. However, if you take the tips and tools which are being provided in this book, you will be equipped with ways to make money from home.

Not only will you learn how to identify and create multiple income streams, but, you will also become aware of home-business ideas that you can start now.

As you remain committed to the process and do what is required, you will begin to see things around you change and make extra money with money making ideas. As this passive income becomes consistent, you will be at a place of feeling satisfied and relieved of stress as you step into the life that you truly deserve:

Worry Free!

Stress Free!

Debt Free!

You now have an opportunity to be equipped and motivated in knowing how to make extra money. Do not delay. Get your copy today!

(Book 2)

How To Save Money: Your Easy Guide With Tips On Budgeting and Saving Sustainable Cash For Kids

Does your child have a healthy saving habit? Do you believe that they are too young to learn the importance of saving?

If you’ve answered no to these questions, you’ve come to the right book. For many adults, who do appreciate how to prepare a budget and save, their children oftentimes may have been overlooked for many different reasons in being taught these very same principles. One of them being because of the very reason that they were thinking that their children may have simply been too young.

The question now is, how teach kids to save?

First of all, you’ve made the right step with investing in this book which will answer just that for you. The goal of this book is to be as practical as possible so that the concepts being shared can be understood and appreciated by all who may read it. Also, they are made out to be so straightforward that they can be implemented right away.

Now, this is the right book for you, if:

You have not been teaching your child how to save.

You want to transform the way your child sees money.

You would like for your child to develop a healthy savings habit.

You want your child to understand what borrowing means to avoid debt.

You want tips that will be practical enough for your child to easily adapt.

If this is you, then you are well on your way to gaining insight into what you can begin to do right now in order to transform and impact your childs’ future. You will be empowered to teach them how to save money. It is no longer a mystery as to how you are going to get this done as each of the topics are outlined in a very easy to read and simple format for you to follow.

As a mother, I’m excited for you and the knowledge you are about to impart to your child. No matter how old or how young your child may be, now is simply the time to get started. Just be open to the many possibilities of saving tips for kids.

By you investing in this book, you are investing in your child’s future.

Thank you for stepping outside of the box and believing that your child can learn the power of saving with: How to Save Money: Your Easy Guide With Tips On Budgeting and Saving Sustainable Cash For Kids

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Seller Financing and Real Estate Notes in the Dodd-Frank Era: by Seller Finance Consultants Inc.

by Mark Stein

The first book of its kind on Seller Financing and Real Estate Notes in The Dodd-Frank Era. Find out how to precisely navigate “The New Shift in Real Estate Finance.”

Ebay Selling Business beginners guide thrift store profits zero start up cost from power seller: Selling Business beginners guide

by Glen Buckingham

A top Rated Power Seller with a facebook group of over 13,000 dedicated to helping people sell on Ebay!

I am going to take you from Zero to Hero! In this guide i will tell you step by step,

giving you all the info you need to start from zero out of pocket to selling items for 3 times the profit!

I also will share my ebay Group with you so you can become a member of our 13,000 group full of helpful members including myself!

Ready to help you and start you toward a bright future with eBay.

If you want to make millions,or just clean out your garage ,this is the book for you!

Buy now seize the day!I am waiting inside to get you started!make your first dollar in a few days!

Frugal Living: (Free Gift eBook Inside!) Hungry For Money? (Save Cash Fast!)

by Judith Walker

Many people are living in debt and great financial problems which they would avoid if only they knew about living frugally.

– It is never late to change that and be able to enjoy a high quality life by starting on the journey of frugal living. This books aims at educating you on the benefits you stand to gain when you go frugal such as financial independence, less stress and so on.

– In addition to that, it takes you through the actual steps you can take to live a frugal life and this is the various tips that are quite practical in your home and daily life.

If you are wondering whether or not you are frugal then there are questions provided here which you can answer to tell you about your level of frugality.

Nothing comes without challenges and this book talks about the challenges you might encounter while living a frugal life and the various ways of overcoming them.

Being frugal is not about being depressed and deprived and we tell you of the many ways in which you can make this exercise fun. The choice is yours!

Psychology: Powerful Social Techniques to Control and Influence Anybody Within 4 Minutes or Less (Influence, Seduction, Powerplays, NLP, Communication, Social Skills, Confidence, Sales)

by Jordan Harris

Learn Techniques from a VP Account Executive

***Read for Free with Kindle Unlimited***

Learn the secrets behind influencing anyone’s behavior

There are many different techniques that you can learn to influence someone’s behavior. In this book you will learn how to use them all, and how to protect yourself from these techniques.

Have you always wanted to get people to do what you want? Is it hard for you to get others to agree with you? Are you tired of always listening to other people?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this book is for you.

This book contains stories, tips, and powerful techniques that have been proven to influence and control the way people act and feel.

Act and feel with 100% conviction and belief

You will learn to communicate effectively like a true leader. You will have the foundation and knowledge behind communicating effectively with others.

Learn the Most Powerful Techniques behind Influence

The easiest way to manipulate peopleâ??is by playing on their emotions. If you let people think too much they’re more likely to make a logical choice. If you can guide them to feel a certain wayâ??a way that benefits youâ??you’ll have a much easier time getting what you want. This is what emotional manipulation is all about.

Become Untouchable in your Group

You can’t just cry and throw tantrums whenever you want somethingâ??people have to like you. Charm is an important part of manipulating people. If you’re ridiculously likable most of the time, when you react with extreme emotion it’ll have a greater impact. Having control over your emotions also involves keeping them in check most of the time and not just being able to act.

Charm is great, but when you can flirt you should. Because manipulation generally makes the target feel poorly, whether they understand that they’re being manipulated or not, the more they like you the better. Disregard the boundaries of your own sexuality and throw in some suggestive touches when you think they’ll be effective.

Benefits of this book

  • Change your Social Life forever
  • Change how people perceive you
  • Develop Deeper connections with people that really matter
  • Live a happier and more fulfilled life

What you will learn from this book

  • The most powerful social techniques to control anybody
  • Techniques I learned as an Account Executive
  • Learn non-verbal Techniques
  • Learn the top 5 Steps I have used to personally Secure my way to the top

Take action today, this book will be on .99$ Free promotion and go up to 2.99$ very soon, and then 4.99$.

Don’t Miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn the secrets that have taken me to the top

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Happiness Life,The basics book #1: Your Simple Proven 3 Step Guide to Making Radical Self-Improvement Today book (Happiness, Personal Transformation and Spiritual Growth Series)

by Jimmy Johnson


Would You like to Create Radiant Happiness Starting Today?

If you are looking to increase your happiness dramatically, look no further! Enclosed are the three easy to follow pillars, which will blow your mind starting now! Radically change your life for the better and don’t look back.


My story goes over how I came from the wrong side of the train tracks in Detroit Michigan broke, overworked and turned it all around to created an incredible life. This book will go over how I created a lifestyle few have, and how you can truly create the lifestyle you want and deserve even faster and easier.


Now imagine, you wake up with the one you truly and deeply love, a phenomenal lifestyle in your dream home, friends, and career! You see how free, fully alive, prosperous, happy and an excellent example to the world you are!!! How would that make you feel?


How To

  • Drastically improve your life in the next 24 hours
  • Attract quality people, places, events and things effortlessly!
  • Find out three steps to profound radiant joy, health, and wealth!

Ë?Ë?Ë? Is this possible?


“This book sounds too good to be true, how can this be possible and, this is not the education I received. I understand, for some this may seem very far-fetched, and not likely at all.”

Yes, I used to feel the same way. What I discovered are many things that are taught by our well-intending parents, family, communities, schools, churches, the government that could be dis-empowering, confusing and not helpful to creating a forever happy life. What if you could turn that all around? Once you know, the simple truths all will change.

Ë?Ë?Ë? What people are saying about Happiness Life!


“Wow!…. a revelation, this will positively change you, must read”– KW

“I recommend this book to everyone– young and old” — Sophia

“read this book and pass it on to those you love” — Jasmine

“a crash course in a happier, more fulfilling life” — Anna Perkins


Ë?Ë?Ë? “Some of my greatest teachers were ministers, monks, and drunks.”

–Jimmy Jerome Johnson


FREE full-color e-book version with your purchase of a paperback.

Happiness Life is Kindle edition is FREE with Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited


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WordPress SEO Ninja: The 60 Minute Guide Book On How To Create Stunning Websites That Google Loves

by Red Mikhail

Finally, A Simple – No holds barred – idiot proof – Step by step guide on how to create beautiful wordpress websites that convert and gets found on Google. Search Engine Optimization at it’s finest and simplest form.

– create a website in 60 minutes or less

– search engine optimizatin checklist

– the best plug ins to use to get higher google rankings

Selling on eBay: Top Tips & Advice from Experienced eBay Sellers

by Brian Eugene

Whether you are thinking about selling on eBay or have already begun your venture as an eBay seller, it is important to move forward with your eyes wide open. Being an eBay seller takes patience, hard work, determination and a willingness to listen. Heck I have been selling on eBay for over 14 years now and I still learn something new on a regular basis.

In this book I will share with you the top 15 tips (+ a personal bonus tip) that I, along with multiple experienced eBay sellers from all over, feel are the “must have” tips for any eBay seller arsenal.

Whether it be getting focused and prepared, knowing what to buy and sell, providing customer service or improving efficiency â?¦ this book will have a tip for everyone.

So grab your pencil and paper as we dive into the top tips & advice from experienced eBay sellers.

Binary Options: A Comprehensive Beginner Guide To Get Going (Binary Options Strategies, Brokers, Signals) (Binary Options Guide Book 1)

by Ken McLinton

How would you like to learn more about binary trading options and the best strategy to win at it? Plenty of people who use it successfully make so much as 1000$ per day!


This book is written for people with little or no experience in binary options. It could contain valuable advice for more experienced traders as well, but it will be beginner who will really get something out of this book.


  • How It All Began
  • The Basics
  • Where Do I trade?
  • What Is The Scope Of Binary Options?
  • How Much Time Is Required For Binary Options Trading?
  • What Are My Trading Options?
  • What Is Right For Me?
  • Getting Ready, Set, Go!
  • Quality Before Quantity
  • “I am ready to roll!”
  • Let’s Get Started With A Practice Or Demonstration Account
  • Is this For Real?
  • My Choice
  • 60 Second Binary Option Under The Magnifying Glass
  • What You Really Need To Keep In Mind Before Getting Into These Trades
  • Strategies
  • General Tips For Improving Results
  • Signals And Algorithmic Trading
  • Binary Options Basic Strategy
  • The Martingale Strategy
  • Conclusion

I hope the information contained in this book will help many people, as this information surely helped me.

Turning Thrift Store Vintage Toys Into Stacks of Cash: 50 Vintage And Collectible Toys You Can Buy Cheap At Thrift Stores And Resell On eBay And Amazon … Money Online, Selling on Ebay Book 3)

by Rick Riley

Discover 50 Vintage And Collectible Toys You Can Buy Cheap At Thrift Stores And Resell On eBay And Amazon For Huge Profit!

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced

at $5.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to find vintage toys in your local thrift store that will sell for a good amount of cash when resold online. Most of us don’t know what toys will be worth money when we walk past them in a thrift store. To us, they seem like some child’s used toys that need to be loved. However, there are massive treasures to be found if you are willing to look past the surface.

Finding vintage toys in a thrift store can be a quick and easy way to make some extra money. Collectors are forever looking for old toys to add to their collections, and they are willing to pay mad money for them. Why not take advantage of this opportunity? In this book, I’m going to provide you with some of the vintage toys that you can find in a thrift store that collectors will pay top dollar for. Why not give it a try?

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Dolls and Other Girls’ Toys that Sell Great
  • Flashback to Your Childhood and Make Money!
  • Boys’ Toys and Other Fun Items that Sell
  • Games and Puzzles to Look Out for!
  • Other Toys that Can be Worth Money
  • The Trick to Knowing Whether or Not to Buy
  • Knowing Exactly What to Look for
  • Much, much more!

Take action today and discover 50 vintage and collectible toys you can buy cheap at thrift stores and resell on ebay and amazon for huge profit by downloading this book for a limited time discount of only


Download your copy today!

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