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SHTF: RACE WARS: An Ongoing SHTF Survival Series (teotwawki,prepper,conspiracy,shtf)

by D.W. Ulsterman


Possibly the most controversial story yet from best-selling author, D.W. Ulsterman.

A young black man shot dead on the streets of Chicago by an off-duty white police officer leads to civil unrest and outright terror throughout America as government cowers and private citizens are left to defend themselves from those who would do them harm.

RACE WARS is a SHTF thriller delivered to readers in weekly “episodes” that detail the spread of brutality across the United States as a once-proud nation is ripped apart by racial division and self-serving politicians unwilling to quell the violence they themselves helped to create.

It is a frightening tale many believe could happen, and some believe WILL happen.

If so, are you fully prepared to defend family and friend from a world gone mad?

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For Love Of A Pirate

by Sandra DuBay

Passion in Paradise. . . Jacintha Hart has it all, youth, beauty, a beautiful home in colonial Virginia, a wealthy and handsome fiancé, and a ne’er-do-well cousin who wants it all.

After Jacintha’s cousin dupes a former lover, notorious French privateer Sebastien Charbonneau into abducting Jacintha on her wedding day, she is whisked away to Martinique where Sebastien is the master of Habitation Charbonneau, a sugar plantation. There Jacintha finds herself in a tropical paradise where danger lurks in the scented shadows and a jealous woman is willing to use dark magic and deadly potions to destroy her.

Sebastien and Jacintha are irresistibly drawn to one another. But old prejudices war with new passions for she sees him as a pirate, the embodiment of everything she has been taught to despise and his pride will not allow him to ask for her love and risk her rejection. And when Jacintha returns to Virginia to reclaim her former life, Sebastien follows and disaster threatens, bearing down on them all like the hurricane that is poised to destroy everyone and everything in its path.

Imperfect (Disappeared Book 1)

by Bronwyn Kienapple

“I enjoyed this immensely. It’s imaginative, compelling, and so magical, and it left me wanting more. ” -Steph, blogger at Bella’s Bookshelves

England, 1813. Lady Theodosia feels she has no choice but to marry a man she doesn’t love. That is until she stumbles into a different universe â?? an astonishing, mystical forest inhabited by the Nextic, a peaceful people who live close to nature.

Ahuil is fiercely independent until he meets Theodosia. Cut off from his own people, he nurses a dark secret. But in Theodosia he sees someone he can trust … and love.

As her visits to his universe become more frequent, Theodosia is convinced she’s found paradise. But a great change is coming to Ahuil’s world. Half-beings roam the ruins of an unknown civilization and a growing mist appears to be preparing to wipe out his people â?? forever.

Torn between her family and a profound love, Theodosia is haunted by a question she cannot shake â?? in the face of terrible danger, how much is she willing to risk for love?

Two imperfect worlds. One unlikely romance. An impossible choice.

Imperfect takes you on an incredible journey that spans Regency England and a fantasy world unlike any you’ve ever imagined. Embrace the power of love and the yearning to be known in this tale of an irresistible heroine and the man who loves her, despite everything.

Murder In Jest: An Elizabethan Revenge Drama

by John Garforth

On a Sunday afternoon in May 1592, Jane Mellor is raped on the village green by the comedian of a group of strolling players. Her husband is traumatised by the attack and Jane is forced to flee the village to escape being tried for witchcraft. She sets out disguised as a boy with her catatonic husband, in pursuit of the comic and intent on revenge. However Jane quickly finds that the dangers from marauding thieves and footpads, the savagery of the law and prisons are being compounded by more sinister activities.

Commencement (Future Perfect Book 1)

by Steve Carlson

When an earthquake opens a door to the deep past, thirteen-year-old Logan finds himself stranded and running for his life. Suddenly allied with one of the most mysterious prophets of all time, Logan is thrust into a deadly conflict between the ancient Lines of Cain and Seth. Compelled to choose a side, the boy finds himself the target of powerful forces in the antediluvian world–yet his survival is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the distant future. With the arrival of Logan into the ancient past the End of All Days commences.

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