Free horror Kindle books for 13 May 15

A is for Andy

by Sebastian Bendix

Tired of living under mother’s oppressive, cross-dressing demands, Andy finally summons the courage to take matters into his own murderous hands. But the day he kills mother also happens to be the same day as a global apocalypse, and Andy soon finds himself cast adrift in a sea of the flesh-hungry undead. Forging a fearsome identity for himself from the rag doll scraps of mother’s Raggedy Ann collection, Andy takes to the streets of his small town armed with his trusty kitchen knife and fire-poker. But when killing zombies proves a poor substitute for the real thing, Andy sets his sights on more lively game — the last survivors of the human race.

The Face of Fear & Other Stories

by Michael Whitehouse

In the throes of a heart attack, a man finds himself trapped in a log cabin, set upon by the evil which lurks in Blackwood forest; a mother takes the last bus home, only to be confronted by an unearthly hooded passenger; and a serial killer finds his world crumbling with each shambling step of a nightly visitor. 12 stories exploring terror in all its incarnations can be found within these pages, as the reader is asked to gather their courage, to open the door to the night, to breathe the icy air, and to stare firmly into The Face of Fear.

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