Free literary fiction Kindle books for 13 May 15

Pictures of the Sky

by William Minton

PICTURES OF THE SKY follows a cast of characters who are constantly seduced by what is out of reach. Susan and Michael meet as silhouettes beside a fire and struggle for years to disconnect from each other’s lives. Leah devotes her youth to the pursuit of love, but she spends most of her twenties fighting to revive her disintegrating marriage. When Leah returns home, Susan is shocked by the depth of her friend’s sorrow. Derrick journeys from Pittsburgh to Nicaragua and then to Louisiana. Along the way, he’s frustrated by his inability to bend his emotions toward what he would like them to be. Their four stories unfold as a kaleidoscope, moving forward and backward at once. A portrait of a kinetic generation. The ending will ripple in your mind for weeks.

The Luck of Barry Lyndon

by William Makepeace Thackeray

A continent-spanning adventure featuring one of literature’s greatest rogues

Redmond Barry has almost all the qualities of a gentleman: he speaks well, has learned courtly etiquette, and can hold his own with a sword in hand. But passion is his downfallâ??passion for life, for excitement, and unfortunately, for his cousin Nora. When he almost kills Nora’s suitor in a duel, Barry flees to Dublin, and the adventure of his life begins.
A consummate rake and con man, Barry finds himself on the battlefield against the Prussians in the Seven Years’ War after losing everything. But warâ??and life, for that matterâ??is not exactly what Barry wished or expected it to be. A braggart’s tale through and through, with an antihero of epic proporations, The Luck of Barry Lyndon is a brisk romp through one of literature’s most unusual lives.
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145 Blue Shirt (Pennetta House Short Stories Book 7)

by Andrew Goldspink

A young couple argue then visit the cinema.

A Cabinet of Curiosities

by Glyndwr Edwards

In 1893, C.G. Harrison,author of “The Transcendental Universe”, a High Church Anglican, gave a series of six lectures that caused uproar in esoteric circles and the Church,for he revealed secrets that they believed should have been kept hidden. Harrison, in his lectures, predicted the First World War and the rise of Communism. The play uses fact and fiction as Harrison is about to present his first lecture to his society. Harrison knows the threat Madame Blavatsky presents with her theosophic movement. He intends fighting her beliefs with what he understands of the universe and the meaning of Christ’s incarnation. He soothes the anxieties of Charteris, who believes Harrison is making a terrible mistake. Then he speaks to Edward Ogden, who begins to doubt his role. Harrison then tells him of the futures of Arthur Conan Doyle and Aleister Crowley. . .

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