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The Smart Couple’s Guide to Getting Pregnant, An Integrated Approach

by Farrar Celada

Experience has shown that by having a clear understanding of your fertility plan can lead to shorter, more effective fertility treatment. The Smart Couple’s Guide To Getting Pregnant, An Integrated Approach offers answers to the tough questions that may not be answered in a typical fertility or gynecology clinic. Based on the experience of a fertility acupuncturist working with IVF patients for over 15 years, Dr. Celada gives clear advice on natural ways to enhance your fertility as a couple along with research to consider before embarking on a medicated cycle.

Whether you have been struggling with infertility for nine months or nine years, this book is a must-read.

Topics covered include:

-Communicating with your IVF clinic and avoiding frustration

-Preparing for IUI/IVF and the latest research on getting acupuncture during this time

-Supplement recommendations to boost sperm quality

-Tips to alleviate PCOS and endometriosis

-Transitioning to pregnancy after infertility

The Boltons of The Little Boltons

by Robert Philip Bolton

This is the story of the few months the author and his wife spent working together as servants for a wealthy old couple in their large home of faded glory in The Little Boltons, one of the most desirable addresses in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

It begins by documenting their leap from the comfort and security of their New Zealand home into the bizarre world of domestic service in London. They secured a live-in position, he as the cook and she as the lady’s maid, and the engaging narrative describes their duties and how they did their best to provide their eccentric employers with the quality of old-fashioned service and dining to which they were accustomed. In the process they met an odd assortment of people, somehow connected to the running of the house, whose lives were governed by the unwritten rules of the English class system.

It was, as the author says, a sad and somewhat surreal and shabby end of an era, unmarked by history; a metaphor for the demise of what was once the capital of the world’s most powerful empire.

And yet it’s such a charming little story.

Cheater No More: How to Turn a Cheating Husband into a Faithful One

Is it possible to change a Cheater?

A very difficult question to answer. I myself once cheat my wife and it brings me nothing but pain, regrets and sadness. Cheating was fun, exciting and adventurous at first. I enjoy the company of my mistress and when I’m with her I felt energize and I become a different person, but at the back of my mind, I love my wife and my son, especially. Confusing, right? I knew I’m doing wrong but I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t resist the temptation.

Until one day, I woke up realizing that I love my family more and nothing here on earth can beat my love for them. It breaks my heart to recall the happy memories we have together as a family. I have a son and I owe him a complete and a happy family. To my big surprise- I CHANGED! THE CHEATER FINALLY CHANGE!

I’m confident to shout to the whole world that I’m now a faithful and loving husband to my only wife. She’s my darling angel. I love her so much. My son, Mama together with Papa is here for you forever!

With my successful change I wanted to inspire millions of people especially troubled wife out there who wanted to preserve their marriage. This book presents practical, realistic and effective approach made by my wife to finally turned me (a cheating husband) into a faithful one.

This book contains:

Understanding how Men think about marriage and relationship

Reasons why Husband Cheat and how to deal with it

How possible it is to change a Cheating Husband

Making you Man emotionally satisfied and crave for you.

What is an Ideal Wife, a man truly wants

How to ruin the existing third party affair!

Ways to reconnect, heal and get over the past.

Hope this book will serve its purpose. To God Be the Glory!

Designer Vaginas & Meatballs: A modern guide to parenthood

by Anna Forbes

“Liberty says that her mummy’s bah-vah-gina is hairier than yours. Well, is it?”

All the anecdotes in this book are true although names have been changed to spare our blushes. Talking to what feels like a million mothers and fathers, I’ve learned that we love, laugh, learn and all carry our own burdens – children have, and bring, different challenges. Raising a child in a modern world can be rewarding, heartbreaking, stimulating and exhausting, with unexpected lows and enormous satisfactions. Welcome to parenthood.

The Secrets of a Silver Lining & Saltation


This book is about the silver generation in our country. The first book volume 1 is the introduction of what we as an elderly population deal with as we struggle to remain equal partners in society regardless of the reckless and unfounded stigmas and punitive attitudes that we are a burden to society. It’s about ageism and generational concerns as we reach for the sky and try to find a secret to the silver lining and saltation of growing old. Written in this simplified yet powerful book are the rare insights of the elderly now approaching retirement or in the first stages of retirement and the realization that many things have changed since they started planning for the golden years.

Not much has been said about the stereotyping and biased ageism attitudes that project punitive attitudes towards the elderly as they are perceived to be burdensome by younger generation who in fact forget that this future planning that has impaired the silver generation’s ability to provide sound and practical living conditions for them, has also impacted the future of other generations as it impacts on them one way or another additional stressors and complications for their future.

The book begins with Volume I which is basically an introduction of the elderly syndrome and misunderstandings. It also contains frank and candid opinions on how environmental conditions has imposed organic damage to memories of those affected by genetically altered foods, pesticides, and other chemical poisoning.

An environmental and climate damage that can’t be undone and which has altered DNA and causing new cancers still unsolved and unpreventable although the manufacturers of these chemicals refuse to stop infusing them into our food, animals and landscape.

Without revealing too much of the book it shows the wisdom, the maturity and the purpose elderly serve in our community. It demonstrates vitality, vigor and most of all, a significant purpose for their existence and how they contribute to the overall community in various capacities from caretaker to mentor and other roles.

Much is left to be said about the silver generation – the silver lining and saltation title is a precursor to the purpose of writing this book. Many secrets are revealed in the sense of self-fulfilling or valued self-worth as the book entails the significance of senior citizens in the years to come as well as in today’s world.

The book is not an indictment of progress or the foundations of discrimination or prejudicial attitudes towards the grey generation. This is a tribute to the baby boomers who have demonstrated resilience, endurance and stamina to weather the storms. After reading this book, anyone over the age of 64 years old will see, feel and accept their essential role in our communal way of life as we reach a different milestone with every birthday after 65.

what lies between brothers (The brothers dirt Book 1)

by S.Lyons

Come along for a ride in Marias life, as she deals with the possible love of her life, Gavin, running away with another girl, forcing her to let his brother Jaxon help her out even though he was her childhood crush.

7 Characteristics of Hyper-Critical Mates: Why the Person in Your Life Acts This Way and What To Do About It.: (Perfectionism, abuse, abusive marriage, … Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You Book 14)

by J.B. Snow

Your mate has you walking on eggshells.

It seems that no matter what you do, it isn’t right.

You are at your wits end.

These type of mates can make you feel crazy, frustrated, and chaotic.

Maybe you are experiencing depression and anxiety.

The gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach.

You wish that they would just be happy, and you feel responsible when they aren’t happy.

You want your relationship to change.

It can change. Arm yourself with a little education and greater coping skills to find a better balance with your critical mate.

We can help you understand why they are the way that they are, and what you can do about it.

From the 4x Bestselling authors, J.B. Snow and Casey Keller comes “7 Characteristics of Your HyperCritical Mate”.

Also enjoy our other series’ from the same authors:

-OCPD series (to show you how to deal with a critical mate or perfectionist in your life).

-BPD and BPD parenting series (to show you how to improve the chances of raising a child with healthy boundaries and habits you can change to improve your BPD symptoms).

-“What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You” Series (to show you cures for some of the ailments you may have that your doctor hasn’t shared with you).

Selfishness and Self Absorption: How to Stop It from Ruining Your Relationships

by Ted Dawson

Selfishness and Self Absorption: How to Stop It from Ruining Your Relationships

We all want our relationships to be successful. A great relationship is unlike anything else in life, and can contribute a lot to our wellbeing and happiness. Sadly, many of us struggle in maintaining healthy relationships. Very often, our own selfish patterns and behaviors are at the root of our inability to really reach our romantic potential.

In this book , we will talk about how to overcome selfishness and realize more fulfilling relationships. We will talk about the root causes of selfish behavior, so we can better understand ourselves and so better ourselves. The three main causes of self-absorption that we will look at are:

– Biological: evolutionary causes, from Darwin’s Origin of Species to Dawkin’s Selfish Gene

– Psychological: how we think. Selfish, egotistical reasoning versus principled, ethical reasoning. We’ll look at Kohlberg’s moral development theory, and how you can use it to overcome your unconscious selfish instincts.

– Social: we’ll take a look at how contemporary culture puts pressure on us to behave selfishly, and how we can change this and live more for others.

We will go over specific techniques and practices that you can easily adopt into you every day life to overcome selfishness and learn how to love unselfishly and unconditionally. We’ll talk about:

– How to develop mutually supportive relationships as partnerships.

– How to monitor yourself and check your selfish impulses to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

– How to learn how much space you take up, and strategies for stepping up or stepping back to create more equality and fairness in our relationships.

– The importance of giving without receiving.

With these tools in hand, you will be well on your way to developing more loving relationships that will allow you to achieve more and be a happier, more compassionate lover and individual.





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