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When Words Bloom

by 21 poets

21 distinguished poets share their talent in book. The variety makes for an interesting read as it contains everything from Steam Punk to Street verse, Haiku to sentimental, fantasy to inspiring. Let each poet show you their unique view of life and the world around them.

Beautifully Human

by A.C. Rudolph

A book of poetry that exhibits every stage of human experience

Inner Sequence

by Mitch Sebourn

This collection of poems follows an inner sequence across a variety of landscapes, all of which pause for a moment to allow reflection about the world in which we live: “The relevant thing, if anything actually is, / Is that burning city on the television screen.” And, of course: “The Internet is in my coffee maker.”

The Remaining Difficulty

by Cesar Nascimento

The poems in this book deal with some of the everlasting questions that we all have to face, and they may seem bleak and gloomy to some readers. What are we doing here? What purpose can we find for our lives. Is there any higher meaning that we can understand or is it just the here and now? I won’t give you answers, for I have none. Read it thinking about Baudelaire, and forget about Mary Oliver.

To come up with this poetry book, contemporary author Cesar Nascimento has selected poems written over almost two decades, grouping them under four sections: Fate and Endurance, Struggle and Hope, Reason and Doubt, and Facts of Life. His purpose is to convey to the reader a sense of the multiple perspectives from which one can try to make sense of existence. It is a poetry book filled with skepticism, with more than a hint of humor, and yet a book of hope.



I’m growing old
My hair grows thin
And the spots on my skin
Reveal me the truth
I’m losing hold
Of my joyless spring
And I reach out
For any kind of proof
Of still being young
As I gather my last
Breath to sing
So when I ask you
Do I look good?
Please, do but reply
You sure look great
For such a small mistake
Will not demean your stand
And so I beg you, please
Please comprehend
That I am that I should be
And – if you’d be my friend –
I beg you, please,
Please, lie to me


Late at night everything is easy
And life runs smoothly as a boat
Sailing lightly on a calm bay
Problems vanished, your mind ok
You drift afloat the turns of ice
And whiskey, the crackers you bite
But still there is the empty spot
You need to find on the ashtray


My Vanity
Nothing New Under The Sun
My Last Forecast
Our Wrecked Species
Born Under A Wicked Star
I Dream Of Rats
Life Cycle
You Might As Well Die
Your Afterlife
The Simple Things In Life
Please, Lie To Me
A Little Plant
Midlife Crisis
If God Were Merciful
Leaving Death Row
A Face And A Name
The Meaning Of Life
Walking Shadow
Contra Galilaeos
The Winter Tale
A Day In The Sun
The Endless Summer
The Tropics
The Remaining Difficulty

Drunk Poetry

by Jay Nixon

Schpell check

Ishz not my fend


Are you my fend?


by Arjun Choudhuri

Arjun Chaudhuri’s imaginative poetry bespeaks a deeply felt connection with his natural surroundings, but also the new technologies which the author uses in his ancient environment. A bridge between the folklore of millennia and Facebook status updates, these poems are a fascinating testimony to the enduring allure of poetry in the 21st century.

This book of poems has three parts. The first part titled “The River Roads” contains revised poems which have been previously published in 2009 by Wordsmith/Pentasect (Kolkata) in the form of a collection named The River Roads. The poems in this section speak specifically of the river Bawrobawkro (Barak) which traverses the valley of Barak. This river has played a very important role in the author’s life, as it has in the lives of several generations of settler Bengalis, shaping the history of this wretched in-between region in ways that are, for want of a better word, multifarious.

The second, very small part of the book named “The Sextan Sextains” comprises poems which were actually written in medio febris, in a fever, which afflicted the author for nearly week after he received the news of the untimely demise of a very dear friend in London.

The third part titled “The River Diaries: Moon Lore” is a set of poems written for several people, loved ones and not-so-loved ones too. They were initially posted as status updates on Facebook, harbinger of associations and conversions as it is.

Shades and Nuances

by Bertrand Wilson Hatia

Shades and Nuances, a collection of short stories and a poem, is a small but lovely word country inhabited by equally small variety of themes. Its population is of a kind which won’t disappoint you if you mix up with it.

As a reader goes through this small volume, he will find it easier to work with. Nothing is too complicated. Bertrand writes in a style which never gives his readers the impression that he is striving after effect. And it is also distinctly Indian. In fact, his writings are more Indian than the writings of those Indian authors who are educated and reared in English speaking countries like America and England.

The writings contained in this book amply illustrate that simplicity of style may be quite deceptive. It may be simple only on surface but hide underneath its plainness a truly sophisticated treatment of a theme which is dealt with. This is the case with both Two Orders of Life and Meeting of Old Friends.

As you can see, there is a successful mixing up of the old way of story-telling with the new. There was a time when writers used to tell their tales; now is the time when writers show their tales. There is a difference between the two. The latter doesn’t tax readers’ imagination – not all readers have the kind of imagination that authors have; rather it assists their imagination by making them live their stories as they read them. The stories, here, revives the old mode of story-telling without compromising the more realistic presentation we’re accustomed to now. You are also not going to miss in Two Orders of Life the experiment done with the form of short story.

Finally, the inclusion of the first part of To Amerope is intended to spice up your reading. It is sure to brighten up your reading experience with the brilliance of poetry that it contains. The difference between the short stories and this poem is much the same as the difference between the women you see around you in a public place and the models which parade their glamour on a ramp.

A Book of Poetry: LIFE

by River Stone

A Book of Poetry: Life consists of ten short, poignant sections intertwined, as they are in life itself: Birth, Life, Sex, Violence, Work, Education, Fear, Children, Love, and Death. Each section presents its own opportunity for reflection and meditation; together, the sections form a sound take on the life of a twenty-first century American woman poet.

The Spectrum of Life (Soul Searching Book 2)

by Shaheen Darr

How the spectrum of life appears to me, my thoughts and feelings at various moments of my life put down on paper

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