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America’s Fall & The Fight to Rise Again: Restoring Christ in an Antichrist-like Nation

by Amber M. Blazek

In America’s Fall & The Fight to Rise Again: Restoring Christ in an Antichrist-like Nation, new author and sociology professor, Amber Blazek, cross-examines America’s culture and social systems with relevant Christian biblical scriptures. She argues that for an Antichrist-like figure to emerge in the world arena, the nation that (s)he emerges from must exhibit Antichrist-like qualities that are in direct contrast to the Christ-like qualities reflected in the actual life of Jesus Christ, in order to allow such an individual to flourish and gain sufficient power as described in The Bible. Following her easily understood analysis of American culture and social systems based on biblical scriptures, she describes the necessity for restoring Christ in a currently Antichrist-like nation. Whether religious or non-religious, spiritual or non-spiritual, Christian or non-Christian, American or non-American, politically affiliated or unaffiliated, every reader will appreciate her substantive arguments for a restoration of Christ in America for the simple humanistic qualities provided to us as an example by His life. Purposefully written for the everyday reader, Blazek successfully provokes much-needed thought and discussion on our rarely-questioned American way of life and capitalist system, as well as challenges modern-day understandings of true Christianity. Being first published in a time where discussion over End Time prophecy and the current state of America is a widespread hot-topic, America’s Fall & The Fight to Rise Again is sure to provide you with an entirely different perspective on the relationship between the social and religious world, as well as solutions for the current American crisis. This is a must-read for all Americans, as well as others around the world.

“Not everyone is going to like this book; I’m already aware of that reality. Few people enjoy discomfort, especially when it involves the negative aspects of their own culture and social world, particularly from a biblical point of view. However, liking this book is not what I ask of my readers. I ask that they be brave enough to read it. Consider it thoroughly. Dissect themselves and their country. Talk about it. Spread it to others. Make a change. America truly needs it.” – Amber M. Blazek

Before you buy rental property, read this!: The ethical investor’s guide to buying a rental home

by Marc Maxmeister

If you fancy yourself an investor, this book will provide you with a concise guide for planning your first home purchase. Before you buy… teaches you how to do research. It describes what makes some neighborhoods grow faster than others. It provides real examples of prediction and forecasting, as well as historical trends on the US housing market going back to the 1890s. Chapter three provides a balanced discourse on Gentrification in cities and its implications on property investment. Is Gentrification evil? The long answer: it depends. It provides an ethical blueprint for investing in urban neighborhoods in ways that strengthen the community and increase diversity, the kind of essential wisdom that every ethically-minded real estate speculator needs. Subsequent chapters take the reader through the step by step process of acquiring a property: the search, the offer, the bank loan, closing day, the fix up phase, choosing a fair property management company, and finally some tips on how to be a good landlord.

If you’re serious about buying, you owe it to yourself to do your homework. Bone up on tactics that could protect your investment with this book.

Extraordinary Mind: Integrated Intelligence and the Future

by Marcus T. Anthony

Do human beings carry a latent potential for extraordinary psychic abilities?

What if we could see into the past, the present and the future?

What would it mean for the future of the human species?

Discover the answers to these questions in Extraordinary Mind!

Integrated Intelligence is the natural human ability to tap into the extended mind – consciousness beyond the brain. Drawing upon twenty tears of research in Futures Studies and the wisdom gained from his personal explorations, futurist and visionary Marcus T. Anthony shows you that this evolutionary breakthrough is here, now!

Dr Anthony writes about his often exciting but difficult experience in activating profound spiritual intelligence in his own life and in the lives of others. He also delves into the philosophy of ideas and the philosophy of education, but in ways that are designed to provoke deep thought in the reader.

However Extraordinary Mind is not merely philosophy of mind. Dr Anthony details his astonishing experiences and learnings absorbed from adventures around the world. Whether he is discussing artificial intelligence, chasing UFOs in Australia, journeys out of the body, connections with otherworldly beings, or dreaming the future before it happens, Dr Anthony’s stories will entertain, enthrall and expand your understanding of the cosmos in which you live.

“Extraordinary Mind is clear, engaging, and well written. It is a trip.”

Tom Lombardo, PhD.

In Extraordinary Mind you will discover:

  • Why the secret of Integrated Intelligence is a crucial part of human futures.
  • Why the power of human consciousness is widely misunderstood in the philosophy of science.
  • What Deep Futures are, and how they can help us survive the crises of the modern world.
  • That your ability to develop an extraordinary mind is not a question of “if”, but “when” – when you make the commitment to do so.
  • What Deep Futures are, and how they can help us survive the crises of the modern world.
  • The seven key capacities of Integrated Intelligence, and how to apply them in your life.
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    philosophy of mind, psychic abilities, the extended mind, the future of education, the future of knowledge, futures studies, spiritual intelligence

    200 Gratitude Ideas: Simple ideas to improve your gratitude muscle, raise emotional intelligence and increase your enjoyment of life. (200 Ideas For a Better Life Book 1)

    by Jesuan Rodrigues Reis

    200 Gratitude Ideas was thought as a logical argument to the benefits of gratitude from my own readings and personal experience. Gratitude is a topic that is often related to religion or spirituality and I’d like to propose something different. I’m proposing ideas that might be useful independent of the reader beliefs.

    Gratitude is an attitude that is available to anyone to be used at any moment and still it is a powerful way to change our perception of the situations that we are living, consequently changing the way we live.

    There is no particular order for the 200 gratitude ideas that I suggest. They are to bring you inspiration in your daily life or inspiration in a project that you’re working on.

    The ideas can also be used when you’re having a bad day, a difficult situation or facing a problem and want an inspiration to have a new perspective on your challenge.

    They can also be food for creativity when writing a journal or simply bringing back some good memories.

    The book was designed to be an easy and fast reading that is accessible to anyone and pleasant to go through.

    Enjoy 200 ideas to be grateful for.

    MIND SHIFT – The Key to Erasing Negative Thoughts and Unlocking Positive Perception

    by C.K. Murray

    Shift to Positivity

    It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. If you want to improve your life, it all starts with your mind. The mind is an incredibly powerful agent of change, an indisputable powerhouse of perceptions and perspectives. Its powers can leave us daunted; its darkness can leave us broken. But if we can learn to know it, control it, and apply it–we can learn to shift.

    In order to remove negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, we must undergo a very real change. Through the right perceptual hacks, positive affirmations, cognitive behavioral adjustments, and mind-body techniques, profound change is not only possible, but probable.

    Are you sick and tired of negative thoughts? Do you feel as if you’re underachieving, like there has to be more to life that you’re just not experiencing? Are you tired of feeling stuck in a rut? Ready to change your mind and your reality, once and for all?

    It’s time to Mind Shift.

    “MIND SHIFT – The Key to Erasing Negative Thoughts and Unlocking Positive Perception” (A Preview)

    What is Mind-Shifting, Why Does it Matter & How Do We Begin?

    Know Your Schema – Why Your Perceptions are Your Power

    Schema and Your ‘Self’ – Forming a Framework for Identity

    Identifying the Top Cognitive Perversions that Warp our Minds

    How to Eradicate Negative Perceptions & Unlock Positive Perspective

    Shift the Mind, Shift the Body – The Secrets of Symbiosis

    Multiple Minds – How to Reorient Your Perceptions in 9 Powerful Ways

    Tags: mind control, positive perception, hypnotism, meditation, negative thinking, brain power, happiness

    One Voice

    by John W. MacDonald

    My views of the world after the attack of my country the United States on September 11, 2001 and the anger of the patriots day attack at the marathon and the hell for the newest causality for the British… all stories from 2011-2012 that still holds true in 2013
    a haiku –

    London stops moving
    Runners standing still silence
    Freedom Boston Strong

    Dating Tips For Men: 20 Dating Advice Of How To Be The Man That Women Desire

    by Richard Foreman

    This is the kind of dating book you want to take home to your parents, the kind of dating book that you want to meet all your friends, the kind of dating book that likes the same terrible comedy movies as you.

    We’re going to take a look at the intricacies of dating men and women- from building your confidence right through to sex- in a new way. Let us help you to revolutionize your dating life and look at the world of romance, love, and sex in a whole new way.

    Sharing the connection of chemistry with someone is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. But for every 1 such connection we get, there are probably 4 other fizzled or friend zoned attempts that we’d rather not remember. Does “I’m sorryâ?¦ I just don’t think of you that way” sound familiar?

    So the age-old question for most men ends up really being: how can I create that feeling of chemistry with any woman and make her fall for me?

    In this book, I’m going to draw from my years of date coaching and use lessons from pop culture/TV to show you exactly how chemistry can be created with anyone.

    This isn’t a miracle cure for your dating woes- this is a way for you to rethink the way you go about dating, and evaluate what you can do to get what you want out of the dating scene. Already intrigued? Read on, and good luck.

    Panhandling: Fact vs Fiction: A Behind The Scenes Look Into The Everyday Life Of The Scottish Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach, Maine (Memoirs of a Gypsy Queen Book 9)

    by Wendy C Allen

    PANHANDLING: Fact vs Fiction: FAQs About Homelessness: Fact vs Myth: Panhandling & Begging For Money: A homeless person in Maine answers an Australian psychology student’s set of interview questions on the topic of panhandling.

    TYPE: Non-Fiction ChapBooks

    WORD COUNT: 12,385 words

    PAGE COUNT: 40 printed paperback pages

    POINT OF VIEW: first person commentary; diary style

    GENRE: Non-Fiction; Memoir; Autobiography; Social Sciences>Cultural Studies>Ethnic Groups>Gypsy Lifestyle

    ON THE COVER: Old Orchard Beach’s famous “tent tarp” as seen in May 2010

    ABOUT THE SERIES: In Memoirs of a Gypsy Queen The Queen of the Scottish Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, EelKat Wendy Christine Allen, recounts events from her life in quick first person “dear diary” style glimpses at the world around her and what life is REALLY like for the year round residents of Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Each volume of this series is made up of actual diary entries.

    I hope you will enjoy reading these chapbooks as much as I have enjoyed writing them for you.

    ~Many hugs & kisses From EelKat

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