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Wicca for Beginners: Learn Wicca Magic Spells,Traditions, Rituals and Beliefs (Magic and ancient traditions Book 1)

by Catherine Wisdom

Wicca for beginners

Learn Wicca Magic Spells, Traditions, Rituals and Beliefs

Wicca in the old English means “wise”. If you want to know more about the old / new Wicca religion, then this is the book for you. If you are interested in what Wicca religion really preach and you are not slaves of unfounded prejudices, buy this book and get the insight in how much beauty there is in worshiping the nature and believing in its power.

At the present time when people are increasingly disconnected from nature and other people, Wicca beliefs provide a true refreshment. Find out why more than 50 million Americans and Europeans are attracted to Wicca religion.

If you want to discover the origins and history of Wicca, its basic principles and how they are implemented in practice, read this book where you have all the information in one place. Learn what is the Sabbath, how many of them are honored and how to celebrate it. Also, in this book you will find what you need for Wicca rituals, as well as some of the Wicca magic spells.

If you intuitively feel and believe that everything in us and around us is an energy and that the law of attraction works relentlessly, then, a book about an ancient witch religion and the worship of nature is the right reading for you. Enjoy making your ritual tools and book of shadows, of which you will find detailed instructions in the book that you “hold in your hands.”

So, let the Craft Journy begins!

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Mindfulness for Beginners: Calmly Acknowledge Thoughts, Feelings, Sensations & Find Peace (Yoga & Meditation)

by Bernice Carter

Have You Heard About the Many Benefits and Techniques of Mindfulness but You Do Not Know Where or How to Start?

Right now, you probably have heard of mindfulness and how it is positively changing the lives of those who practice it. Did you know that mindfulness can be achieved in the comfort and privacy of your home? Did you know the majority of these techniques can be at no cost by using the most ordinary items or activities that you may already have or are already doing? Did you know that mindfulness can be done through acknowledging your thoughts, understanding your feelings and experiencing your sensations? Finally, did you know that peace can be found through mindfulness?

If you are a beginner and you want to know about mindfulness, then this book is for you. If want to achieve the many benefits of this lifestyle, then this book is also for you. If you want to learn and choose from a variety of techniques that can help you start your journey towards mindfulness, then this is definitely for you.

Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book:

– The origins and history of mindfulness

– Modern applications of the lifestyle

– The Mindfulness movement

– Techniques to help you acknowledge your thoughts, understand your feelings and experience your sensations

– Techniques to find your peace

– Meditation, breathing exercises and conscious control

– Differentiate feelings with identity

– Removing mental clutter

– Practicing self-remembering

– Mindful eating

– Walking meditation

– Body scan

– Stopping over thinking

– Flowing with the moment

– Accept and surrendering

Once you have learned these information and techniques, you are more than ready to put them into practice. Once you have practiced them, you will begin to experience the benefits of mindful eating.

Don’t wait another minute. The sooner you learn about mindfulness and its techniques, the sooner you can benefit from this lifestyle.

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Ayurveda: Heal Yourself Naturally with Ayurveda Treatments, Massage, Diet and Tips How to Practice this Ancient Medicine (Ayurveda, Ayurveda the science of self healing, Ayurveda for dummies)

by Lina Dorsey

Ayurveda (FREE Bonus Included)

Heal Yourself Naturally with Ayurveda Treatments, Massage, Diet and Tips How to Practice this Ancient Medicine

Ayurveda is an alternative approach to attaining health and well-being that is becoming widely known and accepted around the world. If you assume Western medicine does not have all the answers, this book is for you. You will come to see how this ancient tradition focuses on disease prevention and individual custom treatment to arrive at its goals. It is a holistic approach that is not at all at odds with modern life; in fact, it is the answer to the stress and anxiety that is becoming so rampant. One can learn to help oneself by applying its principle: the connection of mind and body with the world around us.

In the process, the reader will understand various aspects of the treatment including:

  • Understanding reasons for Ayurveda therapy
  • History and background
  • The role of Doshas
  • Natural treatment plans
  • Diet and yoga exercise
  • Meditation for spiritual strength
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Miscellaneous tips to help undertake an Ayurvedic journey

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

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