Free religious fiction Kindle books for 13 May 15

One More Chance (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 296)

by Kimberley Comeaux

Rachel Branigan struggles to raise her daughter alone within the shadows of the town’s false judgement. When Caleb Stone, the new minister,comes to Springton, Texas, she cannot help but dream of a life with him, although she believes it is futile. Caleb, however, is determined to change the attitudes of the people. He wants nothing more that to make Rachel his wife. But Caleb has a past that could destroy them both. Can God save them from an impossible situation and change the attitude of a whole town? 

Two Weeks Time

by Timothy Shorter

Robert Mile is a man of routine and order. Every single day since graduating college he has methodically gone about his daily routine, putting his career above all else. Now at thirty-five, despite having achieved success, Robert’s life is empty. There is a deep aching loneliness within him that will not be ignored. It creeps up on him in the darkness, relentlessly hounding him, serving as a reminder that his life is not what it should be.

Jenni Fields lives a simple life, artistic and carefree. She works to live, not the other way around. A freelance photographer, she loves to spend her days at the beach with her dog, Sophie. Jenni is a picture of joy and peace.

When Robert meets Jenni, he will live more in two weeks time than he ever did in the thirty-five years preceding them. Spending time with Jenni will open Robert’s eyes to the love of Jesus and awaken his soul to a life of true fulfillment. And ultimately, Jenni will help Robert to see that he must let go of his past, however painful it might be, and accept that God is in control and works all things together for good.

Romance at Rainbow’s End (Truly Yours Digital Editions)

by Colleen L. Reece

A Truly Yours Digital Edition. . .Seven years after Ellianna and Timmy Stoddard are sent to frontier California by their contemptible father, eighteen-year-old Ellie still carries the weight of his sins. Surely a scoundrel’s daughter cannot be the answer to the new minister’s prayers for a wife! Joshua Stanhope is also plagued by doubt. Can a small-town preacher compete with his influential twin brother? Edward can make Ellie the toast of San Francisco by helping her soar to fame and fortune like the meadowlark whose song is no sweeter than hers. Will Ellie find treasure at the end of the rainbowâ??or only fool’s gold?

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