Free sports Kindle books for 13 May 15

I Hate the Gym:: How I Got a Sculpted Body Doing Quick Workouts 30 Minutes a Day at Home

by Seth Gabriel

I was paying around $25 a month on my gym membership. And my body results showed just about the amount of effort that I put inâ?¦.nada! I had no plan and was just doing biceps every single day until I came across the solid program that transformed my body.

My work-outs were done inside a 30 minute span. But were highly intensive, bodybuilding is all about 3 things, repetition, repetition and repetition. I would wake up early to work out, 30 minutes a day, 6 times a week and eating 6 healthy meals every day.

The mind is where it all starts. Let’s get started!

Fishing Basics: A Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide to Having a Good Catch (Homesteading & Off the Grid)

by Lonnie Carr

Fishing is a fun sport as well as a pastime. When we are younger, we are usually introduced to fishing by our fathers. They will take us out and show us how to bait a hook cast our lines and reel in the big score.

Throughout our lives, we will go fishing and begin to build bonds that will last a lifetime. It is my goal to help you build on these memories of fishing trips and family outings. In this book, I will talk about fishing as well as some of my own personal experiences. From there I will give you a breakdown of the equipment that you will need in order to catch your fish and finally give you many tips and tricks for different fishing situations such as freshwater, bass Fishing and many more.

At the end of this book, you will know what to do when you embark on your fishing trips. So if you are ready to hit the water don’t wait another minute. Learn the fishing basics to a great catch.

Don’t Delay. Download This Book Now.

Camping Tips & Ideas: The Ultimate 101 Camping Guide for Beginners

by Robert Fairbanks

Your Ultimate Camping Guide

What’s great about this book is that it contains lots of DIY hacks and tips for camping that even seasoned campers can get a good idea from. This book is the perfect go to guide for beginners in camping because it will also help them choose or buy camping gear necessities like tents, sleeping bags and even other necessary camping gears.

Backed with camping experience, these how to buying guides will help buyers decide the perfect camping gear for them, keeping in mind the cost, frequency of use and important little details that they should know of before buying.

This book offers the reader a lot of camping tips and tricks. Other benefits that can be had from this camping guide are:

  • It talks about camping clothing that you need to pack. It helps you to pack what’s necessary and what’s not. How to lessen your baggage with DIY hacks.
  • Since you are venturing to the great outdoors, the book has a lot of useful information on the dangers that you may meet and how to cure or prevent these dangers from ruining your camping trip. A good example is a DIY hack that deters ticks that could be carriers of Lyme disease.
  • A lot of newbie campers, just pitch their tent without a thought of their comfort. Armed with this book , it helps you pick the right camping spot away from natural dangers like falling branches or the all too high probability of pitching a tent and all the while inhaling your neighbor’s campfire smoke.
  • The book will also teach you how to choose a good spot for getting potable water. Plus, it also lists ways of how to purify and sterilize drinking water in the wilderness.
  • Lastly, it will also teach you a lot of DIY cooking hacks that will help you make delicious and easy to make meals during your camping trip.

So if you are looking for the perfect camping guide this book will serve you well.

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