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Take Me (A Photo Book of Sexy Couples)

by Nicole Fox

These sexy couples will really get you in the mood.

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Putting Alice to Work

by Amelia Rohm

“I wasn’t fired. I quit.”

He smiled and leaned toward me, enough that I could smell the minty gum on his breath.

“We both know that’s not true, Alice. I think we also know that nobody else would have hired you, given the circumstances.”

The circumstances.

“I don’t know what you mean,” I lied, looking back at the locked door, weighing my options.

Mr. Corbin leaned his head into my field of vision, drawing my eyes to his.

I knew exactly what he meant.

When an attempt to bring an office fantasy to life ends with an unsatisfied Alice Carter losing her job, she simply resigns herself to her boring corporate fate.

Alice has landed on her feet with a new job, in a new office, and with a sexy new boss. She can put her past behind her. But her new boss, Mr. Corbin, knows more about her than Alice realizes, and keeping her on her feet isn’t what he hired her for…

Putting Alice to Work is an erotic short containing explicit erotic content intended for mature readers only.

MI Life Book 3: Poetry, Photography, May 2015

by Miranda Innaimo

The third installment of the MI Life series. Once again Miranda Innaimo uses colorful words to paint an extraordinary image of strong, valid emotions. Her photography captures joyous moments in time worthy of admiration. She invites you to share her documented anthology of a life well-lived, celebrated in the highest, and regarded as truly beautiful.

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