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Rabbit Trail: How a Former Playboy Bunny Found Her Way

by Tricia Pimental

It’s the 1950’s, and Irish Catholic Tricia Williams is surviving childhood in Brooklyn, New York, watching Leave It to Beaver and hanging out at Gino’s Pizzeria. Though the family scene is short on security, she’s got friends and faith. Twenty years later, the surging sexual revolution is in full swing, and her obsession is “breaking away.” She’s abandoned the Church, and now in a hurry to leave home, makes a daring move to Los Angeles. It’s a strange city, and Tricia soon realizes it might not be the start of something big, but bad. It’s not the obsessive apartment-hopping or even her unique job-a-month plan that’s the problem. What she’s really looking for are spiritual roots, and she’s about to get entwined in a weird web of Buddhism, Mormonism, Hinduism, and New Age practices that will keep her wandering a Rabbit Trail for decades, until one charismatic man unlocks the secret for her.

The Lost Ranger: A Soldier’s Story

by Noel Mehlo

The Lost Ranger is the story of United States Army Staff Sergeant Herbert Stanton Hull in the 5th Ranger Infantry Battalion during World War II. It is a story of valor and fortitude. It is a complete analysis of the history of the battalion from 1943 until September 1944. This is the story of his service. He survived the bloody June 6, 1944 D-Day invasion on Omaha Beach. He was wounded by a landmine while assaulting a fort at Brest, France on September 2, 1944. The fighting was so severe that seventy-five percent of the unit became casualties where the collective memory of the unit was decimated. After lying on the battlefield for hours he was found by his fellow Rangers only to become lost. He was physically lost to his unit and then administratively to the official records of the unit.

After returning home from battle, he then tragically died ten years later leaving behind his wife and four young children. When he died in 1954, all detailed knowledge of his service died with him. He became a lost Ranger. After exhaustive research, collaboration with historians and authors in the States and Europe, and through interviews with Ranger veterans and their families, this story details this specialized unit, where they went, what they did, and why they did it. More importantly, it examines how he was restored to history and brought home to a family who never really knew him.


“A remarkable work. Loaded with maps, photographs and detail. This book is a treasure of information, a tribute to a man, an elite American fighting force and a precious gift to American Military History. For those who want to learn how it was for brave Rangers in World War II, the answer is here.”

Col (r) Robert W. Black

Author of “The Battalion, The Ranger Force. Ranger Dawn and other works”

“It was a great honor and privilege to collaborate with Noel in creating this important piece of American History. It gave me the opportunity to provide a first hand account of the lives, struggles, hardships, and victories those in the US Army Rangers experienced. This book documents the life of a hero who was never recognized for his deeds until recently; a man I was proudly able to call comrade and friend.”

Randall Ching

5th Ranger Infantry Battalion, veteran

Reflections on Life, Love and Dogs

Reflections on Life, Love and Dogs is a fictional story, inspired by realistic life events. A book about dogs, their lives, and their world. A book for those who love them. For those who cherish them. And for those who enjoy the companionship and love that dogs provide to us.

But it’s so much more. It’s about living in the moment. It’s about dogs, life, living, not living and the impacts of death. After all, You don’t need to be dead to stop living and you don’t need to be undead to become a zombie. We can be the person who chases their dreams and lives their life to the fullest, or a person who ridicules the lives of others while failing to live their own. It’s our choice.

*A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to animal rescue.

Life with ADHD

by Marina Guerrero

This is about my son and how he is dealing with ADHD. The struggles he faces everyday and how hard it is for him.

Six Bits: USMC 1962-1963 (My Years in USMC Bands 1962-1966)

by Woody Norman

A young man comes of age while serving his nation in the United States Marine Corps. Between the ages of 18 and 22 this Marine witnessed many significant national and international events. This book is a memoir spanning the years between 1962 to 1966.

Vanished: Chilling True Stories of Missing Persons Missing People Case Files

by Andrew J. Clark

Over 8 million people go missing each and every yearâ?¦just vanishing in thin air…


Of these, some are found within hours, others within days, some within weeks, and certain people are found after months of being away. However, the story does not always end happily.

Of the millions who go missing every year around the world, there are those who simply vanish and are never seen again. The sheer volume of people who disappear each and every year are, when examined in detail, terrifying. In this book, we will touch upon some of the most terrifying, touching, strange, and worrying stories.

In this book, we hope to examine the sheer range of cases which have enthralled the interested and distressed those involved for many years. Some of these cases became national stories while others remain private tragedies. In the cases of missing persons, trying to find an explanation is almost as difficult as trying to find the person themselves. So join us on this journey and discover just how morbidly fascinating and compelling the cases of the missing can become.

Here are some of the cases that you will find inside:

– The criminal mastermind who vanished when jumping from a plane

– The case of the woman abducted by Bigfoot!

– America’s first missing person

– The crazed writer and human rights lawyer who vanished in Mexico

– The horror writer who vanished into the unknown

– The genius computer scientist who vanished without a trace

– One of the world’s first filmmakers vanishes before reaping the rewards of his invention

– Two generations vanish from the same house on the same night

– And many more!

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