Free literary fiction Kindle books for 14 May 15

The Devil On Chardonnay (Boyd Chailland Book 2)

by Ed Baldwin

A sailing adventure! This richly textured mystery begins in the dark jungles of the Congo basin, develops a sinister edge in the Seychelle Islands in the Indian Ocean, drips with Southern charm in old Charleston, is buffeted by seduction and betrayal during a hurricane on the Atlantic, and explodes in a violent climax in the Azores that will leave the reader stunned at the perfidy of man; and wanting more.

Adore Me Under the Oaks (Love and the Jones Sisters Book 2)

by Belinda Martin

Hannah’s confidence builds daily as she continues the struggle to overcome the emotional scars that her abusive mother inflicted throughout her childhood. She returns from Greece a changed woman after her affair with Christos and the changes are set to continue in more ways than she can ever begin to imagine. Meanwhile, her sister’s plans for her marriage to Russell are in full swing, but Hannah can’t help feeling uneasy about the wedding. Martha is deliriously happy and deaf to her concerns and Hannah has nobody else to confide in. It doesn’t matter how many times she tells herself she is being silly, there is something about the seemingly perfect Russell that she doesn’t trust.

Hannah’s worries are forgotten when Dan asks her out on a date again and this time she accepts. As their relationship starts to blossom, could it finally be love for Hannah? Martha is convinced that their years of suffering are at an end. But there is a shadow looming, and stormy times ahead for both women that could tear their fragile world apart. They are happy now, but for how much longer?

ADORE ME UNDER THE OAKS is the second instalment of a five part series:

LOVE UNDER THE LEMON TREES (Love and the Jones Sisters #1)

WEEP FOR ME UNDER THE WILLOWS (Love and the Jones Sisters #3)

MARRY ME UNDER THE MAPLES (Love and the Jones Sisters #4)

BURY ME UNDER THE ASH (Love and the Jones Sisters #5)



The Paul Allen Reader

by Paul Allen

THE PAUL ALLEN READER is an introduction to the work of Paul Allen spanning four decades of writing and including extended excerpts of six of his novels, revealing an extraordinary range and stylistic virtuosity: the realistic, the surrealistic, the historical, the contemporary, and the thriller. In Apeland, there is a grotesque and bizarre hunt for a gorilla escaped from a roadside zoo. In Master of Breath, an Indian uprising in Depression era Florida has a bloodthirsty war party pursued by a posse across the Everglades. Negro Fort is the true and unknown story of a stronghold of runaway slaves and renegade Indians, an adventure about the quest for freedom. Never A Soldier is a crime thriller and coming of age story with a father who likes to drag along his teenage son as his unwilling accomplice. Asking For It is a love story set in the aftermath of the Iraq war. Mr. Black And White follows an Obama speechwriter who does not get the promised administration job, loses everything, and sets out with all he has left, his car and his dog, for California, where his adventures begin and the troubles we all face in twenty-first century America come to life.

Calvin: He wanted to know the truth, but could he handle the truth? (Familysaga)

by Chandralal Colombage

An emotionally charged story about family relationships

Calvin is an intense young man, committed to his family and his work. He grows up in a very secure environment that doesn’t nurture too much excitement. But there is a history to Calvin’s life that begins to unravel on his return home on holiday. He pursues the truth with a tenacity that is so typical of him. But does knowing the truth really satisfy him?

The Satellite People

by Paris Tosen

When truth and science collide.

The Satellite People is a mosaic of interrelated characters living inside the surreal world of conspiracy and strange science, whose misperceptions of truthâ??as teachers, experimenters and studentsâ??are used as both a form of purification and as a weapon against the tyranny of the real world. Novelist Paris Tosen effectively pits one person’s truth against another person’s reality and the perception of truth is cross-examined alongside the avoidance of it.

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