Free poetry Kindle books for 14 May 15

One Man’s Psalms

by Brad Davis

A collection of 50 original Christian poems (psalms) accompanied by captivating nature photography.

A Paradise to your Soul: In Prose and Verse With beautiful poems such as:

by Zoila-Teresa Flores

Since I was a little girl, my attraction went to the beauty of Mother Nature;

therefore, I started printing my thoughts down with beautiful poems such as:

“Allow Me, Mr. President”

â?¦Mr. President,

You did campaign pro-immigration,

Flowing your verb,


None of our people,

Doubted for a second,

Then, coming to harm us,

It’ll stay in your record…

“Mi Niña y su Sonrisa”

�Derrochando energìa,

A motones al jugar,

Siendo libre como el viento,

Y genuina como el marâ?¦

“You Are Real My Lord”

â?¦Chrystal shadow, full of grace,

Peaceful magic, hurricane,

I did see you, full in red,

In seconds to see you,

Me, staying in bedâ?¦

“Tecnologìa Hoy en Dìa”

�Hasta Licklider, que hoy en dìa,

Con informàtica y tecnologìa,

Nos ha podido deleitar,

Como nadie, noche y dìa…

“The Autumn and Its Secret”

â?¦And branches, dear branches,

Are empty and sad,

Surviving, its purpose,

From the root to the topâ?¦

“La Noche”

â?¦La noche, muy paciente espera,

Que el dìa caiga, y nò pueda màs,

Sonrìe, cuando èste llega,

Y a sus pies rendido,

Se tiende a descansarâ?¦.

“The Poesy”

â?¦It’s not something, you can see,

It’s not something, you can touch,

Grace to give, and thanks to Thee,

In advance, for cells to hutchâ?¦

“Mi Hijo, Mi Orgullo”

Ahora quiero que te quedes,

Con un pensamiento y màs,

Ya que quiero que en la vida,

Tù lo llegues a lograr.

“El Arido Desierto”

�En los àridos tiempos frìos,

Del inmenso Medio Oriente,

Se aprecian las montañas,

Al bailar de un camaleòn…

“Humanity as a Puff”

â?¦Pending mystic eloquence,

Up to you to stop and see,

Blessings coming full essence,

To your life to set you freeâ?¦

Hell: a poet’s tale

by Kat Hunter

Hell is a short collection of dark themed poetry that explores love, honor, death, and society.

Kat Hunter lives in Texas with her husband and son. She enjoys games, crafts, and of course reading.

Poetry for everyone to love and enjoy

by Marina Guerrero

There are different subjects such as love, fathers, beauty, and eyes.

The Sonnets: 201 – 246: Sonnets from the Soul

by George Manos

A sonnet collection that will entertain, enlighten and inspire the reader.

Mars And Our Doomed Love

by Julio Extra

Kluger, Jeffrey. “Revealed: How Mars Lost Its Atmosphere.” Time Magazine, Science.

July 23, 2013.

“Mars’ modern atmosphere is only 1% the density of Earthâ??s, but the planet’s watery phase is believed to have lasted for the first billion of its 4.5 billion years, which means its air must have been around that long too. But things were never likely to stay that way. Mars has only half Earth’s diameter, 11% its mass and 38% its gravity, making it easy for upper layers of the original atmosphere to have boiled away into the vacuum of space and been blasted out by meteor hits. And that cycle would build on itself: the thinner the air became, the easier it would be for space rocks to hit the ground, unleashing still more explosive energy and, in effect, blowing still more holes in the sky.”


by Laura Whitley

Clandestine is a Romantic collection of poetry, which will entice you into a world of romance and passion. With a hint of Shakespeare at the beginning of the book, that will take you on a romantic journey digging deep into your very heart and soul. A perfect gift for the one you love and a real tear jerker, get the tissues out.

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