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Curiosities of the Mind

by Metin Bektas

Over the past centuries, science has successfully unlocked many secrets of the universe. We gained a thorough understanding of atoms and molecules, cells and organs, stars and galaxies and have used this vast pool of knowledge to build fantastic machines that can bring us from A to B at mind-blowing speeds and cutting-edge medication that can alleviate pain almost instantly. Yet, the grandest secret of all remains a perplexing mystery: the mind.

Despite the incredible scientific progress, we still find ourselves wondering what it is, where it is and how it works. This book cannot hope to give you the full answer, but it will provide you with fascinating hints on the workings of the mind by discussing the strange curiosities manifested in it. You will get to know the most common psychological effects and biases, learn about intriguing experiments from the field of social psychology and find out a lot about yourself and the people around you in the process. For a detailed table of contents, check out the Look Inside feature.

How to Change Your Personality: A Step-by-Step Process for a Complete Personality Makeover

by Levi Brooks

If you’ve come to the conclusion that your personality needs a serious makeover, then this book is for you!

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That moment when you realize that the person you are is not a person you like â?? it’s a tough pill to swallow, to say the least. Believe it or not, this is actually a good thing, and it’s important to decide to take action. Clearly you’re serious about making a change, and change is commendable. Change is also natural. Remember, we’re actually born to grow and adapt, and it’s inevitable that we are going to change over time â?? our personalities, our bodies, our opinions, etc. So why not do what we can to change ourselves in a good way?

This book was written to help individuals, such as you, who are looking to improve their own personalities wherever possible. To help you find confidence and self-esteem even in the aspects of your personality less amenable to change, I’m going to provide you with a step-by-step approach to identifying the elements of your personality that may need some improvement, and how to gradually change them. Also, I’ll help you to identify what aspects you may simply be stuck with, and how to make the most of them. Depending on how much you’re truly willing to work on yourself, the end-result will fall somewhere between a personality makeover and a personality revolution. Let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Starting with a Personal Assessment
  • Choosing Constructive Venues
  • How to Keep Yourself Motivated
  • Repositioning Your Essential Characteristics
  • Dressing the Part
  • Growing Into the New You
  • How to Keep Moving Forward
  • Much, much more!

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10 Misconceptions that favor despotism: 21st Century dictatorships in the minds of their victims

by Jose Benegas

This book refers to the ideas that Western societies take this days as truth and end

up favoring the emergence of despotic regimes, even born from elections.

These ideas Benegas described as false are the absolute democracy,

dictatorship identifying with physical violence, social democracy itself,

egalitarianism, the class struggle, the pursuit of a wise government,

identifying and state law, the overvaluation of the press to fight against

tyranny, a very loose conception of corruption and income tax which has

resulted in a strong surveillance system.

While the analysis focuses on elected dictatorships in Latin America,

the reader quickly recognize how these ideas have permeated the Western

world and await the opportunist that use them in his favor.

Confessions: A Lion’s Roar. A Poet’s War.

by Mike Bhangu

Challenge I can. Sikhie I defend. With the weapon known as the pen I am.

Public Displays of Lesbianism: 10 Women Describe Their Most Memorable Public Lesbian Encounter

by Kendra Foster

“Public Displays of Lesbianism” is a collection of 10 lesbians’ most memorable public sexual encounters. The women held nothing back in their uncensored, detailed descriptions of these intensely exciting experiences.

Chapters include:

SPRING BREAK: College freshman, Jessi, comes out of the closet in the most public way possible during a “Truth or Dare” challenge involving her secret crush, Kendall, on the beach at Spring Break.

RIDING THE TRAIN: Samantha and Carmen ride the subway train, and each other, late one night after a birthday party, giving the other passengers the show of their lives.

SEX ON WHEELS: Popular lesbian on campus, Jenna, seduces her hot Chemistry professor, Diane, and during their college’s biggest football game of the season, they score with each other in the parking lot.

TOPLESS POOL PARTY: Dejected over a recent breakup, Morgan reluctantly attends a topless pool party thrown by a well-known celesbian in the Hollywood Hills and meets Lori, a jiu-jitsu instructor who’s eager to teach her a thing or two.

LESBIAN FURRIES: Jodi attends a lesbian “furry” party in the woods in a big, bad wolf costume and meets her match in a sexy, sultry fox in search of satisfaction.

UNDER THE PIER: Lianna and Page share a final romantic, loving experience under the pier on the beach in their hometown before both have to leave for different colleges and different lives.

COSPLAY CONVENTION: Cassandra, a lifelong admirer of Wonder Woman, attends a Cosplay convention as her superheroine and engages in stimulating swordplay with the sidekick of her dreams, Emily (a.k.a.: Supergirl).

LESBIAN RETREAT: At a lesbian retreat in the woods of Northern California, Dara and Allison take part in a public demonstration of the joys and pleasures of lesbian touch in the most open, shame-free, unapologetic way imaginable.

CONCERT IN THE PARK: As talented musicians finger their instruments, Lauren and Jill finger each other under a blanket during an evening concert in the park, and discover that they make beautiful music together.

STAGE TIME: Jessica, an accomplished actress, describes in intimate detail her favorite onstage sexual experience at a popular lesbian leather club in New York. Dressed as a prisoner in tight striped shorts and a matching tank top, handcuffed and shackled, Jessica submits to Officer Courtney’s lascivious wishes and dominating demands.


Kendra Foster is a San Francisco based writer. She is also the author of “Lesbian Doms: 10 Women Describe Their Most Memorable Lesbian Domination Experience” and “Lesbian Fems: 10 Women Describe Their Most Memorable Experience with a Fem Lesbian.”


World Geography : Objective : For all competitive Exams



Applicable For All Competitive Exams

1650+ Sure Questions



– The Universe

– The Earth

– Atmosphere

– Seasons on Earth / Facts on Agriculture, Minerals and Industries

– Rocks and Mountains

– The Water World / Facts and Countries

– Fundamental of World Geography

Two Parties?: The Political and Philosophical Ideas of a Frustrated Independent in America

by Brandon Wright

This book is written in a concise manner so that it is accessible to all.

You likely won’t agree with a lot that I have to say. The contents of this book are up for debate.

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