Free science fiction Kindle books for 14 May 15

Crisis Event: Black Feast

by Greg Shows

Sadie Halloman, survivor of a super volcano that causes the collapses of the United States government, must fight off hunger, loneliness, and meth-addicted cannibals as she tries to reach her grandfather’s cabin in Texas. And once what is left of the U.S. military goes after her, she may find her journey impossible to complete.

Zombies, Vampires, Aliens, and Oddities: A Collection of Short Stories and Flash Fiction

by Michael Robertson

There is no darkness that can equal the evil that lies within the human soul. No monster as terrifying as those we find in the ones we trust. No pain as searing as that which comes from betrayal.

Step into the world of Zombies, Vampires, Aliens, and Oddities if you dare.

Good luck.

And pray you don’t get lost…

Stories inside:


A Love Letter to Ian Curtis



In the Name of Science: Genesis


The Chest

Jake Strothers Went Crazy




Skin Deep

House Clearance

Phase One

After the Fall (The Narrow Gate Book 1)

by Janean Worth


Centuries after the Fall, the world is a different place than it used to be…

When she suddenly becomes a Stray, Kara is forced to flee the relative safety of GateWide in order to avoid becoming a slave to the cruel Sovereign. Hunted deep into the wilds by the Sovereign’s Enforcers, Kara must find a way to survive, relying only on her own scarce knowledge of the decimated wilderness outside the settlement’s walls.

Surrounded by mutated creatures in an unfamiliar environment, Kara soon realizes that many of the things that she thought she knew about the wilderness had been based on lies that had been taught to all the people of GateWide.

Why have the people of the settlement been misled and how will she find the truth with only one small clue to guide her?

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