Free sports Kindle books for 14 May 15

So There I Was

by Biff! Pow! Slap! Slap! Slap!

A look inside hashing, the self-proclaimed drinking club with a running problem. This collection of a year’s worth of trails by Biff! Pow! Slap! Slap! Slap! showcases the majesty, the hilarity and the inanity of hashing. Featuring trails from the Richmond Hash House Harriers, the Titanic Memorial Full Moon Hash and more!

Sauvage Fly Tying Session BOOK 22°: English Version translated by Armando Quazzo

by Massimo Clini

The Sauvage is a historical fly of French fly fishing. Its dressing is apparently simple, but hides a number of tying tricks. Here the Sauvage is described in details.

Game On!: What I learned during my time as the shrink to the NY Jets – How to Achieve Anything You Want In Life!

by Donna Dannenfelser

Life is a lot like sports, as author Dr. Donna Dannenfelser will attest to in her book about how she left a world behind to go after a dream. A dream that many told her was impossible. She began her journey as a young mother of three on Long Island, without any money and a psychology degree that she couldn’t do anything with, and wound up as the mental health clinician to the NY Jets. This led to her creating the hit TV series, “Necessary Roughness” in 2011,” which was based on her life, accomplishing this without an agent or a manager. Many have asked her how she did it. Dr. Donna takes you on her journey as she describes the ten things she learned along the way and how she has now turned them into 10 core beliefs that anyone can use to achieve their goals. “Dreams do come true if you believe,” is her mantra. “Changing your thoughts will change your life” is her truth.

This book chronicles Dr. Donna’s path, her struggles and disappointments, along with her successes and synchronistic happenings that presented themselves at just the right moments. Combining that with the belief she had in herself, the people she put on her team, and her intense desire to follow the road less traveled, she not only achieved her goals, she is able to leave the world just a little bit better than she found it by empowering others to live their best lives and not settle for anything other than their personal greatness.

If you’re looking for permission to break out of a situation that you can no longer tolerate, or you seem unfulfilled with what you’re doing and have been disappointed by life in general, the 10 core beliefs in this book and the events that led to the acknowledgment of them can help you. You are never too young, nor too old, nor too poor, nor too challenged to make changes in your life and go after a dream.

Game On!: What I Learned During My Time As The Shrink To The NY Jets, will reveal how to figure out what makes you happy, along with the process for making it happen. In Donna’s words, “If I can do it, anybody can do it. Now let’s get started!”

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