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Frozen Hell: The Memoirs of a USAF Security Forces Defender in Minot AFB

by Patrick Thomas

Welcome to Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, the military’s own “Frozen Hell.”

The wave of military memoirs flooding the market have provided audiences with captivating tales of heroic combat and grieving families, but often military life is far less exciting and memorable, especially if one is stationed stateside. What forms of heroism can men and women obtain when deployments are practically a thing of myth?

In this uncensored, brutally honest, and often hilarious behind-the-scenes chronicle, audiences will discover the very depths of a frequently misunderstood world – The United States Security Forces. At the home of some of the world’s most powerful nuclear weapons, Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, our service men and women constantly battle with unseen enemies: callous leadership, unforgiving weather, monotonous work cycles, fatigue, and boredom. This is true military life like you have never experienced it before.

REQUIEM A Memoir of Sex, Madness, and Self-Destruction

by Fredy Espinoza

REQUIEM is a true autobiography of a young man who grows up with a paranoid schizophrenic mother who believes the devil desires her children’s souls.  Immediately opening up with an exorcism, you witness the dark world of a sixteen year old boy as he struggles to deal with horrifying acts of physical and sexual abuse, familial violence, self-destructive choices, murder attempts, and rape well into his young adulthood.  Against all odds, the protagonist perseveres and chooses to reveal all his family’s darkest secrets, as well as his own.

Shropshire Blue: A Shropshire Lad in the RAF, Volume 1, Preparation For Flight

by Ron Powell

A flight with the Red Arrows sparks in Ron Powell a desire to tell the story of his early life and 32-years in the Royal Air Force, from engineering apprentice to group captain (full Colonel) pilot. The result is Shropshire Blue: A Shropshire Lad in the RAF. The first volume, Preparation For Flight, opens with him growing up in Ludlow, a historic town on the English/Welsh border, where his interest in the RAF is sparked by a headstone in a local cemetery. He joins the Service as a Halton apprentice, suffering under a harsh regime preparing him to parade before The Queen just five weeks later. It’s a duty he performs another ten times during his three year apprenticeship. On graduation, Ron works on Vulcan nuclear bombers that are poised to fly into the heart of the Soviet Union. He conveys the power and menace of these amazing aircraft, while painting a vivid portrait of life on a Cold War airbase. After selection as a potential pilot, he begins officer training. Once again, the regime is harsh, but he knuckles down, relating many, often humorous, episodes on the way to gaining his commission.

If you enjoyed Ron’s Battle of Britain novel, Wings Over Summer, you’ll enjoy Preparation For Flight.

The cover design is by Martin Butler.

You can find out more on Ron’s website,

Imprisoned By Love

Imagine losing everything that materialistically defines you as a person in one day. Everything; your precious children, your church family, your belongings, your freedom, your dignity, your business, your country, your HOME…would you have lost your joy as well? How do you hold on to your peace and sanity after losing so much at once? How do you do it? You don’t; God does. I wrote my story of triumph to give God all

the glory. I wrote every word with the powerless in mind–the poor, the forgotten, the defeated–to give hope to those enduring their own personal hell. I encourage you to end every thought of oppression with two small, yet all powerful words that anialates all fear and doubt: but GOD.

Twin Brothers Worlds Apart

by Kevin Healey

In Words – Kevin Healey’s Autobiography
When I was a child I knew my brother and I were different. He was more affected with autism than I. Sometimes in my life I wished we could have changed places or swap bodies. I didn’t want him to be trapped in his own world as much as I wanted to disappear in my own world so many times.
I questioned why Shaun and I are on the autistic spectrum. My parents Margaret and Patrick had their hands full with looking after four children, especially Shaun. My mum and dad had to come into school because of my difficulties and misunderstandings, sometimes I would get frustrated knowing that Shaun had to go to a different school I was aware that Shaun was different. Children used to make fun of him. They called Shaun & I names & I had no friends. I realised that Shaun will have his condition for the rest of his life. I could never interact with Shaun. Growing up was really hard. I thank my mum and my dad for their love regardless of what they went though with me and Shaun.
I am so thankful for my older brother Mark. He had friends and allowed me to play with them. The only friend I had in school was a boy named David. The situation changed in high school. David had to go to different classes and we didn’t spend as much time together as before. My brother Mark never let me down at school. He helped me when I got bullied. Mark got in fights to protect me.
My sister Julie was named after my dad’s mother. My parents had three sons and one daughter. The new situation with a new baby was hard for Shaun. He craved for attention, but my mum had to give their attention to the newborn as well. I got on with my sister very well. When I was a teenager I was still immature like a child. I liked to play with my sister’s friends, even if they were ten years younger then me. I played games with them or hide and seek. Even today, my sister is a big support for me. Julie is so warm hearted and full of understanding for me and my brother’s condition.
Coping with Autism & Aspergers
I always wanted to help other people when i was a child. Even today i feel that there are still people out there without a diagnosis. Some of them might have suicidal thoughts but even if a person is down and depressed he/she should know that there is help. As long as i live i will not let anyone down who is in need of help. If i hadn’t received my diagnoses of Asperger I would have taken a different path. There wouldn’t be Staffordshire Adults Autistic Society, as my diagnosis was the turning point of my life. I always knew that there was something wrong with me. I felt trapped and lonely in a world of my own. Asperger as become apart of my life now, I am now a more positive and mentally stronger person. I am confident to go on a stage and speak in front of hundreds of people. I may be nervous but I have to do this, I feel I am a voice speaking for people with Autism and asperger.
I thank all the people who helped me during the time setting up support for autistic people. But what is a support group without members? I want to take this opportunity to thank each single person for his or her presence in my life. Thank you for sharing your sorrows and concerns, but also your happiness and good moods. I hope we can work together to make a better future for people on the Autistic spectrum.

Kevin Healey


by Edwin Erickson

A biographical fiction/nonfiction account of 18 years living with Aaron. He starts at 15 attending Manual Arts High School in the mostly black area of south-central Los Angeles; he is a white boy. During the story, he hitchhikes to New York City; he attends Los Angeles City College; he broadcasts questions answered to him by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; he spends 33 months in the US Army during the Vietnam era; he becomes a hippie doper in Hollywood. He smokes marijuana and takes copious amounts of LSD; he battles in and out of a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia; he has love affairs and explicit sexual encounters.

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