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The Unfortunate Traveller

by Thomas Nashe

Thomas Nashe (1567-1601) was an English playwright and is considered to be one of the greatest Elizabethan pamphleteers.  Nashe’s novel The Unfortunate Traveller is set during the reign of King Henry VIII.  This edition includes a table of contents.

Assassin’s Creed

by Kurt Dysan

Like all professionals assassins have a creed.

It might not be lofty or idealistic, but it sets standards for conduct. When Jason comes across an attempt to rape and kidnap the cruel and beautiful Lady Xena, he rescues her and her maid. He finds her beautiful, grateful and aroused by the spilling of blood and Jason’s physique. She encourages him to take her as a reward, there on the road and he is happy to do so.

Pleased with his sexual prowess as much his ability on the battlefield, she wants him to stay with her and provide safe passage to an inn where her soldiers will be able to protect her. There he will be her guest. She is as cruel as she is beautiful and although he is on another mission his creed insists that he comply with her requestâ??and he doesn’t mind in the least.

The Hanging of Margaret Dickson: New Edition With Photo Essay

by alison butler

In an age when women are expected to know their place, be submissive, dutiful and chaste, Maggie Dickson, a Musselburgh fishwife, is often in trouble. She’s outspoken, promiscuous and vituperative. While her husband’s at sea, she sells her fish, sleeps with men for pleasure or money and looks after her two children. In time, her husband abandons her. Maggie quits Musselburgh and heads for Newcastle to stay with relatives. [NP] During the winter of 1723, a fisherman finds the dead, naked body of a baby boy. Fingers are soon pointing in the direction of a stranger working in a local tavern, a woman recently estranged from her mariner husband. It is rumoured that she’s been having a passionate affair with the innkeeper’s young son, William Bell, and that he is the father of the dead child. [NP] Maggie is arrested and taken to Edinburgh tollbooth to await trial, is found guilty and is sentenced to death. The news spreads like wildfire and, as Maggie languishes in jail, the whole city speculates whether or not she killed her child. Will she take her secret to her grave? [NP] â??The Hanging of Maggie Dickson’ is a heartrending tale of obsession and unrequited love.

Heartbreak: Age of Aquarius Romeo and Juliet

by Maria Hardin

For once in her life, shy Marianne Brennan tosses her old woman in the shoe personality and becomes a wilding â?? roadside sunflowers or wild strawberries â?? for Ryan Bach, ex-marine, to enjoy. At age nineteen, Marianne searches to navigate love through her stars. The Age of Aquarius rules if you’re a twentieth-century flower child â?? but for lonely beggar weeds in formal Victorian rose gardens?

Handsome, charismatic Ryan shares steerage with Marianne. Bit players flutter through their drama: Vietnam, Victoria Holt, a seagoing captain’s ghost, and an ancient Greek enchantress, Circe.

Until heartbreak rolls into town â?¦

Innocence Lost

by James Collings

In Waihi New Zealand, heroes are born, as Gallipoli ensues. Set in WW1 the story follows the lives of men from Waihi who set out on the great adventure only to find that war is not like anything they imagined.

The Adventures of Roderick Random

by Tobias Smollett

The Adventures of Roderick Random is a picaresque novel written by Scottish author Roderick Random.  The novel is based on part of Smollett’s experiences in the British navy during the Battle of Cartagena de Indias in 1741.  This edition includes a table of contents.

The Other Brooklyn: Joey Toranetti Trilogy

by Bob Ieva

The undercurrent of the 1950s runs contradictory to the sugary vanilla life promoted on the TV during that time. Making a name for yourself draws attention from both sides of the street. No one knows this better than self-made business owner Joey Toranetti living in the midst of big crime families in his town. Navigating around crime bosses and MOB influenced politicians Joey manages to do whatever he must to protect his family and his business. As the title of the book “The Other Brooklyn” implies, we follow Joey through some unbelievable and gripping situations that require him to use his own street smarts to survive in such a tumultuous environment.

THAT DAMNED IRISHMAN: Irish Rebel to American Banking Tycoon

by Phillip Lee Edwards

DESCRIPTION – (That Damned Irishman)

Sean O’Hara is born in Ireland, a nation ground beneath the heel of an occupation by British soldiers. His uncle and later his father became rebels and leaders of the resistance. When both are killed by the Brits, Sean, his mother, his brother and two younger sisters flee Ireland and travel to the United States.

Sean finds works on the New York docks where he encounters gang leaders who are organizing a union. He cripples the leader and humiliates the gang’s enforcer by tossing him into the polluted waters of the Hudson River.

On Sean s first day at work on the docks, he was moving crates with a hand truck when two men accosted him. Both were big men who reminded him of the toughs he encountered in Northern Ireland. Although they were both dressed in worn workmen’s clothing, neither of them had any calluses on their hands.

One of them deliberately bumped into Sean, making him lose his grip on the hand truck, and spill its load of crates onto the dock.

“For Christ’s sake!” said Sean. “What the hell’s the matter with you guys?” As he stared at the spilled crates he noticed that two of them were damaged. A quick glance told him that the other workers had all left the area.

The one who bumped Sean said, “Well, bucko, it’s like this. Nobody gets hired on the docks unless he goes through the hiring hall. We’re gonna have to give you a wee bit of a workin’ over to help you remember the rules.”

Sean’s smile was one of total innocence as he said. “You mean it’s a fight you’ll be wantin’?”

“You might call it that. Show this asshole what’s in the bag, Billy. Maybe he’s not as stupid as we thought,”

“It’ll be my pleasure, Al,” said the man called Billy. Speaking with exaggerated politeness he set down a burlap bag he’d been carrying and took out a length of lead pipe and handed it to his partner. Then he picked up the bag and swung it back and forth. The remaining metal weights it contained clanked together as the bag moved.

Both men were grinning in anticipation of a fearful reaction from their intended victim.

Sean’s expression hardened as he took a cargo hook from his belt. He swung the hook lightly in his right hand as a distraction, and then launched a kick at his nearest opponent’s kneecap.

Dropping the pipe, Al fell to the floor, screaming. “Kill that damned Irishman, Billy. Oh, God! My knee hurts!” He rolled about in pain, screaming, “The bastard broke my leg, Billy. Kill the sonofabitch!”

“Don’t worry, Al, I’ll get him!” Billy rushed Sean and swung the weighted bag at the Irishman’s head.

Sean caught the bag with the cargo hook and jerked it out of Billy’s hands while at the same time kicking upward into his enemy’s crotch. He followed with a head-butt that smashed Billy’s nose then sent two hard punches into the gut that drove the wind out him. A third punch knocked out two of Billy’s tobacco stained teeth before he crumpled to the floor of the dock.

Through bloodied lips, Billy screamed, “I’ll kill you for this, you stupid, goddamned fucking Mick. I’ll cut your bloody heart out and feed it to the fish.”

Turning away, Sean ignored the fallen man’s stream of invective, but looked back in time to see Billy struggle to his feet and pull out a wicked-looking knife from his belt sheath. Sean turned and caught the charging man by the hand that held the knife. Swinging Billy around, he flung him off the pier into the water of the Hudson River whose he splashed among the floating remains of the city’s sewage which was dumped into the river without benefit of any sanitation treatment. Construction of a series of treatment plants to serve the city was under way but would not be in operation until the middle of the following year.

Billy floundered about in a panic and kept yelling, “Help! I can’t swim!” Finally he splashed his way to a nearby piling which he grabbed and held onto for dear life.

Ignoring Billy’s pleas for help as well as his screamed curses, Sean turned his attenti

The Adventurous Simplicissimus

by Hans von Grimmelshausen

The Adventurous Simplicissimus is a historical novel written in 1668 by the German author Hans von Grimmelshausen.  The book was inspired by the Thirty Years’ War from 1618 to 1648.  This edition includes a table of contents.

The Gravedigger’s Letter

by John Glasse

27th. August 1666. Checkenden, England.

The parcel was a surprise; a solid sealed brown package addressed to John Slater my late father. Although I cannot deny a certain curiosity as to its content, it was not my place or even my desire to open it.

Due to circumstance which I shall shortly reveal, I had no choice in the matter. The disappearance of Father’s eldest son; whom I am reluctant to refer to as my brother, has seen me in sole charge of our family affairs. Whether I choose to open the package or not, by default the letter is mine.

So begins a story of two brothers; Ben, having little knowledge of life away from his family and Thomas, pressed into a life not of his choosing. It is an adventure of violence,murder and treason.

Kidnapped by the men responsible for London’s great fire, young Ben Slater discovers a strength of purpose and a God given ability are his only weapons in his fight to protect the very structure of seventeen century England.

Can he get a message to the King in time to save the pride of the British Navy? Will his love of a foreign girl in a far off country blossom and grow in spite of his terrible secret?

GP 9: The Glass Planet 9: The Abduction

by N. Reed

GP 9 The Glass Planet 9: The Abduction” N. M. REED

Gwydion Jacobs angel Hunter finds himself in the wildlands of Nevada on a horse ranch with a new friend, Sheridan. His mother, still living in the now-defunct old institute house in San Francisco asks him to come sit and pick up some old stuff of his grandfather’s packed awsay in boxes. Gwydion has been asked to give a lecture for his departed grandfather, old professor Antony Jacobsat the Meeting of the Minds, the old Archaeological Society he was involved with. For you see, old Professor Antony Jacobs has gone the way of Happenstance, and has departed this life and joined his dust with the stars. The family travels to New Mexico for the event. and they find way more than they bargained for.

SciFi, Alien Encounter, Biblical contexts

Author:N.M. REED is the author of the series The Glass Planet now with 9 volumes. N.M. lives in California on a secluded ranch with lots of animals and books. This series of books explores the miracles in the bible and their historical actuality, and relationship to our understanding of extraterrestrial forces making up our ancient history and our current God-based religions. The ancient texts of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library are a fascinating context to these stories. They contain the stories that were then altered to make the Holy Bible and the Koran, and the older stories illustrate perhaps the truer meanings of the tales, and which may be the telling of our earlier ancestors’ experiences with off-world visitors..

N.M. Reed is also the author of several animal short story books. Animal Companions, Horse, My Heart, and Wind in My Mane: Endurance Ride Stories. N.M.’s experience of living in the wilderness with animals both wild and tame, give background for these fun, entertaining and fascinating stories of her experiences.. As a cancer survivor, the value of life and the importance of cherishing the life we have here on this fragile blue planet has taken on an even more intense meaning.

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