Free horror Kindle books for 15 May 15


by Charlie Morgan

Ervin Dennison returns to his small North Carolina farm to find his family under siege by a hellish creature. With the aid of an old friend, Ervin must fight tooth and nail to save all that he loves or die trying.

The Scream

by Amy Cross

It begins early one morning in the sleepy town of Pine Ridge. A scream, desperate and piercing, filling the streets. And it never stops.

As confused locals start to search for the source of the scream, they realize that it seems to be everywhere at once. The streets, the buildings, the public areas… No matter how long they spend trying to find the person who’s screaming, they come up with nothing.

And still, it won’t stop.

As the day continues and the scream goes on and on, people start to lose their minds. Some still frantically search for the source, while others make plans to get out of town. Even when they realize that only one person is missing, they still can’t find her. It’s as if the scream has come to haunt the residents of Pine Ridge, and it won’t stop until they’ve all lost their minds.

And then, finally, the truth becomes clear…

The Scream is a horror novella about a small American town that wakes up one day to a terrifying scream that threatens to tear their entire community apart.

Ace of Spades Chronicles : Book One

by P.R.Sharp

A four man British Army unit patrol the streets of an undisclosed location, looking for survivors during a deadly viral outbreak of unknown origin. They encounter a young girl who leads them to a secure compound, whereupon they discover a journal that chronicles the early days of the outbreak from a single point of view. The journal is written by the eponymous hero and describes extreme survival and brutal encounters with the infected.

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