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Cat Trivia

by Elliot Carruthers

What can be funnier than cats? Cat trivia! That’s what. Funny cartoons and fun trivia explore the cool world of cats.

Famous Inventors & Inventions: Children’s Books (Books For Kids Series)

by Speedy Publishing

Famous inventors and the inventions they develop is a fascinating area of historical study that is usually far too advanced for young children. However, a Famous Inventors & Inventions Picture Book breaks that information down in a way that is interesting and engaging to young boys and girls. Instead of pages and pages of text that makes no sense to them, children can see a picture of the inventor alongside the invention they created. This helps to begin laying the foundation for this knowledge in children at a young age and may even spark their interest and imagination in this area.

The Dance Recital: A Book For Kids Ages 9-12 (Justin Johnson Short Stories Series 3)

by Justin Johnson

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The Dance Recital

Note: This is a Short Story

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Have you ever been so nervous about something that it ruined your whole day?

Ten year old Gina Wilson’s dance recital is mere hours away.

Will she be able to battle her nerves and make it through the school day? Or will they get the best of her and ruin the show?

Note from the author:

I write a variety books. These include short stories, mystery series, and serialized fiction for kids.

All of my short stories are in the 3,000 – 5,000 word range. That translates to about 25 to 40kindle pages. You and your child will be able to read and discuss these stories within 20 – 45 minutes. They are written for a kid ages 9-12 to be able to read independently, or a child 6-8 to have them read aloud with a parent. These stories usually have a strong inspirational, or character building message. All of these stories include a set of comprehension questions/discussion points at the conclusion of the story. The purpose of these questions is not for you to quiz your child, but rather to encourage them to think and discuss what they’ve just read. Ask them how they feel and why they feel the way they do. I believe that fiction is a good way to teach life lessons and character development in a way that non-fiction can’t. If you check out one of these stories, please feel free to leave a constructive review. As a writer, I am always working on ways to get better and improve my craft of story telling.

My mystery series is called Scab and Beads. These stories are a little longer and come in at around 15,000 – 20,000 words each. These are fun stories about friendship, being a strong person, celebrating people’s differences and strengths, and, of course, solving a mystery. They are written for kids ages 9-12 to read independently. If you have a child ages 6-8, you may want to read these aloud and be ready to explain what some of the words mean, as vocabulary plays a prominent role in the story.

My serialized children’s series is called Coby Collins: Marley Elementary Adventures. These stories come in at about 10,000 words in length. Once again, your 9-12 year old will be able to read them independently. The first book was written as a stand alone gift to my 2nd grade class a few years ago. But, they asked me to write another one because they liked the first one so much. I did, and it became a science fiction, mystery, action adventure series where each book leads into the next book without really ending – until the last chapter of book five. You have the option to pick up all of books individually,or you can check out the box set, which will save you some money down the road.

I am working on another serialized story to be released some time in the next few months. This story is called Action Jackson and the History Kids. It’s going to be all about American History through the eyes of a time traveling group of kids who just happened to touch the wrong thing at a museum. Once again, this book will be written for kids ages 9-12 to read independently. Children ages 6-8 will find it interesting and should be able to follow along if it is read to them.

Thank you so much for your time and energy as a parent. The work you are doing is important. And by reading with your child you are instilling in them a love of learning that will follow them for their entire lives!

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Blue Jay: Amazing Pictures and Facts About Blue Jay (Let’s Learn About)

by Breanne Sartori

Let’s Learn About… Blue Jay – Amazing Pictures and Facts about Blue Jays

Have your children ever wondered EXACTLY why blue jays have a crest?

There are so many awesome things to learn about blue jays. Are they really blue? Why are they so fussy about where they build their nests? In this book you’ll find answers to these questions and many more in simple, fun language. Each fact is accompanied by incredible pictures to keep even the youngest child fascinated.

In school our children aren’t taught in a way that makes them curious and want to learn. I want to change that!

This book will show your children just how interesting the world is and help excite a passion for learning.

Your children will learn how to:

  1. Become curious about the world around them

  2. Find a motivation to learn

  3. Use their free time to discover more about the world – and have fun while doing so!

And much more!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – What blue jays look like

Chapter 2 – Crest

Chapter 3 – Color

Chapter 4 – Where blue jays live

Chapter 5 – Nesting

Chapter 6 – What blue jays eat

Chapter 7 – Acorns

Chapter 8 – Gular pouch

Chapter 9 – Social life

Chapter 10 – Aggression

Chapter 11 – Migration

Chapter 12 – Flying

Chapter 13 – Communication

Chapter 14 – Mimicking

Chapter 15 – Intelligence

Chapter 16 – Baby blue jays

Chapter 17 – Breeding

Chapter 18 – Eggs

Chapter 19 – The life of a blue jay

Chapter 20 – Predators


Buy this book for your children today and give them one of the greatest gifts you possibly could – the gift of wonder!


The Hard Life of a Creeper: an Unofficial Minecraft Novel

by Rob Miller

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Have you ever wondered what would it be like to live the life of a creeper? What would you do if nobody wanted to be friends with you, but just ran away or tried to kill you? The creeper is a delicate creature and must be treated with caution. Or he might just plan something against you. SOMETHING BIG!

Watch your back!

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Tall Tales: The Karate Shepherd, Peculiar Children Book Series with Virtues: Teamwork

by Walter Rouzer

When their shepherd falls ill, the flock of sheep are fortunate to have black-belt, Woolly Lee, to protect them. Encounters with big bad wolves teach the flock, through Woolly’s example, what it means to be brave and protect one’s friends.

ABC Train

by Thomas Burns

Travel through the alphabet on the ABC train. This fun look at letters is a must for any train-loving child.

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