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Fix your marriage: The ultimate guide to solve marriage problems and save your marriage for life. (how to save your marriage, marriage problems, marriage … conflict, divorce, marriage books)

by Gavin Bird

Learn How To Overcome Your Marriage Problems And Fix Them, Permanently! 

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As you read this, there are millions of people who right now, are going through their very own marriage problems. Here’s where you’re different….the fact you are reading this description means you are one of a small percentage that actually take action to change their lives. Please accept my heart felt congratulations and best wishes!

From here onwards, no matter what happens, you will come through this because you are not the type of person to settle for something you know could and should be amazing. If you are in need of marriage counselling and you want to make your marriage last, then this book will help you.

The truth is marriages almost always fail becuase of these 5 reasons: 

  • Extramarital Affair
  • Loss of Interest
  • Shirking Responsibilities 
  • Lost Intimacy
  • Lack of Appreciation 

If anone of these 5 points has relavence to your situation, you should buy this book. 

Here is a preview of what you will learn

  1. What is a successfull marriage 
  2. How to spot the problems we all face, before they are problems
  3. How to stay in Love
  4. How to sharpen your communication skills. The foundation of any successfull marriage
  5. The importance of shared values and goals
  6. How to be grateful
  7. Additional tips and much much more! 

Here’s what others are saying: 

“5 years of being married and I find that me and my husband are suddenly feeling “cold” toward each other. It may be the fact that both of us are working and we don’t have kids yet or it could just be that we are so caught up in our own lives that we forget to include the other person. The author tells us to be more communicative with one another as well as give more attention to one’s needs. It’s kinda funny to think that what can fix our marriage are the most simplest forms of affection and we were giving them even before we got married. Thanks and I hope that many would be encouraged to get a copy.

April Johns 

I married my best friend, but still I do have to agree its not rainbows and sunshine. Perhaps because I had high expectations or because I thought I know him well enough. A lot of things changed after that. But 2 years along the way, we grew together after all the fights and misunderstanding.

We read this book together and yeah, we’re both glad to know that what we went through can and is normal to most married couples. Each topic is important and very well discussed. This is actually a very good idea as a gift for those who will be getting married or just recently got married.

Alexandra Dale

My wife and I both found this book really helpful in our attempts to get out of our rut. It is well written and have found that you can go back to it even after reading it through as it can give you a little perk when you need it.


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Erectile Dysfunction Cure: Overcome Erectile Dysfunction in 7 Easy Steps (Erectile Dysfunction, ED, Sexual Dysfunction, Sexual Anxiety, Impotance, Erection, Erectile Strength)

by Jason Halaway

Erectile Dysfunction Cure: Overcome ED in 7 Easy Steps

Don’t let this common yet embarrassing problem rule your life!

Affecting more than half of men between the ages of 40 and 70, Erectile Dysfunction is rarely discussed. Embarrassing, frustrating, creating low self-esteem and, possibly, relationship problems, the condition remains taboo for many men.

This book takes a common sense look at the condition, the causes and the prospects for recovery (which are excellent, in case you were wondering). If you, or somebody close to you, is affected by ED, then this book is almost certainly a must read.

If you are worried or concerned about ED this book will help you to understand what the possible causes are and, importantly, what you can do to recover. Many of the options that this book explores are simple and easy to implement; there are no “miracle” cures included in the book, just plain, hard facts!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The main contributing factors to ED
  • How to self-test to establish the cause of Ed
  • The main lifestyle factors that contribute to ED
  • Steps to recovering from ED
  • Supplements and foods that can contribute to recovery
  • And much, much more!
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    Revenge – Cheating Husband (Revenge Erotic Shorts Book 3)

    by Emily Devereaux

    This is an erotic short story. Approximate word count is 4,000 words. Story involves graphic language and sex scenes.

    Ten years into her marriage, Audrey is confident everything is going fine.

    But looks can be deceiving.

    When she is sideswiped with devastating news she never expected, what she decides to do next will set the course for her future.

    Can she regain control of her life and her family?

    Find out in this erotic revenge short.

    Hikes with Tykes

    by Rob Bignell

    Day hiking with kids isn’t quite as simple as taking them onto a trail and walking. Many parents have no idea where there even is a trail. They wonder how to keep their kids properly dressed for the wilds and how they’ll ever carry their infant all those miles. They struggle to figure out how much water and food to bring. They ponder what to do when their children get bored on the trail or start to misbehave. They know there must be a better way to cross rough terrain than the balancing act they’re attempting. They want to understand how to treat injuries from blisters to broken bones, of what to do if they’re lost or even forced to stay the night in the woods. This book covers all of that and more.

    “Hikes with Tykes” author Rob Bignell is an avid hiker, long-time editor, and former infantry grunt who’s been taking his son on day hikes for nearly five years. Together they’ve scaled summits almost two miles high, crossed America’s driest deserts, and walked beneath trees soaring 15 stories over their heads. Now he shares his knowledge and experience with you to ensure you and your children enjoy the perfect day hike.

    Raise Your Child’s IQ & EQ : Fun Brain Games & Cool Puzzles. – Children’s books for Boys & Girls 3 – 8 Years Old. (ILLUSTRATED): Raise Your Child’s IQ and EQ

    by Good Mother

    Raise your Child ‘s IQ & EQ with this book.

    – This book is filled with wonderfully illustrated color pictures.

    – Brain games for kids and parents to play that are both fun and educational.

    – Enjoying these absorbing games will help your child to develop the IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Intelligence), confidence and stamina.

    If your child loves fun games and puzzles, your child will fall in love with this children’s smart games collection.

    A child’s brain growth comes from experience and the exercise the brain receives. Think, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell stimulate the brain’s cell connections (called synapses) and create trillions more. The more complex these interconnections, the smarter your child will be. When you provide your child with early stimulation and a wide range of experiences, you can accelerate his brain development.

    This book is a great collection of cool puzzle games and brain games for kids and parents to play that are both fun and educational. These clever games & puzzles to stretch your child mind and tease their brain. Teachers, parents and kids will all enjoy the games that are school-safe.

    When your child plays games, they are creating the foundation for their intellectual and emotional skills. More importantly, the child learns these while they play. Learning and having fun at the same time is the best way for your child to learn.

    This book will develop both sides of their brain (the left side functions for reasoning, logic and language, while the right side features creativity and the arts.)

    Enjoying these absorbing games will help your child to develop the IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Intelligence), confidence and stamina.


    by Christina Barr

    Felix’s father says he suffers from an “overactive imagination.” After believing to have saved his mother’s life, Felix dons his baby blanket and a pair of special shoes to transform into Superkid! After his failing powers humiliate him on his first day of school, Felix begins to doubt if he’s truly special at all. But when he befriends Kiaraâ??a sassy classmate who is far beyond her years in intelligenceâ??and Liâ??a timid neighbor who believes in Felix’s powerâ??they become a trio of heroes and pull Felix deeper into his fantasy. Superkid, Princess Lady Diva, and Stickman go around helping those in needâ?¦as long as their parents believe it’s only pretend. How far can their imagination take them before they all get in trouble?

    “Let there be epic!”

    Living On A Short Dirt Street in Southern Alabama A Collection of Six Short Stories: Stories About a Young Boy Growing Up on a Dirt Street in a Village Atmosphere, Depending on Family

    by Phillip J Smith

    This short dirt street turned into a Village. There are only four homes along Forest Avenue and at the end of it is where Mamma Blackmon lived. All of these homes were all relatives.

    Parenting Overseas in a Developing Country

    by Ceppie Merry

    We adore being parents. We love living overseas. We love working in a developing country. Parenting overseas in a developing country can be totally amazing and devastating all in one day! Much like parenting anywhere but somehow amplified by the context.

    We cannot claim to be experts on parenting overseas nor to have the right answers. However we can claim to know and have lived the common questions and conudrums.

    This book is a collection of thoughts and stories on parenting overseas which we hope will be of help to parents of young children who are moving to live in a developing country. This book is of special relevance to those moving without the logistics support of the larger development community or corporate world.

    Adoption: Information About the Adoption Process

    by Fiona Karel

    This book contains general information about the adoption process and other details about adoption. The process of adoption may take longer than expected and it is best to be armed with the proper knowledge all throughout.

    If you are prepared to become a parent, let this book help you through all you need to know about adopting a child. The information here will guide you through the general adoption process and provide ideas on what to expect and how to prepare for the adoption.

    Inside you will learn:

    What You Need to Know Before Adoption

    Types of Adoption

    Legal Requirements and Fees

    Important Factors in Adoption

    This book will put you on the path to adoption.

    The more one knows about the adoption process, the more easily said process will be.

    Educate yourself todayâ?¦

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