Free religious fiction Kindle books for 15 May 15

Cooking With Love (Christian Historical Romance about Fred Harvey waitresses) (Finding Love the Harvey Girl Way Book 1)

by Cynthia Hickey

Tabitha is in search of adventure

(Previously sold through Harlequin as Cooking Up Love)

Tabitha McClelland knows accepting a job as a Harvey House waitress can be risky. Traveling alone to the rough-and-tumble West just isn’t done by young ladies of good breeding. But far more dangerous is her powerful attraction to Adam Foster. Family means everything to the widowed chef, but the self-sufficient Tabitha cherishes her freedom above all else.

Adam is captivated by the fiercely independent Tabitha. Fraternizing with the female employees is strictly forbidden, but the Harvey Girl awakens feelings too compelling to ignore. Can Adam convince Tabby to share his dream of a future in Californiaâ??together?

Forever Love (The Women of Manatee Bay Book 3)

by Jessica Nelson

Sky-diving instructor Maggie McCormick has a reputation in her small town for living on the wild side. What people don’t know is how her painful choices have whittled away at her soul. Determined to be done with romantic relationships, she’s ready to focus on a deeper relationship with God. She wants to prove she’s different and dreams of opening a home for young mothers. When she stumbles across the perfect property, things seem to be going well until she discovers the owner is none other than her good-looking pastor. And he’s refusing to sell.

Pastor Joe O’Reilly has big plans for his church and they don’t include selling his inheritance to free-spirited, motorcyclist Maggie McCormick. When her desire to help young mothers inspires him to assist her in the quest for land, he doesn’t expect to start falling for her. But Maggie guards dark secrets that could destroy his faith in their love.

Can Maggie trust Joe to love her despite her past, especially when she sees forever in his eyes?

Christian Fiction: From Happy to Sad to Happy Again (Christian Fiction, Christian Books, Christian Suspense, Religious Books, Christian Fiction Suspense, God)

by Nathaniel Eastwood

Adam’s bus ride to school today would not be the usual thirty five minute ride; in fact his life would never be the same again. Adam all of seven years old had been such a happy child. He was well loved by his parents and they provided for him without him ever having to worry about where his next meal would come from, or if he would have a home to live in, or would he have shoes to wear, or if his parents loved him.

Mail Order Bride – Montana Rescued Bride: Clean Western Historical Romance (Faithful Creek Brides Book 1)

by Rose Brodey

Carson Prentiss had prayed for the right woman to answer his advertisement. Sarah’s letter seemed to be the answer to his prayer. When she finally arrives, he is convinced she’s the one who was meant to be his wife.

Sarah soon learns she’s good at handling and riding the horses. One early evening, after bathing in the fresh, cool water of Faithful Creek, she interrupts a rustler attempting to take her horse. Before she knows what’s happening, Sarah is kidnapped by the man and his gang. Will Carson be able to save her? Or will she be forced to do whatever these vile men desire of her?

A Fresh Start in Littlebrook: Littlebrook Series: Book One

by Natalie Castro

This is book one of the three book series telling the story of Molly.

Molly takes her son, Sam, far north to a town where she can live alone and keep her secrets buried. No friends or family, she embarks on a new life. However, things don’t go as smoothly as Molly had hoped. With potential romance in the air, can Molly continue to conceal her mysterious past in a town where folk have other ideas?

Not A Leg To Stand On: A tale of Pretence, Pride & Paradox (The Holy-Rude Diaries Book 5)

by JB Duncan

Rev. Canon Austen Pillinger, Bishop’s Chaplain, has lost his faith, embezzled diocesan funds and gambled away money borrowed from a vicious loan-shark. Realising he does not have a leg to stand on, he flees to Florence where suicide seems to be his only option. Then a strange dream promises to change his life forever…

“Not A Leg To Stand On” is a short novella and can be easily read in one sitting. It is mischievous, intelligent and subtle, and will appeal to readers who enjoy the piquant taste of black humour.


“The Holy-Rude Diaries” give a glimpse of the Church of England’s hidden underbelly. They are quintessentially British; with British spelling, British idiom and understated British humour.


JB Duncan is a recently retired Parish Priest. He denies, absolutely, that “The Holy-Rude Diaries” are inspired by any of his personal acquaintances. Even slightlyâ?¦

I Can’t Remember Your Name (Amnesia Husband Book 2)

by Sally Hull

This second book in the series of Amnesia Husband can stand alone without book #1 or any books that follow. Due to meningitis-induced amnesia, the detective novelist Roy Anderson believes himself to be the pastor of a struggling church in a small town called Corinth–a town in which no one knows him or his wife LeeAnn–a town they are simply visiting for a short time. He believes that he knows everyone, but simply cannot remember their names. He begins assigning names to them, thinking that his memory is returning–but it is not. Since he has been reading in the Book of Revelation, and since the majority of his “false memories” come from things he reads, he believes that the people at this church are in fact the people to whom the letters of Revelation 2:1-3:22 were written. Being quick to recognize their strengths, weaknesses and sins, he simply calls them by such names as: Ephie Sus, Mrs. Sus, and all the little Susses, after the letter to the church at Ephesus. When he runs into legal problems, he calls for help, asking Jake-Patrick (the young man from Book #1 he believes to be his son-in-law) and Butch-Geoffrey (the elderly man from Book #1 he believes to be his father) for help. Through it all, LeeAnn endeavors to be the kind of wife that brings pleasure to the Lord, meditating on Proverbs 31. This is a comical tale that takes a lighthearted look at the serious subject of trouble in church, allowing the reader to enjoy the story, but at the same time give pause for thought concerning the deeper issues of God’s people being one in the Lord and serving Him faithfully, turning from sin, and worshiping the Lord both in the worship service and in daily living, even to the point of forgiving one another.

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