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Horse Training Gymnastic Jumping Book: Horse Training Exercise Book Including Simple Gymnastic Exercises for Horses

by Laura Kelland-May

Gymnastic jumps are a series of poles and obstacles set at certain distances to allow

horses and riders to develop their ability and form over fences. By using poles and jumps at set distances riders can develop their form, balance, position, strength, feel, balance, straightness and suppleness.

Gymnastic jumping tests riders of all levels and abilities. From beginner riders and advanced horsemen, systematic gymnastic progress can build up a green horse into a grand prix contender.

Voices from the Mountain

by Hal Burton

DECEPTION, SURVIVAL and DISCOVERY — One man’s quest, another’s redemption.

Suddenly and viciously attacked at a camp site in the Olympic National Park, aoung hiker’s life is forever changed. Four set out, only three return.
Is one of the four the assailant and a ruthless serial rapist?
Who is the mysterious man who finds the wounded hiker and with the aid of a female park ranger, helps him discover his past, unravel the mystery, and reveal secrets long ago hidden in the mountain wilderness of Washington State.

Survival Basics Box Set: Complete Practical Handbook To Help You Prepare Your Family and Kids in Case of Danger and Everything You Should Know To Be Able … Basics Box Set, Survival Books, Survival)

by Davis King

Survival Basics Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Survival 101: Complete Handbook to Help You Prepare Your Kids for Wilderness Survival

Complete Handbook to Help You Prepare Your Kids for Wilderness Survival is a book that every parent or guardian will want to have on hand for children who regularly go on hikes and/or camping trips. It is a preventative sourcebook meant to enhance outdoor experience and not to create any fear of it. Be sure to share it with friends, family, and neighbors with offspring. It will also serve as an emergency guide for kids who find themselves in adverse situations.

You never know when and where the information will become relevant to your child, and it is advised to read it now and train young ones well ahead of time.

The book contains information on:

  • Typical survival situations
  • How to build a campfire
  • Shelter, food, and water
  • First Aid
  • Developing confidence
  • Proper behaviour when away from home

BOOK #2: Survival Handbook: Basics for Family Preparedness in a Case of Disaster

This book is a true guide about how to protect your family in the bitter instances of disaster. Whether it’s your disabled sister, or it’s an elderly of your home with a weakened gaze, this book enchantingly facilitate you that how you can protect all from the hazardous impacts of catastrophes.

This book is written in a simple language with no jargon words. Any common man can get a real guidance from this book. The bullets are added and the tables are inserted in this book to convey the to-the-point ideas and notions to the readers. This immerse book is covering all the perspectives of disaster, the possibilities of dangers and the wondrous coping strategies. This notorious book is an excellent motive for the people of wakened hearts who think “disaster as a ruining power”. The core themes inside this book are enough for breaking the irrational beliefs of people that thinks “beings can do nothing in front of disasters”. You can get a maximum potential with enlightening hopes and with utmost chances of success against the negative respective of disasters.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Family preparedness in case of disaster – Why it is mandatory
  • How to avoid bad impacts of disaster on your family’s career
  • A guide about disaster kits
  • 3 basic steps to prepare family disaster plan
  • How to train children in family preparedness in case of disaster
  • What to do for handicapped members in case of disaster

BOOK #3: The Survival Know How: Everything You Need to Know to Handle the Danger and Remain Alive in the Wilderness

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to survive in the wild, now is the time.

This book is great for people interested in prepping or homesteading, too.

This ebook will walk you through the basic things you need to know to stay alive.

You will learn:

  • How to set several basic traps
  • How to make a fish trap
  • Commonly found edible plants
  • How to distil your own water
  • How to smoke and dry your meat

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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