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How to Draw Dogs: Colored Pencil Guides, Step-By-Step Drawing Tutorials How to Draw Dog and Puppy in Realistic Style, Learn to Draw Cute Pets and Animals (The Complete Guide for Sketching, Shading)

by Jasmina Susak

Two step-by-step drawing tutorials. Learn how to draw dogs with colored pencils.

Mandala Designs Coloring Book 5: 5 Printable Designs for Fun and Relaxation

by Mickey Mud

Looking For a Wonderful Way to Unwind?

Print as Many and as Often as Wanted. You can use over and over again.
You will find that printing, organizing, and saving these mandala design coloring pages is a breeze. Once the printable coloring book is downloaded to your computer, it is simple to save it and store it for future use.

What You Will Receive

Towards the end of this mandala designs coloring book you will find a link address and full instructions on how to get an instant download of a zip file containing 5 high quality black outline coloring pages, finished color examples and the front cover image.

Print Your Own Coloring Book

All coloring pages are high definition and can be printed at A4 or Letter size.
Best results will be obtained by printing on heavier weight paper or card stock, great for gifts.

These printable coloring books are extremely practical.
The beauty of the concept is that you are able to print as many copies as you wish, without having to pay each time.

Many Other Uses

Your coloring pages can be used to make your own templates or patterns for many other arts and crafts – postcards, embroidery, applique, paper piecing, iron on transfers, digital stamps and fabric painting!
Create your own coloring book; give as gifts sell at school or charity bazaar.

Let your spirit soar with the 5 uplifting and inspiring mandala designs in this entertaining coloring book. So pull out the markers or colored pencils and download these striking, detailed mandala coloring pages!

Take pleasure in bringing life to these beautiful art therapy images!

The Beaches of Maui: Photography by Andy Jackson

by Andy Jackson

Maui, known as the Valley Isle, is one of the most popular travel destinations. Tourist travel thousands of miles just to experience the beaches here. With over 30 miles of pristine beaches, each one offers something special. Whether it’s a quiet sunset stroll, or to bask in the Pacific sun with the warm gentle breeze, or to frolic in the clear tropical waters, Maui will fulfill your lifelong dreams.

Come explore the most beautiful, and breathtaking beaches in the world, “The Beaches of Maui”.

Inspirational Mandala Coloring Book: Find Inner Peace, Reduce Stress and Dive into Mystical Mandala Coloring Pages (Coloring Books for Adults Book 2)

by Sam Green

This vibrant collection of drawings was inspired by the hypnotic appeal of the mandala. An ancient form of meditative art, mandalas are complex circular designs that draw the eye inward, toward their centers. These 30 dazzling mandala designs will captivate colorists of all ages, challenging them to create kaleidoscopic effects.

Mandala Coloring book has it all.

Mandalas provide guidance to those seeking creativity and a more balanced life. The Book of Mandalas provides tranquility and a creative release with customizable mandala illustrations. As you color in each mandala, your focus will shift, allowing you to fully relax your mind. The intricacy of the designs will also encourage you to express yourself as you use your own unique palette to fill in every pattern.

The Man Who Stole Rock ‘n’ Roll: ‘It’s rock ‘n’ roll plagiarism… only this time the songs are stolen from the future’

by Bob Lawton


It’s rock ‘n’ roll plagiarism … but this time the songs are stolen from future.


Post war Britain is on the brink of the Swinging Sixties and the World is on the threshold of Beatlemania. Birmingham’s Frankie Atom & The Bombastics are about to be propelled from dance hall heroes to teenage idols…and a string of hit records.

One snowy night, driving the band’s Volkswagen home alone from a gig, guitarist Barry Harper is forced to take shelter from the blizzard in a lonely lay-by.

Impatiently switching between radio stations to find rock ‘n’ roll music for company, Barry is suddenly drawn down some sort of time travel warp…


…the Volkswagen now belongs to post-punk rockers The Robbie Rochester Band. Robbie befriends a desperately bewildered and terrified Barry and vows to help him find a way home.

But how?


Just what surprises await Frankie and his old band mates when they reform for a concert at a very special venue? What wretched decision did Barry make that reverberated down the years wrecking careers and changing lives forever? Who knew and why was nothing said?

Find out by checking out the LOOK INSIDE feature.

Amazing Views and Insights

by Julio Extra

A look at life through pictures and the introspective thoughts behind them.

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DIY Projects: 20+ Genious Wood Pallet Projects With Surprising Functionality!: (Wood Pallet, DIY projects, DIY household hacks, DIY projects for your home and everyday life, Recycle)

by Pamela Bennet

DIY Projects:

20+ Genius Wood Pallet Projects with Surprising Functionality!

This book will offer you over twenty genius DIY ideas on how you can use wooden pallets in and around yourself in wonderful functional ways. When thinking about a wooden pallet it is nothing spectacular, but the amazing thing is you can make them into useful eye catching objects with next to no or very little effort on your part. You can expand your creative ideas by turning regular wooden pallets into pieces of furniture that is not going to put a major dent in your bank account with little to no financial investment needed.

You will get some great ideas and suggestions in this book on how to make use of wooden pallets to help enhance your home. If you are someone that is a true believer in refurbishing items rather than jamming up the overflowing dumps then this is the book for you! Think of this book as a tool to help you to release those inner ideas you have or help to expand on them in how to make use of the pile of wooden pallets you have lying in your garage!

Reusing wooden pallets is very popular right now when it comes to those that believe in conservation and recycling. People are going out and buying new pallets at cheap prices as well as reusing old ones by refurbishing them. Warehouses near your house will probably be willing to sell you a few at cheap cost if you don’t have any kicking around your garage at the moment but are looking for a cool project to work on.

Download your E book “DIY Projects: 20+ Genius Wood Pallet Projects with Surprising Functionality!” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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Home organization, Decluttering.

Jack in the Green

In this book you will find 180 photos of the fantastic Hastings Jack-in-the-Green Festival which is an annual event taking place on the May Day bank holiday. Enjoy the colourful procession, the Morris dancing and the people participating in it.

This event is becoming more and more popular and as a reviewer of my Hastings book wrote:

“What I enjoyed most of all was all the outstanding shots taken at festivals including “Jack in the Green”, “Bike Run” , “Old Town Carnival Week” , and “Pirate Day” to name a few as people present certainly get into the spirit of the occasion. Bottom line, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I highly recommend and “I. Have. Got. To Get. To. Hastings!” (Especially during a festival!)”

The best 40 photos of this book are available as strictly limited edition prints on my website.

Have fun looking through the photos and come and join the Hastings Jack-in-the-Green Festival next year.

Jack in the Green

The Hastings Jack-in-the-Green festival was revived by local group Mad Jacks Morris Dancers in 1983 and is now one of the biggest annual gatherings of Morris Dancers in the country. The Jack is “released” every year and is central to the festival. The main procession of the Jack takes place on the May Bank Holiday Monday through the streets of Hastings Old Town, starting from the Fisherman’s Museum. The Jack is accompanied by Mad Jacks Morris, the Green Bogies, dancers, giants, musicians and various others. The procession ends on the West Hill where Jack is “slain” to “release the spirit of summer”.

A Jack in the Green (also Jack in the green, Jack-in-the-green, Jack i’ the Green, Jack o’ the Green, etc.) is a participant in traditional English May Day parades and other May celebrations, who wears a large, foliage-covered, garland-like framework, usually pyramidal or conical in shape, which covers his body from head to foot. The name is also applied to the garland itself.

In the 16th and 17th centuries in England, people would make garlands of flowers and leaves for the May Day celebration. After becoming a source of competition between Works Guilds, these garlands became increasingly elaborate, to the extent that it covered the entire man. This became known as Jack in the Green. For some reason the figure became particularly associated with chimney sweeps.

By the turn of the 20th century the custom had started to wane as a result of the Victorian disapproval of bawdy and anarchic behaviour. The Lord and Lady of the May, with their practical jokes, were replaced by a pretty May Queen, while the noisy, drunken Jack in the Green vanished altogether from the parades.

Similar characters to the English Jack in the Green were known in parts of Europe and Russia, and may be still. Some were involved in mock sacrifice, where the leafy framework was thrown or ducked into a pond or river (sometimes with the person still inside it). These festivities were variously associated with Easter Monday, St George’s Day (23 April), May Day, and Whitsuntide. Occasionally the disguise was straw rather than leaves, a link with the straw bears of German Carnival (and the sole English example, the Whittlesea Straw Bear), suggesting these particular figures personified winter rather than spring or summer.

Sweet Untasted: A Record of Musical Witness

by Fraser Sunderland

Sweet Untasted: A Record of Musical Witness is a memoir by Canadian author Fraser Sunderland. It tells the story of a group of high school pals who come together out of a common love for playing loud, aggressive music. Yet even as their bonds form and their abilities mature, timeless forces beyond their control throw the band into a life-altering crisis that would challenge even the strongest spirit.

Within the text of this multi-media e-book edition are many hyperlinks that relate to the details within the story of Sweet Untasted: A Record of Musical Witness. As long as your device is internet-capable, feel free to click on those hyperlinks to enjoy a deeper understanding of the influences and the results discussed within the story.

In the early 1990’s, playing the drums was my noisy but private addiction. It soon became a group effort as I found myself in a band composed of some of the coolest kids from my high school’s art-program. These were guys that I looked up to and I was a little stunned to find myself playing loud music with them in the basement on Friday nights.

They introduced me to the wild, passionate and long-haired culture that is Heavy Metal. As we grew more confident and capable as a band, so too did I become more comfortable with my place among them. Each passing gig left us feeling more optimistic about our musical future and left me feeling empowered – capable of anything.

That all changed. We performed better than ever at the Montreal show, with unity and indications of maturing skill. But the sudden transition thrust upon us the following evening wiped away our elation and empowerment in a single, silent moment.

Wild Thoughts Photos: Floral Beauty

by C. A. Broadribb

A collection of 51 beautiful flower photos, labelled with their common names.

Changes (Book 4) – Nature’s Meditation

by Viv Rosser

One thing that is always changing is nature. The changes are slow and yet quite extensive. From a tree full of bloom and blossom, to one with snow capped naked branches. This book is a visual guide to meditating upon the seasons. It includes simple poems and intricate drawings. It can be read and shared with children or kept for yourself and moments of quiet meditation. We are all part of nature and this little book with colourful illustrations is a step towards becoming one with nature.

Written for kindle fire and all devices with a kindle fire app.

A More Effective Student of Music

by Ellie Shields

In my study of music and the pursuit of excellence I have learned quite a few ways to produce myself as a musician. With that said I have found that there are ways to be a more effective student of music, for all musicians are students of music. I have put together a few, but very meaningful, suggestions of how to be a more effective student of music that I needed to learn to be a successful musician, especially as an undergraduate.

Shipping Container Home. What I Wish I’d Known Before Building!: Tiny House Living, Shipping Container, Shipping Container Designs, Shipping Container … shipping container designs Book 2)

by Chad Geller

Shipping Container Home.

What I Wish I’d Known Before Building!

This book is a straightforward guide to composing structures out of one of the most durable and useful materials known to man; Shipping Containers! This book is written to be entertaining and informative. Taking you down the whimsical path of shipping container construction in no time flat!

Some topics covered in this piece are:

  • Gathering materials
  • Legal Requirements
  • Buying Shipping Containersr
  • Basic Modification Methods

Download your E book “Shipping Container Home. What I Wish I’d Known Before Building!”“Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

Tags: shipping container house, shipping container designs, shipping container house plans, shipping container home plans, shipping container architecture, shipping container home construction, tiny house living, how to build a shipping container home.

Thrones & Dominions (Book 2): The Second

by Carlos J. King

Over twenty years have passed since Walter King’s legendary reign over New York’s underworld. Throughout those years he has relocated his family to Jupiter Island, Florida, and reinvented himself to be a legitimate businessman and model citizen. Now father to three adult sons, and one teenage daughter, the second half of Walter’s life has been one blessed with peace and prosperity.

With Walter’s retirement quickly approaching, a struggle for power between his two eldest sons ensues. Both of whom are hoping to be named their father’s successor and seize the reigns of the family business. And while one son has a genuine interest in furthering the company, the other has his ambition set solely on capturing the fear and reverence his father once commanded at the height of his notorious rule.

As Walter attempts to mediate growing tensions within his family, and salvage the serenity he’s grown accustomed to over the past two decades, an enemy from his past suddenly emerges to issue a grim challenge.

Zentangle Art: Zentangle Art for Beginners to Understand and Create Unique Patterns, Shapes and Art Ideas ((Zentangle Art, How to Draw, Beginners Guide … Zentangle Basics, Zentangle Patterns))

by Abram Hermes

Learn How to Draw Zentangle Today!

Today only, get this Kindle book for $2.99! Regularly priced at $7.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to master the art form of Zentangle.

If you have heard of art therapy and how drawing can be used for relaxation and stress reduction, then you would have heard of Zentangle. It is a popular art form that is used to create abstract drawings, with the help of only a black pen, pencil and paper. The simplicity of the art form is its biggest USP. This book shall introduce you to the different facets and aspects of this art form, making it all the more easier for you to adopt it and master it with time.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is Zentangle
  • Why Practice Zentangle
  • Zentangle Definitions and Terminology
  • Zentangle Philosophy
  • Other Art Forms
  • The Right Method of Drawing With Zentangle
  • All the Questions Answered About Zentangle
  • Much, much more!

Take action right away to find out how you can start drawing zentangle and unique patterns today by downloading “Zentangle Art” book, for a limited time just for $2.99!

Invest in your yourself and expand your talent in drawing by downloading ‘Zentangle Art’ book TODAY!



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How to have Great Looking Hands

by Misty Wesley

How to have Great Looking Hands is a self-help guide to show a person on how to achieve a fashion statement for any special occasion(a dance to a job interview), how to choose a nail color for their skin tone, how a nail’s shape can make your nail’s appear longer in length and play with new techniques such as nail art. God bless!

MI Life Book 3

by Miranda Innaimo

The third installment of the MI Life series. Once again Miranda Innaimo uses colorful words to paint an extraordinary image of strong, valid emotions. Her photography captures joyous moments in time worthy of admiration. She invites you to share her documented anthology of a life well-lived, celebrated in the highest, and regarded as truly beautiful.

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