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MY CRAZY YEAR IN THE MARIJUANA BUSINESS: How I Went from Living in a Tent To Making $30,000 a Month

by Jeff P. George

“My Year in the Marijuana Business” is the story of a man who had hit rock bottom and was living in a tent, someone else’s tent, in the northern California area known as the Emerald Triangle. This was and still is the heart of the marijuana industry in the U.S.

Earning $50 a week, taking care of an old man’s large flower garden, he eventually started working for different marijuana growers doing every job in the processing of pot. He watered and cultivated the plants; dried, trimmed and packaged them, and then acted as security for the drivers, or transporters. He finally ended up as a driver, delivering hundreds of pounds of top grade marijuana across the country, earning $30,000 a month, until it all came to an abrupt end.

Tomahawk Five Nine: Book One: In There Too

by Mike Win

Spring 2007: Chaos threatened to swallow all of Baghdad.

Sunni and Shi’a insurgents, devoted to their jihad to rid Iraq of the United States and its Western allies, were now raging against each other in a bloodbath of sectarian violence not seen in years.

As if Mike Win didn’t have enough to worry about.

A member of a cutting edge U.S. Army Stryker battalion, the “Tomahawks,” Captain Win, freshly stripped of his platoon for criticizing his superiors, also had to contend with the following:

1. An insane battalion commander (who hated him)

2. Incompetent senior staff (who also hated him)

3. A questionable war strategy (which he hated)

4. From a questionable General (whom he hated as well)

5. Given a job he never wanted nor trained for (and didn’t even know what to hate)

6. And all that other “war is hell” stuff (that everybody really hated)

Deployed as part of the infamous Iraqi “Surge” campaign to quell the war’s rising violence, the Tomahawks were ambitiously volunteered by their commander, Lt. Colonel Alfonso J. Mycroft, for an assignment at FOB Falcon that had them fighting to take back one of the most violent neighborhoods in the capital.

Undermanned and discouraged, the Tomahawks struggled to hold their areas against an indiscernible enemy hiding in plain sight while Colonel Mycroft’s toxic leadership poisoned the battalion from within.

With the loss of his soldiers and mentor, Mike Win, flanked by violent local nationals eager to kill him on one side and a hostile battalion leadership bent on killing his career on the other, slowly began his descent into a dark and ugly world where only the ruthless surviveâ?¦

â?¦and the sociopathic achieve results.

A true story, Tomahawk Five Nine is a hilarious, harsh, and harrowing memoir of a rogue U.S. Army Captain who sacrificed it all to win in Iraq…and lost everything in the process.

Police A life in the Blue – Memories of an 80’s Copper: Volume 1 – The saga begins

by Barry Woods

In the early 1980 Barry was your ordinary chap going to work and just being living normally, the same as everyone else. True he had had a few jobs, and they had been in different fields of endeavour, but that just meant he had a low boredom threshold, didn’t it?

Apparently not. As something to do he became a Special Constable in the United Kingdom, a â??hobby bobby’, someone who volunteered to be an unpaid Police Officer. But one of those that the Regular Police used to look after fetes and carnivals, and that sort of thing. Not really a Police Officer, more of a uniformed pair of hands. Hardly trained at all in the normal sense they were â??useful’, but not universally liked.

But Barry got the taste for Policing in the proper sense. He liked the camaraderie and fitted the uniform, so when he was being considered for redundancy of his day job, he turned to the Regular Police as an alternative. Despite being rather old at 33 to join the Police, he succeeded in impressing his Senior Officers and was accepted by Essex Police into their Force, and started a career that was to stretch unbroken over more than 20 years.

It seemed that Barry had found his niche in life, one that would enable him to keep changing what he was doing, whilst remaining in the same job. Throughout his career he kept finding new areas of Policing in which to become involved, developing new skills, finding new avenues to explore. Boredom ceased to be a problem, because apart from the fact that you never knew what each day would bring when you went on duty, if you lost the drive in your present niche you could always find another one.

But everything has to start somewhere, and this book charts the beginning of Barry’s start in the Policing life. It looks at his first steps into becoming a Special Constable, what they did and how they did it; before moving on to his progression into a Regular Police Officer with Essex Police. Where he gets sent to the area Training Camp to learn the craft of being a Police Officer.

Sometimes the life of a Police Officer is happy, sometimes it is sad, but it is hardly ever boring. Follow Barry as he progresses from Special Constable to Regular Constable, through his highs and lows, fun and problems!

Mediterranean Mission (Borders Book 1)

by Jack Sakalauskas

Mason Borders, operative for CSIS, has been given a new mission. He has to track a terrorist on a Mediterranean cruise. The ship will stop at a number of ports along the way. Any of these ports, from Barcelona to Istanbul, could be the target. While Borders tracks a man in a Panama hat, someone, with vengeance on their mind, tracks him.

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