Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 16 May 15

HTML, CSS and JavaScript: Three 1-Hour Crash Courses

by Charles Wood

Most Web pages are written in HTML, a simple language that is used, for the most part, to format text and images, to let users enter data, and to provide links to other pages. HTML chapter discusses how HTML works, and includes examples.

CSS chapter covers how to use styles, fonts, and colors across all the Web pages in your Web site. It covers vital topics, such as cascading style sheets, XHTML and HTML 4.0/5.0 standards, and validation of your HTML so that your pages look similar across different browsers.

JavaScript is a language very loosely-based on Java that allows you to easily add some programming capabilities to your HTML Web page. This chapter describes what JavaScript is, what it is not, and what it does.

Internet Browser Performance Guide: Learn how to clear the cache and temporary folders for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. (PC Technology Book 4)

by Todd A. Tiberio Sr.

Increase the performance and security of your Internet browser, by learning how to tune your Internet browser software. The browsers that you will learn how to optimize in this eBook are Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

7 ways to be successful in Information Technology

by Keestu Tappali Ekanathan

In this ever-changing world of IT which seems to expand and diversify every year, it is essential for you as a professional to be prepared. Not only does the book provide a suitable method to stay in line with the globalized IT environment, but also provides a cynical view to how life needs to be led. The book enlightens on 7 items which I as the author think as the important guidelines as per my experience in life.

WordPress Simpleton: Essential Resources for Artists, Designers & Entrepreneurs

by Dave Jacobs

These are the essential WordPress tools, resources, and tutorials for starting your portfolio website or online business in as little time and monetary investment as possible. Comes with corresponding step by step video tutorials, and case studies on the website. This is a living document that is updated regularly with new content, videos, and how tos essential for WordPress.

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