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A Cold Sleep

by Edward Kenyon

For the last four years, Jack Benson’s best friend has been in a coma. Even though he is unsure if Andy is aware of his surroundings, Jack still visits often, speaks encouraging words, and continues to tell his best friend how sorry he is. Jack is tired of feeling guilty. He wants Andy to wake up. Or at least that’s what he thinks. Jack has no idea where Andy’s soul has been.

The Jack Lockwood Diaries (Jack Lockwood Mystery Series Book 4)

by Geoffrey West

22 short stories relating to the life of Behavioural Investigative Adviser to the police and writer, Jack Lockwood. There are supernatural, mystery, adventure and humorous stories, each one giving an insight into Jack’s life, relating to past adventures and incidents.

Mystic Jungle: Tales from Southeast Asia

by Mark Seng Yang

A group of villagers flee during an attack â?? when their pursuers catch up, an ominous night brings unexpected phantoms. Kia visits her farmhouse only to find a creepy “friend” waiting for her. Twins must survive a week in a tree, and one of them learns you can’t trust who you think is coming. Little Lee hates that she’s “little,” but when Grandma becomes sick, being little is the only thing that can save the old woman. These tales and many more are reminiscent of stories told long ago in Southeast Asia. They are meant to scare, entertain and even teach.

Thin Ice: The Dead of Winter Book 2

by Jessica Payne

Nothing about Alexa’s life is simple. After Tess saw firsthand the terrors concealed in the lake, Alexa could no longer insulate her sisters from the truth. Tess set off to Denver to find information about her past life, and Ivy’s emotions are constantly teetering on the brink of devastation. But her sisters don’t know everything, and the secrets Alexa keeps bring a burden of guilt, a weight that could pull her into the undertow.

As events converge, Alexa realizes the only way to unravel the tangles of her life is to face the ugliness of her past and be completely honest with her sisters. But revealing the truth could do irreparable damage, leaving Alexa where she began this lifeâ??alone.

Ruined Sacrifice

by Paul B Kohler

Newlyweds James and Alison are on the trip of a lifetime, trekking through the jungle exploring ancient pyramids. Told that a number of interesting structures are off limits, they decide to wander off on their own â?¦ only to discover that they’re not alone â?? and that the ancient past has a dangerous habit of springing back to life!

The Yellow Wind & Other Horrors

by Michael James McFarland

In his first collection of dark fiction, Michael James McFarland delivers fifteen tales steeped in murder, madness, and broken dreamsâ?¦ each different in tone, in style, yet unified by a singular talent and imagination. All told, it’s an assortment calculated to blight the dreams of the most jaded horror aficionado.

Discover what it takes for ordinary people to survive in a world that’s been left behind, forsaken, in a trio of apocalyptic tales that goes beyond bullets and the walking deadâ?¦

Put your hand inside a magical shoebox filled with carpet scraps, tissue paper and glue; what George Watson finds, however, is a bloody knife and a skeleton out of his own pastâ?¦

Meet a writer struggling to recover the threads of a lost narrative, uncovering instead a terrible secret locked inside a derelict shopping centerâ?¦

Two souls trapped within a world of obsession and desire. A drunken hypnotist and his disconcerting companion. A housewife with a heart defect, desperate to lose weightâ?¦

Lost souls. Each struggling for a moment of peace, a chance at redemptionâ?¦ finding instead a horrible quicksand, a hole that only deepens as it clutches.

This anthology contains graphic material and is not intended for readers 17 and under.

The Burning (Supernatural Tales Book 1)

by Peter Buckley

The Burning is the first part of a series of novellas and novels from the ‘The Supernatural Tales’ series by a new name in horror and fiction; Peter Buckley.

A band of marauding cowboys leave death and destruction as they travel the plains of the west. Tonight a soldier who fell victim to them while protecting the woman he loved will be resurrected by a Navajo chief, to exact a painful and personal revenge on each of the seven.

Earth’s Knot (The Knot-Breaker Cycle, Book 1): A Fantasy Novella

by Katie Deann

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When Merak, one of the best thieves of the infamous Black Feathers, botches up what should have been a simple job in the underground, maze-like city of Knot, all hell breaks loose.

Suddenly he’s being hunted by a mysterious entity which the Oculists-Knot’s bronze-masked high priests-are desperately searching for. For they need it in time for a rare cosmic event that will reveal a way for them to physically reach their God.

But Merak’s interference might just cost them that chance.

And there’s a secret he knows nothing aboutâ?¦ that will change everything…

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