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by Sarah Buhl

The third book in the standalone Bohme series.

Think about a time when everything in life was perfect and felt as though nothing could go wrong. Life fell into planned alignment. All of the ideas and hopes held most important organized as books on a shelf. Each book held a title bearing a phase in life and within its pages laid the plan for the future.

Now imagine life threw something at that shelfâ??everything planned, everything hoped for, everything organized, now is turned over as the shelf falls to the floor.

Fear of the unknown replaces the hope for a perfect future.

Karl Samson is not a stranger to roadblocks and disruptions in life. Having for a time let them consume his thoughts, he now lives his life learning from his trials. He is the guy everyone thinks is a little off, though his friends love him for it. He is the one helping others. He didn’t set out one day to find loveâ?? he was doing what he usually did.

Maggie Presley achieves and that’s what she is known forâ??her determination to move ahead. Then, she is faced with something even the most meticulous planner couldn’t foresee. Maggie believed she knew what life held for her, because she created her own future. But, life had other plans and she learns that even the worst of circumstances have unexpected outcomes when reminded of life’s beauty.

This is a story of life and how sometimes it takes a reorganization of shelves to find the future. It’s a story of love that is found even during the darkest points in life.

She Rose High

by Joye Johnson

Patch is a multiethnic scrub girl brought up in a London orphanage. Mona Ferris is a famous American actress. When Patch is hired to mind Mona’s son on a voyage from England to New York, they sail aboard the RMS Titanic.

Manchester 1999 A.D.

by E. Beth Allan

It’s 1999. Manchester City Football Club is in the second division of the English League: two tiers below rivals Man United. Jeremy and Julian are best friends but an ex-girlfriend rocks the boat when she switches her allegiance, and the upcoming millennium is only adding to the tension.

Jeremy doesn’t care if the end of the world is nigh. Julian has high hopes for a miracle. Then one of them starts pulling supernatural stunts and the stage is set for a showdown featuring the holy trio of sex, drugs, and rock n roll – plus football.

The Sacrifice

by Janice Daugharty

Ah, end of summer, one more week till school starts, and Ruth and her friend Mandy are wading downriver near Ruth’s grandfather’s cattle and hay farm. Always fun! That is until they spy a newly built house along an upper bank and decide to explore it and are interrupted by two escaped prisoners on their way to Florida. They stab Mandy and take Ruth hostage. She’s never been even slapped, but now she is exposed to the kind of evil that she’s only heard about. One of the men, Rewis, is a serial killer. He loves to shock. There are many sacrifices on the three-month boat ride downriver, but THE sacrifice at the end of the journey is Rewis’s most shocking.

Passing Through Paradise

by Dennis Vickers

“Collage: an assemblage of diverse elements in unexpected juxtaposition.” Passing through Paradise is a collage of narrative elements, some forming linear narratives, others embellishing these narratives with odd images and facts. Characters appear and vanish. Plots take shape and develop. Settings adjust sporadically. Themes emerge. Mysterious satyr-like character pops up in Colorado and walks to Chicago, gathering an entourage along the way, to put on Sophocles’ satyr play, Ichneutae. Naive author of newspaper articles falls into ill-starred infatuation. Derelict Jazz-age theater, subject of intense political wrangling, is razed to make space for characterless condominiums. Elements from these and other narrative fountains splash onto the pages to create a playful literary kaleidoscope.

A feast of narrative morsels; some create delicious entres, others garnish with unusual dainties and treats. – Worthy Banguet Jr.

A carnival of feast and frolic. – Merry Libertines International

Hundred of exotic ingredients in this recipe, mixed and stirred in surprising ways. – Epicurean Toyland Ltd.

Double Edge (Fault Lines): A Fault Lines Story

by Thomas Locke

Reese Clawson’s work is mind-bending–literally. Her company specializes in global data analysis for an elite group of industry executives, and now a lucrative government contract is moving her into the realm of cutting-edge intelligence gathering. She is determined to crack the limits of consciousness–and in doing so, the boundaries of secrets and lies. But her experiment crashes as test subjects slide into a coma-like state. Reese is left scrambling to maintain control, drawing three disparate people into the search for answers–an adrenaline-amped thrill junkie with altered brain chemistry, an Italian scientist working on remote-viewing technology, and a math prodigy whose algorithms subvert
computer encryption.

Will this piecemeal team prevail when a government operative is sent to investigate? As the threads of perception and reality become tangled and even time itself twists in unexpected directions, one warning remains clear: what you don’t know can kill you.

With a concept so daring and writing so gripping, readers will swiftly fall under the spell of Thomas Locke’s endlessly creative mind. This thrilling psychological journey into the very nature of causation and consciousness will leave them turning the pages and grasping for solid ground.

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