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The End of Self-Help: Discovering Peace and Happiness Right at the Heart of Your Messy, Scary, Brilliant Life

by Gail Brenner

The self-help industry perpetuates the myth that we are limited, damaged, inadequate selves who need to be fixed. Sadly, it keeps millions of us hoping for a better future when we will finally be happy and fulfilled.

But what if it’s possible, at any moment, to be peaceful and free? In The End of Self Help: Discovering Peace and Happiness Right at the Heart of Your Messy, Scary Brilliant Life, psychologist Gail Brenner, Ph.D. reveals that in fact, it isâ??once we realize that who we are is not defined by our distorted thoughts and painful feelings.

With an infectious spirit, Dr. Brenner describes how personal suffering is a case of mistaken identity. She walks with readers as they expand their attention beyond their well-worn troubles to the very source of happiness and peace: presence itself. Guided audio meditations, included with each chapter, help light the way.

The End of Self-Help makes ancient teachings accessible to the modern mind. It’s a must-read for anyone who has finally realized that self-help doesn’t actually help. You’ll discover the fulfillment you’ve been longing forâ?? the living, breathing possibility of peace nowâ?¦and nowâ?¦and nowâ?¦

Peppermint Essential Oil: Uses, Studies, Benefits, Applications & Recipes (Wellness Research Series Book 11)

by George Shepherd


Peppermint, or Mentha piperita, has been used for centuries by the ancient Romans and the Egyptians for purposes ranging in everything from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics to candies and foods. Currently cultivated in Europe, Australia and North America, this mass produced oil often varies in quality. So be weary of peppermint oil which is priced very cheap, as the company may be processing a high volume product which is impure.

Beyond those applications previously mentioned, additional uses for peppermint essential oil include supporting the body’s natural defenses against bronchitis, colds, flu, allergies, asthma, colic, headaches, congestion, indigestion, diarrhea, fever, dermatitis, nausea, migraines, insect bites, menstrual issues, motion sickness, toothache, skin issues, stress, and stomachache. When it comes to the mind, the oil can provide mental acuity and relieve stress or anxiety.

Properties: Analgesic, antiviral, antibacterial, antispasmodic, anticarcinogenic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and invigorating properties.

Table of Contents: Introduction, Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil, Cultivation of Peppermint, A History of Peppermint, Chemical Components.

Main Properties of Peppermint Essential Oil: Antioxidant, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Analgesic, Antispasmodic, Anticarcinogenic, Invigorating

Common Medicinal Uses: Digestion, Respiratory Issues, Immune System Booster, Oral Health, Headache & Nausea, Pain Relief, Nail Care, Stress Reliever, Urinary Tract Infection, Blood Circulation, Hair & Scalp, Skin Care and more.

Recipes for Peppermint Essential Oil Included(Pure Supportive Remedies): Alertness, Asthma, Autism, Bacterial Infections, Bell’s Palsy, Brain Injury, Chronic Fatigue, Cold Sores, Common Polyps, Congestion, Constipation, Coolant, Crohn’s Disease, Diarrhea, Endurance, Fainting, Fever, Flu, Gamma Radiation Exposure, Gastritis, Halitosis, Headaches, Heartburn, Heatstroke, Herpes Simplex, Hives, Hot Flashes, Huntington’s Disease, Hypothyroidis, Indigestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Itching, Jet Lag, Lactation, Loss of Smell, Memory, Menstrual Cramps, Migraines, Motion Sickness, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Multiple Sclerosis, Muscle Aches, Myelin Sheath, Nausea, Osteoporosis, Paralysis, Rhinitis, Scabies, Sciatica, Shock, Sinusitis, Surgical Wounds, Swollen Eyes, Tennis Elbow, Throat Infection, Ticks, Typhoid, Ulcer (Gastric), Varicose Veins, Vomiting

Blends: Aches/Pains, Alert Mist Spray, Allergies, Chest Congestion, Clarifying Head Steam, Colds & Flu Daytime Relief, Constipation/Diarrhea, Cracked Heels, Digestive Blend, Gum Disease, Intestinal Issues, Jet Lag, Sinus Congestion, Sore Muscles, Stomach Ulcer, Tired Feet, Vapor Rub

Peppermint Essential Oil Studies Included:

Study 1 – Nausea & Vomiting

Study 2 – Oral Hygiene

Study 3 – Antimicrobial Properties

Study 4 – Antioxidative Properties

Study 5 – Antifungal Properties

Study 6 – Antifungal & Biofilm

Study 7 – Dengue Fever

Study 8 – Insecticide

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Backyard Homesteading: A Beginner’s Guide to Providing Organic Nourishment for Your Family (Backyard Organic Food, Homesteader Book 1)

by Shane Reece

Get Healthy and Save Money at Home

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Read on your Mac, Pc, Tablet, Smart Phone or Kindle Device.

Looking for ways to a healthier lifestyle? What if I told you it is not only possible, but you can save money doing it? Creating your own backyard homestead is a fun family project that can do both of those things and so much more. In Backyard Homesteading: A Beginner’s Guide to Providing Organic Nourishment for Your Family, Shane Reece details all the different ways you too can incorporate money saving tactics into your everyday life.

This book covers gardening and raising your own backyard fowl, among many other things. Regardless if you live in an apartment in the city or on two acres of land in the country, you will find useful tips and methods in every chapter. Backyard Homesteading: A Beginner’s Guide to Providing Organic Nourishment for Your Family by Shane Reece is the perfect introduction to how to maximize your space, learn about vertical gardening and how easy raising quails can be.

Aside from the saving money benefits, by providing organic food to your family is ideal in this economy where organic is synonymous with expensive. Who can afford the prices at the organic food store, especially with a family to feed? You gain control over every detail, including what food your meat source, i.e. rabbits or goats, consumes ensuring only the best quality nourishment for you and your family. Pick your copy up today and begin changing your life.

Here’s A Little Peek Inside The Book:

* Space, space and space! The question in your head is where do I find space. You don’t have to find more space, you just need to be more space efficient

* Creating the garden of Eden: taking the initial steps

* Brown Eggs are local eggs! And Local eggs are fresh!

* Raising chickens for your backyard Homestead

* Different organic meat sources for the homesteaders

* Making household products in the winter

* A simple home soap recipe for you to try

* Making money from your homestead, especially if you are a single income family

Would You Like To Know All That And Much More??

Invest in yourself and take action today by downloading this book for $2.99 only!

Scroll up and download now!

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Personal Transformation Box Set: Change Your Life and Become a Happier, Better You (Organize Your Life and Home)

by Michelle Henson

Personal Transformation Box Set (2 in 1)

Book One: Change Your Life in 4 Weeks How to Live a Happy, Healthy and Unhindered Life

Whether you are a laugh out loud kind of person or a hide in the corner type of person, everyone deserves the choice to live a full life. Change Your Life in 4 Weeks: How to a live happy, healthy and unhindered life offers a universal model of life changing steps over a period of four weeks, designed to make that idea of a more fulfilling life a reality.

Change Your Life in 4 Weeks: How to a live happy, healthy and unhindered life is a book that focuses on purging the old and cluttered from your life and inviting in a new life of happiness, freedom and hope. Whether you are in the middle of a stressful period of your life or simply feeling trapped by the rat race, this book is designed to help you break free and start over with success.

The four weekly steps included in this book are:

– Week 1: Cleansing the Body and the Mind

– Week 2: Cleansing Your Space

– Week 3: Planning Ahead, Having Dreams and Making Goals

– Week 4: Expand Your Horizons

Book Two: Your Contract With Yourself: Your Binding Agreement to Become a Happier, Better You

Consider this book your guide to creating a legal document with yourself, one that will help you break bad habits and replace them with better ones. Too many times, we say that we would like to change but then don’t really follow through. Maybe we give a few things a try but we either try to make too many changes or we go off in too many directions with little real focus. In the end, we find that we are trying to do too much and we feel frustrated and that makes us give up and go back to what we were doing in the first place. A contract that gives us the step by step plans of action and our concrete goals to work toward is a far better method of making these changes and feels more serious because it is a “contract”.

This book will ask several important questions along the way including:

– What is wrong with you?

– What changes do you think you need to make immediately.

– How do you think you can make your changes last?

– Should you share your contract with other people in your life?

– What should you include in your contract and what can you just leave out?

You must be able to commit to your own health for the sake of your well-being and for the sake of others. This contract just cements that need and elevates it to a higher importance.

Soap Making: Amazing Ideas and Proven Tips for Making Homemade Natural Soaps In Your Home (Soap making, Soap making books, soap making supplies)

by Mary Banks

Soap Making (FREE Bonus Included)

Amazing Ideas and Proven Tips for Making Homemade Natural Soaps In Your Home

Calling all natural soap lovers! Have you always wanted to create your own natural soaps at home? Are you an experienced soap maker looking for new tips and ideas?

This book is perfect for the novice to the experienced. Jam-packed with amazing ideas and tips this book is a snapshot of everything to do with natural soap making. From creating a Babushka inspired soap to taking inspiration from art galleries this guide covers ideas and tips you won’t read anywhere else. This guide traverses across all aspects of natural soap making from achieving cookie cutter perfect soaps through to letting your inner creative loose to create the abstract and wonderful.

Also included in the guide is the all-natural all-star challenge for true natural soap lovers to attempt. If you are a beginner this guide will open your eyes to how challenging and exciting creating natural soap can be, as well as soothe any anxieties over getting started. For the experienced creator, tips on how to sell your soaps may be particularly useful. People are becoming more and more educated on how harmful chemicals in their every day products can be. Many of the lost domestic arts are making a fierce comeback. Discover how easily you can create natural soaps for yourself and your family.

Topics covered include:

  • Proven tips and ideas
  • Creating soaps for a purpose
  • Color color color
  • Amazing shapes and design
  • Soap making fun with children
  • Amazing advanced skills
  • Sell your soaps: proven tips and ideas

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Essential Oils and Coconut Oil Box Set: The Amazing Guide for Beginners to Lose Weight, Prevent Allergies and Relief Stress (Meditation and Relaxation)

by Tiffany Brook

Essential Oils and Coconut Oil Box Set (2 in one)

Book One: Essential Oils for Beginners: Amazing Guide to Secrets of Aromatherapy with Easy Recipes for Stress Relief, Healthy Body and Mind

When it comes to aromatherapy, the essential oils are the chief components of them, essential oils are used everywhere in the world, so the main extractions from the famous flowers and herbs are embedded in this book. The solution for every problem is present in the essential oils, whether it is about reducing the weight or getting rid of the mosquitoes.

Due to the instant results and less side effects, the essential oils are commonly used to optimize the desired results. If you are seeking the perfect blends for the healthier skin, cure of many diseases and reduction in stress, then you can get the bulk of recipes not only for above topics but also for many other conditions.

So, get the immediate remedies either implemented in the form of blend or individually from this book and alter the life with the help of the natural products.

In this book you will learn:

– Unmasking the main concept of essential oils

– Revealing the inevitable effects of the aromatherapy

– Explaining the benefits of the essential oil purpose

– Guiding about the essential oils selection

– Unveiling the essential oils blends

– Considering the essential oil’s preventive and risk factors

Get all this interesting information by downloading this book right away!

Book Two: The Amazing Coconut Oil Guide for Beginners: Discover the Benefits and Secrets to Prevent Allergies, Lose Weight and Improve Health

Have you heard of the curative properties of coconut oil and how you can use it to lose weight and cure your allergies?

Perhaps you have heard of them but you’re not sure how to incorporate more coconut oil into your diet?

Stop looking across the vast and wide Internet for all of your coconut oil needs and take a look at this book! You’ll find information on the different types of coconut oil, as well as how to use them in your everyday cooking in order to help you lose weight and become healthier by preventing allergies.

Did you know that candida or yeast are some of the common causes of allergic reactions in people? They make our immune systems over-sensitive, which ends up causing our immune systems to overreact to pollen in the air. Coconut oil can help with that!

In this book, you’ll find the following information:

– The composition of coconut oil.

– The health benefits of coconut oil.

– How to cook with coconut oil.

– How to use raw coconut oil in your everyday recipes and how to use it to cure your allergies and lose weight.

– Delicious recipes that showcase coconut oil!

So scroll up and get a copy of this book in order to learn more about this beneficial oil and how it can help you become healthier today!

Meditation and Healthy Fitness Box Set: 15 Meditation Techniques for Peace and Happiness With 25 Easy Yoga Poses for Healthier Lifestyle and Total Chi … Meditation, Mindfulness Exercises)

by Patricia Evans

Meditation and Healthy Fitness Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Mindfulness: 15 Meditation Techniques to Bring You Peace and Happiness

In today’s busy world, more and more people are searching for a way to look within for peace and happiness.

Meditation is as easy as sitting down and taking a deep breath – and it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. This wonderful little guide offers you 15 simple meditation techniques that can bring you greater peace and happiness.

Meditation can help you:

  • Enhance your energy
  • Diffuse stress
  • Experience greater tranquillity and peace of mind
  • Release powerful chemical endorphins
  • Relax the mind, body and spirit
  • Strengthen your relationships
  • Sharpen your focus

In this book you will learn 15 powerful techniques that you can do in 15 minutes or less.

For those of you who have difficulty relaxing your mind and body these simple techniques are life changing. This practical guide is designed to help anyone, from basic beginners to dedicated seekers and it can help you create a more balanced and peaceful life.

BOOK #2: Yoga For Beginners: 25 Easy Yoga Poses for Slimmer Body, Stress Relief and Inner Happiness

This book is a must have for anyone looking for a basic introduction to the practice of yoga. Yoga was first developed in India thousands of years ago and it has become increasingly popular all around the world.

While there are many types of yoga, they all have one thing in common: they help you to create a strong toned body and a clear, bright mind.

This fountain of youth exists within you, and is accessible for everyone. With yoga, you can literally transform your mind, body and spirit, leading the way to your own inner happiness and vitality.

In this book you will learn 25 easy yoga poses for a slimmer body, stress relief and inner happiness. Included in the book are:

  • Yoga Basics
  • Standing Poses
  • Balancing Poses
  • Twisting Poses
  • Back bending Poses
  • Seated Poses

BOOK #3: Total Chi Fitness: Get Familiar With the Meridian Stretching Exercises for Ultimate Fitness, Performance and Health

Total chi fitness has a lot of benefits in ensuring that it unblocks your meridians that are the pathway through which your life energy flows and increases the circulation of your life force

In this book you will get:

  • Best ways to practice the exercises while ensuring that you are safe from harming yourself.
  • Different poses to be practiced, to enhance free energy in your body
  • Step by step procedure to follow in performing the various poses
  • Benefits of practicing total chi fitness and the impact it will have on your health
  • Procedures that you can use to achieve different poses in performing total chi fitness
  • The number of times you should be doing the exercises to ensure that you maintain your performance and help to revitalize your muscles
  • Ailments that your body will be relieved off by practicing the poses

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Homesteading: 22 Amazing Lessons That Will Teach You How to Become a Homesteader and Why Those Skills are Important (Homesteading, Homesteading books, homesteading skills)

by Roman Reese

Homesteading (FREE Bonus Included)

22 Amazing Lessons That Will Teach You How to Become a Homesteader and Why Those Skills are Important

Have you always been fascinated by homesteading, but thought of it as something too difficult for you to achieve? Well then, you’re in luck! This homesteading eBook is an all inclusive guide that could lead even a blindfolded moron to homesteading success! This easy to read, highly informative homesteading EBook covers all topics related to homesteading, starting from the more basic simpler tasks, such as how to successfully grow your own garden, to the more complex and intricate ones such as how to build your own root cellar! Even if you’re a well-established homesteader, it is guaranteed that even you will find tips and tricks to help improve your homesteading game!

It covers all the major areas of homesteading one must be well-versed in before rising to the homesteading challenge, including gardening, livestock, preservation of food, cooking techniques, cures for common ailments and even a whole chapter on ways to get your kids involved on the homestead! What more could you ask for?

This is a one stop guide to homesteading success, both for a novice of the trade and even a veteran. You don’t want to miss what this homesteading EBook has to say!

Contents of the Book:

  • Chapter 1: The importance of homesteading in today’s day and age
  • Chapter 2: Amazing lessons you need to know to grow your own garden
  • Chapter 3: Amazing lessons that will teach you how to master the art of food preservation
  • Chapter 4: Amazing lessons to help you learn how to understand the way of the livestock
  • Chapter 5: Amazing lessons on how to run a homestead kitchen
  • Chapter 6: Amazing lessons on how to get your children involved
  • And Much, much more!

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Recipe Books Box Set: Gluten-Free Meals to Boost Your Energy Alongside 5: 2 Healthy Dishes to Experience Benefits From Fasting And 35 Delicious Recipes … Box Set, Healthy Eating, Healthy Food)

by Nancy Hill

Recipe Books Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Make Ahead Paleo: Feel the Energy with These Super Healthy Gluten-Free Meals

Maybe you�re looking to lose weight and get in shape, or maybe you simply want to get healthier and feel better.

In 2014, the Paleo diet was the most googled health diet in 2014, and there are many well-known people who swear by it ââ?¬” A-list celebrities, star athletes, and even former Presidents!

This book will give you all the tools you need to maintain a super healthy, gluten-free Paleo diet, including:

  • A brief introduction of the basics concept of the Paleo diet and a list of all the benefits of being on it
  • Everything you need to get started, including concise instructions about the Doââ?¬â?¢s and Donââ?¬â?¢ts of the Paleo diet
  • Delicious and nutritious make-ahead Paleo recipes, including scrumptious breakfast delights, satisfying main dishes, and delectable desserts
  • Make Ahead Tips that will advise you about how best to make ahead these dishes so that you can plan your cooking and save time and energy

Whether you�re a newbie or a seasoned Paleo dieter, this collection of make-ahead Paleo recipes will be sure to diversify your meals and keep you on track, so that you�re never bored with your eating options.

Whether you�re looking for a full-course meal or a quick but scrumptious snack, we�ve got you covered with these amazing Paleo recipes!

BOOK #2: 5 2 Diet Recipes: Experience The Incredibly Powerful Benefits of Fasting With a Variety of Healthy Dishes

The 5:2 diet is a very effective diet plan.

It is based around the concept of intermittent fasting; where you restrict your calories for two days, then eat normally for five days.

In this book you will find:

  • A Brief Introduction to the 5: 2 Diet
  • A Basic Understanding of the 5:2 Diet
  • Why Detoxification is Good For Your Body
  • Questions and Answers on the 5:2 Diet
  • Healthy Fasting Foods and Suggestions
  • Ten Fasting Recipes to Try

The 5:2 diet is not a diet of deprivation, and that is the beauty of it.

With so many options for meals, this is a plan you can really live with. If you combine some light exercise to your healthy eating regime, your results will be even better.

BOOK #3: Low Carb Diet Cookbook:35 Easy to Make and Delicious Recipes to Boost Your Energy and Improve Your Life

The Low Carb Diet Cookbook is a simple guide to inspire and motive you to shed unhealthy eating habits and lose weight in the process. Using cutting-edge appetite curbing techniques and the most delicious recipes you�ve ever tasted, this cookbook is a self-help book and must-have kitchen resource all-in-one!

In this book, you�ll find:

  • Absolutely foolproof smoothie recipes designed around ingredients you already have on hand
  • Freeze-ahead recipes that make eating a healthy breakfast possible, even on the busiest mornings
  • Lunch recipes that will fill you up and power you through your workday
  • Delicious dinners that pack a punch of nutrition without sacrificing any flavors and
  • Desserts that prove that losing weight doesnââ?¬â?¢t have to mean cutting out all of your favourite indulgences

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7 Days Ninja Cleanse Cookbook: Detoxify Your Body And Lose Upto 12 Pounds In A Week!: 40 Smoothie, Salad and Body Cleansing Recipes

by Megan Wood

Detoxify & Cleanse

“Wow! This stuff is serious! I had no idea we could enjoy so many recipes and still detoxify our body”

-Michelle K. on Facebook

“I was always intimidated by the idea of eating less or no foods to cleanse your body. But I’m so glad to find a book that offers me a wide variety of healthy recipes. I love the idea of incorporating non-smoothie recipes that actually help you detoxify! #SuperCleansing”

-Ella C. on Twitter

“Megan’s books have always helped in one way or the other, and just when my boyfriend was complaining about my increased waistline, I found her book to help me out…again!”

-NN on Twitter


Detox and Cleansing diet is a medically proven diet plan where you avoid all the foods containing oils, grains, dairy, alcohol, sweeteners, condiments, animal and vegetable proteins and replace them with highly nutritious, whole some foods like dairy substitutes, gluten free grains, fruits and vegetables.

By doing so, your body starts releasing all the toxins from your body organs. But please understand that depending where your body toxins are deposited, the type of toxin, you have to expect your body to react in some way to the removal of your toxic load. People generally people experience slight headaches as toxins release from the brain. But these are very common traits of detoxifications and one should not be worried about it!

The result?

Feeling of revival, fresh and clear vision and mind, reduced weight, slim and a healthy body!

The Book Offers:

40 Super Easy, Delicious Recipes to Detoxify!

Ultra Easy Directions

Hyper Easy and Readily Available Set of Ingredients!

You’ll get to enjoy these exotic cleansing recipes!

Blueberry Greek Yogurt Smoothie

Vanilla Chai Pudding

Almond Oat Muffin

Magic Herb Soup

Rainbow Salad……and much more!

I really loved the book. The recipes are so much diverse and non-repetitive. And at this price point, the book is a steal!

Jim H, Chef

So why wait when you can start burning those toxins right away?

Let’s Cleanse!

Clean Food Diet and Vegan Gluten Box Set: Gain More Energy and Lose Weight with Clean Eating and Gluten Free Recipes for an Allergy Free and Healthier Life (Clean food diet, vegan gluten, diet books)

by Donna Lee

Clean Food Diet and Vegan Gluten Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Clean Food Diet: Dedicate yourself to the Clean Eating Lifestyle to Stay Healthy, Gain More Energy and Lose Weight

Are you fed up with counting calories? Or having to ban certain foods from your diet? If so then this revolutionary way of eating could be just what you are looking for. Clean eating requires no special equipment or ingredients it is simply a healthy eating plan that centers on whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables. This book will provide you with an insight into eating clean and should help you to understand why people decide to follow a clean eating lifestyle and also help you to get started on your own clean eating plan.

This really is the only book you need to see your making improvements in your diet along with weight loss, an increase in energy and skin that positively glows. Good luck and enjoy!

The topics that are covered in this book are as follows:

  • Understanding Clean Eating
  • How to eat clean
  • Health benefits of clean eating
  • Enhance your meals with eating clean
  • Eat clean plan
  • Eat clean review

BOOK #2: Vegan Gluten: Easy to Make Gluten Free Recipes for an Allergy Free and Healthier Life

Vegan Gluten-Free Recipes debunks the myth that vegan and gluten-free recipes are to be considered boring. This book proves otherwise by instructing the reader how to prepare meals that are eye-appealing, palate-pleasing, and healthy for the whole family. Gone are the days when vegan and gluten-free recipes that are not filled to overflowing with allergens are on the menu. Vegan Gluten-Free Recipes is a one-of-a-kind book that covers salads, soups, main dishes, and even delicious but healthy desserts. In other words, the possibilities are limitless and the healthy choices you and your family will make by using these recipes will pay off in both the short term and long term. Vegan Gluten-Free Recipes covers a wide spectrum of legumes (great source of protein), fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and homemade dressing that your whole family will thank you for and your friends will envy. If you’re serious about a gluten-free, meat free diet, this is a must-have book for you.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • What Is A Gluten-Free Vegan?
  • Vegan Soups and Tummy-Warming Dishes
  • Vegan Salads, Main Dishes and Desserts

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Essentially Happy: How to Use Essential Oils for Stress

by Elizabeth Walling

Are you stressed? Ready for some natural relief? Essential oils can help! Read this book to discover how pure essential oils can help you recover from the different types of stress in your life. Whether stress is keeping you from being able to wind down at the end of the day, or if your stress is preventing you from concentrating at work, there are specific oils you can use to conquer these issues. Recipes included!

Bodyweight Exercise Bible: Bodyweight Workout Routines For Men And Women (home workouts, build muscle, home exercise, burn fat)

by Anthony Anholt

The Bodyweight Exercise Bible can help you get the body of your dreams in only 15 minutes a day. Think of the physiques you really admire and would like to emulate. Whether they be dancers, gymnasts or martial artists the common thread running through all of their training methods are bodyweight workouts. Don’t you think it would be wise to follow their example?The Bodyweight Exercise Bible is built around bodyweight exercises that are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels. When these exercises are mastered this program contains 45 additional exercises to keep your workouts varied, challenging and interesting. No matter what your age or current physical condition The Bodyweight Exercise Bible can help you reach the next level. Get this book and start transforming yourself and your life today!

High Blood Pressure: Natural Solution to Lower Your Blood Pressure and Live a Healthy Lifestyle (Natural Cure)

by Jerilyn Hudson

Many people in America suffer from high blood pressure. Often this is a result of the bad diet they eat that is full of sodium and bad fats, the lack of exercise, and all of the stress that they are dealing with in their lives. But having high blood pressure results in the body being in poor health and long term dealing with this problem can really harm your body.

This guidebook is going to take a look at high blood pressure and ways that you will be able to safely and effectively lower it.

In this guidebook you will learn:

– What high blood pressure is and why it is bad for your health.

– How to eat the right foods in order to lower your sodium

– How to get in the right exercises to feel your best

– Why stress is so bad on your life and how it is will raise up your blood pressure

– Recipes that can help lower blood pressure.

There are many different ways to lower your blood pressure, you just have to be ready to make some life changes in order to get it down to the right place for your health. Use this guidebook in order to get started in better health today!

Dark and Stormy (Sacred Hearts Coven Book 1)

by Felicia Starr

The sisters of the Sacred Hearts Coven gather every month with one intention, to ignite a flame of passion into one lucky person’s love life.

Regina’s work is her driving force. She strives to be the top of her game, but there is a large thorn in her sideâ??Reddick, her apparent nemesis. His confident and somewhat arrogant persona makes her blood boil; but as the saying goes, there is a thin line between love and hate.

Will a touch of magic have Regina opening her heart to the unknown? Or will she run from this storm only to be crushed by her greatest fear?

Cleaning: 1 Week Cleaning Guide Quick and Easy: How to Become Free from Clutter in 1 Week for Messy People: Cleaning, Cleaning Book, Cleaning Tips, Cleaning Guide, Clutter Free

by Tina S. Chip

Cleaning:1 Week Cleaning Guide, Quick and Easy: How to Become Free from Clutter in 1 Week for Messy People

We’ll start with the motivation. Decluttering the house requires time and work and it won’t be good if you aren’t well motivated towards it. The tiredness may cause you to give it up and to avoid this, you need motivation to stay put on your tasks.

The best motivation for me is that I know that when I clean the house, I’ll find many things that I don’t like or need anymore. I’ll either give off these items off to charity or I’ll sell them or I’ll just throw them out. This will make up so much more space and I will be able to then buy things that I actually need!

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Gardening: Backyard Landscape and Design (backyard, landscaping, lawn, yard, landscape design, horticulture, garden plants)

by Daniel Holcombe

Turn Your Backyard Into Your Own Private Paradise!

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Can you design your own landscape layout? Is it difficult?

When you download Gardening: Backyard Landscape and Design, you’ll find out exactly what is involved in creating a beautifully landscaped backyard that can provide you with joy and a sense of accomplishment that will last for years to come. It also explains the different types of plants, shrubs, and groundcover you can use!

How do you get started? What equipment do you need? Is it difficult? What if you don’t have a green thumb?

Gardening: Backyard Landscape and Design explains the pros and cons of outdoor landscaping. It also gives you a good overview of what’s involved as well as ways to get you started.

When you download this book, you’ll also learn about the different types of Annuals, Perennials, and grasses you can use to get your garden started.

Download Gardening: Backyard Landscape and Design now, and get started today!

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Chasing Fire (A New Adult Steamy Romance) (Broken Fire Book 1)

by Katy Baker

Chasing Fire (A New Adult Steamy Romance)

Broken Fire Book 1

I’m Ryan Miller: football star, playboy, party animal. I have it all. Good looks, wealth, fame.

And a football career every kid dreams of.

My life should be perfect but it’s not. I drink too much. I fight too much. I wake up in bed with a different girl every morning. I’m looking for something. I just don’t know what.

That is, until Pippa Anderson walks into my life. She’s beautiful, intelligent and might just be able to fill the big black hole inside my heart. But Pippa has a secret. Something she won’t tell me. Something she won’t tell anyone. I need to get her to trust me. Trouble is, I don’t know where to start. And do I want to know the truth?

Chasing Fire is a 15000 word New Adult Romance novella.

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How To Dry And Prepare Your Herbs – A Beginners Guide: :: Easy To Follow & Practical Herbal Guide

by Nathaniel Wake

Save A Boat Load Of Money Harvesting and Drying Your Own Herbs :: My Personal Techniques For Drying Herbs That Will Save You A Ton Of Mistakes!

This book is designed for beginners who want to have a better understanding on the use of herbs so that they can successfully create their own blends. However, it can easily be used by anyone with experience

If your goal is to live a healthier lifestyle by personally creating your own herbal remedies this book is definitely a must have.

This book provides you with all the important information relating to preparing your herbs for use in your recipes. In fact, it is a good idea to have this book handy right alongside your recipe books that you have already purchased from me.

It is the necessary reference guide you should never be without.

So let’s get you started saving money and drying and storing your own herbs! Exciting! Scroll on up and grab a copy now!

Abundance Manifesting Made Easy: How to Manifest Abundance, Money, Love and True Success with the Law of Attraction (Abundance Manifesting Mastery Book 1)

by Jack Hendryk Haddock

Manifesting Made Easy – A QUICK Guide

From the best-selling author of the Power Series that brought to us the understanding of the great power within us in manifesting our goals and our dreams, a new book has been created to be revealed to you. There is more power for you to discover and unleash. There is nothing more powerful than a man who has discovered and has utilized his full potential towards changing the universe. Yes, it’s true! You can change the world you live in if you can harness the power of the universe – the law of attraction.

Discover the key to unlocking man’s greatest potential that is inside you and use that energy force that we all are a part of in making your goals and dreams come true. Everything is energy and we can transform our thoughts into a reality if we can harness this power and unleash it from inside you. We have included practical tips and reminders to help you do just that and to fasten and boost up the processes of the law of attraction. They are your keys to revealing a new world that is to change your life forever.

What You Will Discover Inside:

– How to manifest your dreams (abundance, love, true success, money) into your reality

– How to use the energy that we all are a part of

– How to unleash your inner power

– How to use the easy, but powerful 1-2-3-4 process

– How to speed up the power processes

Once you read this short book, you will be changed forever and you will notice great improvements in your life. You will feel more excited for the things that are to unfold before you and you will experience greater new things. Feel abundant in money, love, success, peace, and happiness and live life to the fullest by practicing the wisdom we will share with you.


This guide is highly empowering and motivating. It is not for the faint of heart and for the weak in spirit. You may experience sleepless nights and daydreaming while reading this book. This is only for the people who truly want to make things happen and make their dreams into a reality. Please, do not read this book if you do not want to manifest your dreams and goals today.

TAGS: Abundance Manifesting, Manifesting Abundance, Manifesting Money, Manifesting Love, Law of Attraction, How to manifest, Abundance

Hep C Treatment: Discover How to Treat and Cure Your Hepatitis C (Hep C)

by Wendy Johanson

If you or someone you know is infected with the Hepatitis C Virus (Hep C, or HCV), then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

Hepatitis C is a serious condition which requires your immediate attention. Many people are afraid of the ridicule and stigmas associated with Hepatitis C and therefore shy away from seeking treatment while the condition worsens. Taking appropriate healing measures – including medication – is of utmost importance since statistics prove that as many as 80% of Hep C sufferers are cured successfully. However, there are other lifestyle factors that can greatly affect your recovery, including numerous alternative and home-based treatments that can help ease the symptoms. This book will discuss the Hepatitis C therapeutic drugs currently available, the known side effects of these drugs, and other alternative methods of treatment â?? including home treatment methods and suggested lifestyle changes â?? as well as specific techniques on how to prevent the spread of Hep C to other members of your family.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • About the Hepatitis C Virus
  • The Causes and Symptoms of HCV
  • How to Treat Hepatitis C with Medical Intervention
  • Home Prevention and Treatment Techniques
  • About Complementary Treatments for Hepatitis C
  • What Complications can Occur with HCV
  • Valuable Pointers for Dealing with HCV
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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How to Adopt a Dog: An Essential Guide for Adopting a Dog and Bonding With Your Dog

by Ana Morton

If you’re considering becoming a pet owner, then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

While many first-time pet owners seek out a pure breed or prefer to buy a dog from a pet store, seasoned dog owners know that it is actually wisest to adopt a dog from a shelter instead. Adopting from a shelter has many advantages, the most rewarding of which is that you are saving a life. Dog owners know that by adopting from a shelter you can be sure that you are getting a healthy dog which has already been screened by medical staff and well taken care of while at the shelter. Shelter dogs are usually already spayed or neutered and vaccinated, which makes the entire adoption process much more cost effective. Whether you are considering adopting a dog in order to save a life or you are looking for a special companion that’s perfectly suited for you, there are many factors to consider which may influence your decision. This book will help you consider your decision to adopt; it will assist you in choosing the breed of dog that will be most suitable for you and your lifestyle; it will guide you through the process of adoption; and it will even offer insight into how you can train and bond with your new companion.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Whether Adopting a Dog is the Right Decision for You
  • How to Choose a Breed
  • About Breed Characteristics
  • A Guide Through the Adoption Process
  • How to Train and Bond with Your New Dog
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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