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Getting In The Top 100: How to Write Great Romance and Erotica: The Principles of Storytelling, Sentence Construction, and Style

by Amy Goldberg

The Ultimate Guide For Writing Top Selling Romance and Erotica

Why do some writers make it, while others never get off the ground? Why does writing for some authors become an asset, bringing them hundreds of dollars a day, while for others, writing is a liability, costing them time, money, and energy, with no return on investment?

The answer: the quality of their work. No one wants to read low and poor quality writing and story telling. And no one especially wants to pay money to do that. However, people will pay lots of money to experience another life, to feel like they’re falling in love again for the first time, to be the most desired and sought after person on the planet. To make a person feel like that requires just a little bit of talent and a whole lot of knowledge and practice. This book provides the knowledge.

Maths – What they’d teach you….if they had the time: How your teachers would like to teach maths if they had the time

by kevin bennett

This is just a sample of a series of books i am developing. When you leave feedback please email me as when i have completed the books i intend to give out a lot of free copies to my mailing list.Will Pythagoras always work ? Where does calculus come from ? What’s the point of trigonometry ? Why does that work ? Where does that come from ? These are questions that may have considered but as teachers and tutors are often stretched and short of time don’t have time to explain them to you. Students are often taught how to follow the steps to solve the problem. Here is a sample of a larger book. This book goes beyond current teaching and endevours to give you a deeper understanding of particular subject areas of mathematics. Where does a particular formula come from, explaining calculus.

Ten Lights of Leadership: Illuminating Paths in the Leadership Journey

by Gary W. Robinson

Ten Lights of Leadership is a resource for anyone who is interested in leadership, no matter where that person might be in the leadership journey. The reader will be challenged to examine his or her beliefs, values, and leadership practices. This book is a call to action for each of us to be an agent of positive change. The big ideas in this book are: we are all leaders in various ways; leadership is a critical issue in our lives and society; and intentional, purposeful leadership leads to positive results that will endure.


by Semina Doha

This cute animal alphabet book will help a child learn their ABC’s.

Children learn more when they have fun with language. Animal Alphabets is a great way to associate animal names with the letters of the alphabet.

Colorful, high quality illustrations to keep children engaged.

Designed for children from 0-5years.

Time Management: How to WIELD Time Efficiently To Increase Productivity and Reach Your Full Potential

by Mete Can Yumru

Wealth, success, fulfillment, fun, enjoyment, happinessâ?¦ All these things can be pursued over and over again and relived. The only thing we cannot bring back is: TIME

Even though you cannot bring back time, it is in your hands to improve your time management skills now, so that you can achieve your goals faster and better!!!

Even if you use the simplest tips I have provided in this book, you will realize that any task you thought had been progressing turtle speed before, will move forward faster and to more fruitful ends.

This book is mainly related to time management skills as applied to business, however most points I have made are helpful to rearrange your personal life as well so you can get more out of life.

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The Boy to whom Concrete Spoke: …If you care to listen, it speaks back

by m. kayondo

…what better way to get information than from the source itself, from more than a source, but a friend? Kekashiku couldn’t have been any grateful; fate couldn’t have been any fairer.

To expect that the solution to our future worries hibernates in the mind of someone who believes less of himself, and yet big at heart! To realize that the answers we need are just a voice away…

How to Write My ABC’s: For Kindergarten and First Grade

by C Ingram ECE

Help your little one learn how to write their ABC’s

Children can also learn the sounds the alphabet make when using this digital workbook.

The child will need at least 52 sheets of clean white paper and a box of crayons. This 30 page colorful workbook will serve as a guide. The technique is easy, fun and effective. Children feel no pressure. Once the child has completed the entire workbook, staple the child’s 52 sheets together to make a personal book. An exciting accomplishment for young children, no matter what age.

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Mommy, Who is God

by Jannie DeBose

This is a book introducing children to God

Prison Articles Part II – Food for Thought

by Carl R. ToersBijns

The second part of collections of prison articles written on various topics and concerns inside prisons and large jails. Many are self-help or training awareness topics and others are inferences, observations, suggestions or recommendations on how to handle various scenarios inside the penitentiary.

Speedwells: Field Guide to identifying Veronica in the UK (The Cribs Book 52)

by Rachel The Gardener

One of a series of books intended for use in the field by UK Botanists, both Improvers and complete beginners, to help swiftly narrow down the identification of a plant.

They cover commonly found UK species, and are not intended to replace a proper Field Guide such as Poland or Rose: but they present the salient information in an easy-to-read format, to people who have gone beyond having to key out every single plant, and who are now trying to learn the difference between species.

In fact, they are for people who have gone beyond “It’s a Willowherb!” and have reached “..but which one?”

The Kindle is the perfect format for this, as you can look up any words you don’t understand in the Kindle dictionary, and then annotate the Table to remind yourself.

Originally they were in the form of a pack of A6 cards on a ring, and you may prefer to print them out: but if you can take your Kindle out botanising with you, then so much the better!

Learning Amazon: Everything You Wanted to Know About Jeff Bezos and Amazon in One Simple Study Guide

by Chrystal Mahan

As an undergrad, I had dabbled in research for Amazon and its owner Jeff Bezos having been obsessed with Amazon since shortly after its launch. As a grad student, I knew I wanted to dive a bit deeper into the Amazon world and do a few short thesis projects on the company. As I dove in, I found that there were a lot of missing pieces to the puzzle of information of which I needed to fill in the blanks. Peer reviewed journal were pretty much non-existent for the question I had about Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

Hopefully this book will help fill in a few of those blanks for you. This book is to act as a guide only. It is meant to help you in your research and studies of Amazon. Think of it as study notes, like Cliff Notes, for Amazon. Author is not held responsible for any grades resulting in use of work.

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