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Self Defense For Every Day

by Mary C. Eastland

Self-Defense for Every Day covers a 365-day period and offers women daily suggestions for learning to take control of their lives through self-awareness, self-discipline and self-defense techniques. Suggestions for using this book are to share your progress with others, keep a journal of your progress, take what you like from the suggesstions and leave the rest and modify anything so that it works for you in your journey to self-awareness

RV Camping: 40 Secrets To Start Your Full Time RV Living And 15 Common Mistakes To Avoid!: (RVing full time, RV living, How to live in a car, How to live … how to live in a car, van or RV Book 2)

by Josh Randal

RV Camping:

40 Secrets to Start Your Full Time RV Living and 15 Common Mistakes to Avoid!

So, you are thinking about going out on the road full-time are you? Considering living in an RV, and driving toward the horizon, with all of life’s concerns and worries behind you, huh? Well, newsflash, that isn’t how it works. If you want to experience the great thrills that come with RVing, then you also have to take the bad with it. Included in the pages of this e-book are forty tips to make the most of your full time RVing experience, as well as a list of fifteen common mistakes that both new and old RVers make, as well as advice on how to avoid, or at least, make the most of them.

Topics included in these pages are how to:

  • Get rid of the junk
  • How to cook smarter
  • How to increase your energy efficiency
  • Nifty ways to store your belongings
  • How to make money on the road
  • Much, Much more!

Additionally, there is an entire chapter on how to avoid common mistakes when RVing full time, such as:

  • Getting into debt
  • Going too fast
  • Being Inflexible
  • Doing it for the wrong reasons
  • And more!
  • So fasten your safety belts and clench your buttocks, it’s going to be a wild ride!

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    Sea Stars Are Incredible: AMAZING UNUSUAL ANATOMY

    by Colette Dumont

    Are you browsing for a non-fiction book that’s packed with intriguing and fun facts about starfish? Did you know that a starfish lives without a brain? Get the facts, learn all of the curious details of the sea star world.

    Are you fascinated by sea stars? Then Sea Stars Are Incredible was written for you. Does your child like to read about animals? Does your child like science? If you answered yes to any of the questions, buy this book.

    The age range is from 9-12 years old and all people eager to know the sea star facts. It explains the intriguing starfish anatomy, how it eats with 2 stomachs, the 2 kinds of reproduction, defense mechanisms, vision, how it moves, its habitat, and which tidal zones the sea star inhabits. It includes 4 clip art designs, 7 photographs, and 3 diagrams. It provides links to pronunciation sites for scientific and other more difficult or unusual words. You’ve found the book you’re looking for. Scroll to the top and click buy. Enjoy the read.

    DIY Protein Bar Recipes: Simple, Healthy, and Delicious Superfood Homemade DIY Protein Bars for Extreme Weight Loss, Energy, Vigrant Health and More!: Protein Diet, Homemade Protein Bars Cookbook

    by Dina Galvin

    This is a DIY Protein Bars Cookbook with a variety of 20+ energy bar recipes that are specifically selected for their exceptional combination of high protein diet and super weight control nutritional value.

    But the superfood recipes in this DIY Protein Bar Cookbook are not simply about a protein diet packed with high energy and weigh loss advantages. It is also about making mouthwatering delicious food at home. Just because you need to lose weight in a hurry should not mean missing out on wholesome, sumptuous food. This cookbook solves that problem with a variety of DIY protein bar recipes that blend vibrant heath nutritional requirements with good cuisine. You get a choice of protein diets based on high energy bar recipes that are utterly delicious yet still perfect for losing weight

    Save Money on Delicious Weight Loss DIY Protein Bars

    Better still, all the recipes in this book are easily available in common food stores, making them the perfect ingredients for homemade protein bars. That’s a relief because lots of high energy protein bar recipes tend to include plenty of hard-to-come-by food types, essentially making it quite expensive to create your own quality DIY protein bars at home. Not this DIY Protein Bar Cookbook. You get to save money, lose weight and get perfectly delicious food in a package deal.

    An additional advantage of this Cookbook is that it also packs both â??bake’ and â??no-bake’ DIY protein bar recipes. That flexibility allows you to be more adventurous in the kitchen while staying true to the nutritional requirements of a high energy and weight loss diet.

    The bottom line: If you are looking for the easiest way to make homemade protein bars that will give you vibrant health while still helping you lose weight systematically, this book is a perfect source of superfood recipes.

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