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Learn How to Play Guitar in 30 Days: Guitar Chords and Guitar Lessons for Beginners (Guitar Beginner, Guitar Instruction, Guitar Learning)

by Morgan Greer

The Best Way for a Beginner to learn Guitar!

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Want to get started learning guitar, but overwhelmed and need a starting point? There are absolutely tons of ways to go about learning how to play guitar, but most books out there are either too broad, or don’t offer enough of a base knowledge for guitar beginners. This will give you a day by day guide to learn the guitar in 30 days.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • 30 Day step by step plan
  • Understanding your Instrument
  • The Major Chords
  • The Minor Chords
  • Flats and Sharps
  • Common Chord progressions
  • Full color pictures

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Art from Digital Photography and Photoshop Made Easy and Perfect!

by Laura Wilkins

Are you an aspiring photographer?


In this digital age, we all want to capture every moment in our lives. Thanks to the people who invented and developed camera. However, we still want to conceal some imperfections so that we can say that it’s “picture perfect”. This short book would help you create those memories to their greater versions.

Here is a Preview of What You’ll Learn Inside

  • What is the complex world of digital painting and how is it different from Digital Photograph?
  • Understanding How Photoshop works!
  • How can digital photography help Photoshop!
  • The learning Curve for Photoshop
  • And a lot more
  • Keep every moment alive

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    photography, photoshop, digital, paintings, pixels, tool


    by Titania Johnson

    Layla is a freshmen in college. A few months back she was forced to break up with her boyfriend who also happened to be her first love. She meets Taylor at school and finds that she cannot stop thinking about him. Just when she is almost completely over her ex, he tells her what she needs to hear and pulls her reluctantly back into the relationship. Now there is her first love, the guy that shattered her heart, and her crush the guy she cant stop thinking about. Layla knows eventually, she will have to choose between the two.

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